Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a small rude awakening.

hi all.

a small rude awakening.

there were about four steps to this Bad Thing, I will post it here in steps.

a year or so ago, there was a blind retiree living in a senior home, he had an old dog who itself was blind in one eye. manage was always on him due to the 1000s of cockroaches that seemed to live around his apartment. of course, he cannot see to clean.
worse, the people who lived there, I heard, sometimes complained about his large dog.
He got kicked out.

Now he lives in my senior home, his nice dog too. but recently the Word was around my senior home that the animal people took away his dog because of people complaining, in the senior Center or on the elder care bus. Complaining about the presence of a large dog, they say....

Today I heard yet another twist to this tale, that four ladies saw him get on the bus and he ABUSED the dog as the dog leaped up the steps by itself and blind man yanked his collar and the dog fell down the stairs. the four ladies called 'animal cruelty" division of the city and they took the dog away from him!

And..later in the afternoon, I told this depressing discovery to a Wise woman resident, she was a nurse all of her life and she sits with me for coffee every morning and here she pitched to me a BOMB!!

she says...."you have to consider the callers were women and they Nurture. a man who is blind must Control the dog or ELSE!! [a poorly controlled dog could leads a blind man into an oncoming car: DEATH!!]
I had to thus accept that for many blind men, "abuse" might be nearly the only way to handle a seeing eye dog!!
[I dimly recall that the seeing eye people have s special home for abused and worn out old seeing eye dogs!]

but it is the nature of women to nurture and to have peace at nearly all costs.
the man has to Kill or to be harsh.

From what I gathered from this very hard to hear and understand old wise nurse, this is so, the Division of sexes.

[when old Dobby, the farm horse goes down at old age, does the wife pull out the shotgun to put the old horse out of his misery? NO! she calls Him to do it!]

there are always at least two sides to every conflict and often each side is both right and both wrong.

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