Friday, July 16, 2010

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Ufology and More | Reality Uncovered: "
Searching for the answers, passionate about the truth
Searching for the answers, passionate about the truth

UFOlogy and More at REALITY uncovered
Hello and welcome to the REALITY uncovered website, home of the popular Reality Uncovered forums. We strive to provide the visitor a wealth of information with articles and discussions from a wide variety of subjects. We'll be exploring the nature of reality and the universe, with our continued focus on the subject of UFOlogy and related phenomena.

[from freestone]
looks to be a serious site for studying the UFO experiences.


  1. Hi Freestone, I've read a lot of your OBEs and they are amazing. I recently started trying to have an OBE and have had 2 so far. Since you are such an expert, maybe you can help me with some questions I have on my last OBE. This is how it goes.

    I got out my body, walked around my apartment. My vision was very hazy so I kept saying "I want to see better" and "clarity now". My vision got better. I went to my balcony sliding glass doors, which were covered by my curtain. I opened them to reveal a hilly landscape. The morning sun was glowing in the distance and cast a beautiful glow over the landscape. There were dome-shaped huts and I could see some people in them. I stepped into the landscape and started walking around. I noticed two people walking by. I yelled at them "Hey!" but they couldnt hear me. Then, by a small tree I saw a quick flash of small lightning and a mist. I thought to myself maybe it's a higher spirit. Then, against my will I was pulled to the mist. I stood in front of it looking at it but the misty area just remained there. Then I was being tugged like I had to go back to my body. But I said "no I want to stay longer and explore". I was allowed to stay a little longer and when I turned back to the mist, it was now a fire, like someone had lit a campfire on the ground. Then I woke up.

    My questions are, what was that village with the huts? What was the mist? What did the fire represent? Why was I pulled to it? Any info you can give me will help. Thank you.

  2. Well, I see you haven't responded to my comment, however, I have some idea now of the first OBE, although I'm still not sure what the mist was. I think it was a training round. I'm moved on from huts to houses now.

  3. hi blackrabbit.

    [no email, hard to reach you except here.]

    out of body. what you saw was real but often people bring some of their own scenery with them. then often there are many levels superimposed on top of each other.
    the place? could be etheric back side of an earthplace, a place from one of your past lives, or a place where one of your dead friends or relitives now live.
    [i have seen all of the above].
    one can only stay out for a little while, at least at first.
    you have first hand experiences, now, that we live after death, not merely a "faith" that we do!

    pray for guides to help you and to have more.