Monday, June 28, 2010

the Hat.

the Hat., originally uploaded by freestone.

the Hat.
here in the Apartments for Independent Living, Georgia Belle, Tallahassee, Fla, there are about 150 residents, ranging from 62 year old newcomers to a lady who is 101 years old.

There used to be a lady who lived here who was a "Hat Lady"!
She had dozens of hats, maybe hundreds back when she owned the house, I used to walk a bit with both of them, she and her husband, sometimes. When he passed away, she moved here. she had a hat for any and all occasions. There was one on her door as well.

"old aristocratic South".
Hats were a way of life here, once. Shops sold nothing but hats, like Deebs, Deebs was here for what, 60 years or more.

She wore purple a lot too, probably this hat was the hat on her door!

Now this hat is in the lobby.
Something for others to admire. Not that many women have hats anymore, it seems.

they do not make these people every day. Try to know one of them. try to BE one of them!

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