Monday, June 21, 2010

quiet street on a tropic evening

quiet street on a tropic evening
8 PM, the tallahassee street nearby from where i live is really quiet. No traffic at all. So lush, so green. The Live oak with its spanish moss to the ferns that grow on every trunk, to the old southern homes, people who see this might want to move here, especially as this image looks much the same in the middle of January!

Oh but the cost of tropic lushness!
----100 days a year of 90 degrees or higher and a humidity that is from 60 to 95% for six months! you gotta love heat, to live here!
then add the 4 to 10 inches of rain per summer month!

But I like it. was 40 degrees a week ago, in my Northern hometown of Interlaken, ny! Warmed up to 50, that June 9th day! Was about 98 here!

As I took this picture, the rain has cooled the air to about 80, feels nice.

Those old homes date from about the 1840s to 1860. Mostly they all, here on this street, are law offices now.

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