Wednesday, July 07, 2010

tropic blue

tropic blue, originally uploaded by freestone.

tropic blue
Here I am, looking east from the 7th floor, here in Tallahassee.

Note how deeply blue and clear the sky is! Might not even look the 93 degrees that it is!

---deep tropical air brought in over the gulf stream and the equator. None of that haze that might make a heat wave in New York city have it where only a dim hazy circle of sky can be seen in a sky that looks like exhaust from a factory! None of that "particulate feeling of muck clinging to your skin" either!

Lush green and deep blue. Most of the summer sees this here, in Tallahassee, Florida. Of course rain falls to the tune of 4 to 12 inches a month, the dew point reads an Obscene temperature. but I like it.

the summers in my upstate new York home were nice, but every morning when I took a walk I could smell Ozone, not plants or earth!

There are houses under all of those trees!

Uploaded by freestone on 7 Jul 10, 6.56PM EDT.

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