Monday, August 02, 2010

Old barn on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Old barn on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

and here is my comment on this image, an old barn on the tug hill plateau of upstate ny.


I come originally from finger lakes. the people who can dream go off to live in the big cities and the poor people remain behind. Then add a marginal soil farm then add 100 to 300 inches of snow per year and minus 20 degrees at least once a year then add those ever-famous new York state taxes so that land does not appreciate in value.
then for barns like this, after 150 inches of snow and spring comes where two inches of rain falls on the six feet of snow on the barn roof, now a ton of water sits per sq. yard and the roof collapses.

betcha you ask any professional city person, even *YOU*, reader of this comment, that your parents or grandparents came from a farm in Ohio, Iowa, or where ever!
And that you would never ever want to live there.

A friend of mine stopped in a country store on the edge of the tug hill plateau in late October and this area gets over 150 inches of snow per year and he was about to ask the shop owner "what do people do here in the winter time"?!
He did not ask as he saw what they do: behind the desk was a room with over 300 cases of BEER!!

so enjoy your tech career and not lament that you can never go back!


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