Wednesday, June 16, 2010

anger. there is so much anger.

hi all.

Anger; there is so much anger today.

All I have to do to pick up anger from others is just to walk along a four lane city street busy with cars, oh psychic empathic me will pick it up!

Oil spill, Obama, child support, jobs, being late and frustrated at the traffic, all make for anger surely.

But I have found something Interesting about anger, over the years. An "angry person" often is angry, all right, but his anger has *nothing* to do with what he is angry about! "anger is a "multiple plugin emotion", the anger comes first, then a Target is seeked to be a target for this anger! There are Lots of targets today!
I can see this well with "worry" too. my grandmother actually told me once, in the late 50s, "if there is nothing to worry about, I would not know what to do"!!

So what then would "satisfy" an angry person, then, if he or she is of this ilk?!
Probably NOTHING!
The primal cause for this anger might come from way way back in his childhood and even coming from before he was born, from Genes or from a past incarnation.

I see these people all of the time, they look sometimes "lean and mean" and seem to bend forwards with intensity; promoting their Cause or causes.
I do not try to engage these people as they want me to be angry too.

But good grief, where would we all be if there were not these people, pushing this or that Cause?!
---probably back in the dark ages. One of the founders of labor unions, i read, was described as...."abrasive, in your face, angry; and he was out to change *YOU* to his way of thinkings, to give workers in the Kentucky coal mines a better wage and a better way of life!"!

I live in a senior Home and here there are a number of people who just sit around and wait for the Hearse to come by and to pick them up! No interests, no zest for life, few opinions. Probably everything, of the few things that they loved, are gone, out of business, died, and they cannot find new interests. there is no carrot-on-a-stick to draw their mule forewords!

maybe they should get angry!
[I read that directors of nursing homes find that the angry bitter seniors live longer than the quiet peaceful tenants! the calmer people seem to give up on life easy.!]


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  1. They say the misery loves company. I think that misery just wants to be left alone so that it can remain miserable. I am all too happy to oblige. Angry and bitter people are also lonely becuase they push people away. For the most part I think they like it that way.