Monday, June 07, 2010

oil spill and movie "AVATAR"

the movie AVATAR! mankind needed that Substance for all of humanity to survive and it would take a ruin of an undeveloped world to provide it. them or us, Choose!

who picks those coffee beans that you enjoy the drink of?
---poor peasants in Brazil!
who makes the parts for your cell phone?
--poor peasants in China.
who makes the wood for your nice chair?
---amazon rain forest.

we are all linked together, each thing that each of us uses, affects many many people.
And...not always nicely!

my solution?!
---each of us is judged by spirit and by life in HOW we use what is given to us, the Church calls this "stewardship"! do we us this richness to uplift us, or others, or to us this for an end in and of itself alone?


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