Friday, June 04, 2010

beware of the Moustache phenomena!

hi all.....

Yes, beware of the "Moustache" phenomena!

there was a morning, I read, of news from the space shuttle launch, years ago, while they all were awaiting the liftoff, there was over an hour of nothing to report so they seemed, so I read, to focus of some news anchor's Moustache! They went on and on.....

so here it is nearing 2012 and the End Times [maybe] loom.
or maybe not loom. There is a danger of focusing on slight details and
trying to dig into one's dream journal for extra news, perhaps blowing a small psychological dream up into Cosmic proportions!

the problem, i see, in any End Time event, and i define "end times", here, as a signature event where civilization effectively ceases and the kill rate is 60% or more; the earth will go on however....I see that if this Event is set to happen, the huge huge shock, of this event, will echo and echo way WAY backwards through time and harmonically appear at every small earth event as each, say, volcano or earthquake, is a small "foreshadowing" of this end time Event.

This end time event could be three....ten..hundreds of years away.

or only in a few years.

test the spirits and stay calm, the worst that could happen is that you either die or lose everything you own so that you end up living for life in a refugee building/tent/compound with donated clothes on your back. "You", your soul, does not depend upon "things", or even a self-conception!
[like you become a refugee in a Muslim country, you a lady, and you end up wearing the Veil and living as a cook and cleaner for the rest of your life, converting to Muslims, of course.]

everything that one owns is a "loaner", one turns the tools back to the construction shack at the end of the gardening day, in your garden of life.

so I sense that some people get "hysterical" reading other people's posts and visions and then go a bit off the top and end up passing fear along like of a computer email virus.

"cooking in fear", i sense this in cities where there is, like of a serial rapist or psychotic killer or such. Agroup of people then get together and then amplify the fear and then spread it around amongst each other and the fear Consumes.
but probably far better than BOREDOM!

[tip: try to become interested in something larger than you, outside of yourself, something further along the road of life than you, more "evolved" than you so that it will urge you to pull forwards in spiritual progressions!]

---the Question that counts for all, in life 101 course: is that Object that appears on your road of life, ahead of you, the object that is YOUR tombstone; is this Stone a door or a dead end?!
For..each of us faces our own end times, sooner or later.
if a door, this Stone, better to try to get up to speed for heaven, now, while still here.


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