Monday, July 12, 2010

the angry homeless man

hi all.

well I feel that I can understand why a certain homeless guy that I see several times a week, is angry at the world, all of the time! He wants people to give to him money and stuff and there is a feeling from him of, "the world owes me a living"!
Full of anger. a church secretary was so upset by his coming into her office full of anger that she ordered him to leave. he then went into the men's bathroom and smeared feces all over the walls!

What do I think?
--the world *DOES* owe him a living!!

---he probably missed the first three months of childhood when at that tender age he would be UTTERLY dependant upon a mother for love, nourishment, in short: everything.
all that he can do, as an infant, is to be passively suckling and Needing.
Somehow his mother was not there for him, in a good way. He missed this Window.

As the child experts now know, If you miss a stage of childhood, you might never ever catch up!
[the baby monkeys separated from their parents and clan, at birth, then brought back later, never ever learn to socialize.]

He cannot catch up. Thus he now wanders the streets looking for that missing childhood and for him the world NEEDS to totally take care of his wants! He cannot get beyond this.
he is angry because the world pays to him little attention and gives to him nothing.

I wonder.....
how could be be helped?

maybe to have him live with a family for life and be their Child. Let him do anything that he wants to and do not even *think* a negative thought about him, for years.
Take your life, of course. Even a saint could not do this.

Once the Ideal of an Institution-that-cares, was an answer. They turned into snakepits. Bad management, but the idea was sound, i think.

Now they Release these poor souls to the outer community and often there is no one there for them.
[how would YOU like to counsel once a week, as an SSI counselor, these people?
to Pet the Porcupine. *very* carefully!]

bad management, again, in the community. but what can the community do? take all of one's life to care for these people.
so this angry man walks miles a day, there is Real Freedom in walking alone, no one to hassle you, no debts, no screaming kids, no "ex" to harass you, no bills to pay.
But! this freedom *from* something does not mean the freedom *TO* do something!
"to" often takes money, education, and social skills. And this guy is still two months old, in his soul, and Arrested for life, at that point in time!!


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