Monday, August 30, 2010

live and die by the synchronisms

ah, the synchronism!
Spirit can give Guidance, via synchronism's, signs, omens.
"there are no accidents", they say, those on the Path of spirit and
often for many seekers, God speaks via the synchronism.
[an outer, in the world, pattern appears, and it reflects something inside of you, your life path directions, course-corrections. This pattern has meaning. like a waking dream and has often to be interpreted like a dream!]

And so....

there have been a few lately,for me. I have been considering money priorities, in my 69th years of age, my limited disability pension can cover so much, a slim pat of butter for seemingly ever more slices of bread, to cover!

do I give up my $50 a month cable Internet?
do I stop eating the $2.50 lunch at the church cafe?
do I stop *this* or *that*?

while the church cafe has wonderful food and nice people and good vibes for meditating, real good for my elder years as the end times and my own death come near, I tried just going to Borders for a coffee *then* at cafe time, instead of after, taking a pack of crackers for my lunch.
Immediately when I walked in and paid the $1.77 with my $5 bill, the clerk kept the money and gave me the small change! I had to tell her that I paid with the Five Dollars!
MEANING: I am shortchanging myself by skipping the church cafe!

today I wanted to try the wonderfully good "best" University cafeteria meal. School just began about a week ago, I tried it today for the first time this semester.
"the perfect storm" of a mess. Instead of the $7, the young cashier had me pay $11.00. and the receipt giver machine was broken, so no receipt.
"supper begins at 4 Pm" she says".
Used to be 4:30, I could get in early and pay $7.
there was no dinner set out yet. the manager tells me that 4:30 is the correct time and that he would refund some of my money. we went up to the cashier and the complicated manipulations he had to go through, in the midst of all the students coming in....well I had to pay him some money to get change back.
at the meal, I vaguely saw that there was a good chance that I actually paid STILL MORE!! that the meal ended up costing me maybe $12 or so now. no receipt of course, once in a 1000 times the machine is broken.

*this* is where one on the Path of spirit has to be careful! it would be easy for one to criticize the Borders cafe lady for forgetting about my $5 bill, and it would be VERY easy for me to get irked about "new trainee cashiers with little background skills". Then blame them for this, whereas all that they were doing is following the Will of Spirit, for me to learn something. In a real Sense, I should thank them for being the Bit Player in my Drama, so to give to me the Message news!
the *REAL* happening is that all of the cashier fumbling was done on purpose by spirit to show me a message!
the message, as i see it, is...."time to stop going to the college. It is not your life path now, 69 years old, while you like the young generation, they often are still in frantic juvenile mindset and there are now 35,000 of them on this campus, throwing out auras not good to be in; better stay away and live for tomorrow, the death/afterlife, and not look back 50 years to my freshman years in that same cafeteria and school!"

Perhaps my Big Synchronism of June 27th, is "behind this"!

16 years ago, on my birthday, i was nipped by a dog, later i met someone significant to my life, months later, who had the same breed of dog!

so here at Borders, someone would bring his dog on a leash and sat on the patio. the dog was a barker. he comes every day for a month. so on the day before my birthday, he is there and there is no leash, he lost it and the dog ran and nipped my right knee. two red marks.
the next day he was gone and hardly ever seen again, as if was Positioned Just To have This happen! when mission accomplished, he bows off of the stage. Thus in a very real sense, his month there was just for to have his dog bite me!
i went in and sat down and later my friend came in for coffee. he ordered a large strawberry milkshake and he brought it over to the table and as he sat it down quickly, two small blobs of strawberry shake arced up and over the three foot table and two blobs of milkshake, quarter inch large, plopped upon my left knee!
*NOW* I had two blotches of red, on each knee, all four patches the exact same size and color and in the same exact positions on the knees! a "perfect" pitch, a Focused positioning.
to top this one off, the next day a stick of wood fell over and the end hit my ankle below the dog nips tooth marks, just above my sock. now i had a small round red mark there too!

in 1993, I was in the hospital for 20 days and nearly died. I got a red mark dot on my arm, from that, and this reminds me of the huge red dot on my palm, a blister, about a week before my mother was suddenly killed when the sports car came over the hill at 120 mph, in her lane!

does not look good.

will I die this year?
will we *ALL* die this year, in these end time 2012 days?!

I have had no real "answer" to this one, the meaning of all the dots.


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