Wednesday, June 30, 2010

textures of the storms

textures of the storms, originally uploaded by freestone.

textures of the storms
Is that a Tornado? Things seen far far off, on a line of storms, dimly seen cloud patterns. Never ending changing clouds. Tallahassee has SO many stormclouds and nearly every summer day sees the White Mountains off in the distance.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

the Hat.

the Hat., originally uploaded by freestone.

the Hat.
here in the Apartments for Independent Living, Georgia Belle, Tallahassee, Fla, there are about 150 residents, ranging from 62 year old newcomers to a lady who is 101 years old.

There used to be a lady who lived here who was a "Hat Lady"!
She had dozens of hats, maybe hundreds back when she owned the house, I used to walk a bit with both of them, she and her husband, sometimes. When he passed away, she moved here. she had a hat for any and all occasions. There was one on her door as well.

"old aristocratic South".
Hats were a way of life here, once. Shops sold nothing but hats, like Deebs, Deebs was here for what, 60 years or more.

She wore purple a lot too, probably this hat was the hat on her door!

Now this hat is in the lobby.
Something for others to admire. Not that many women have hats anymore, it seems.

they do not make these people every day. Try to know one of them. try to BE one of them!

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

goodbye to the seas!



Toxins in whales' bodies harmful for humans, says report
By siliconindia news bureau
Friday, 25 June 2010, 22:32 Hrs

Email Agadir, Morocco: A report released by Ocean Alliance, a research and conservation group, says that sperm whales feed on high levels of toxic and heavy metals which are harmful for millions of people who depend on seafood. It noted high levels of cadmium, aluminum, chromium, lead, silver, mercury and titanium in tissue samples taken by dart gun from nearly 1,000 whales over five years.

Whales have ingested pollutants which might have been produced by humans many miles away, the researchers noted. "These contaminants, I think, are threatening the human food supply. They certainly are threatening the whales and the other animals that live in the ocean," said biologist Roger Payne, Founder and President of Ocean Alliance.

The research findings show that mercury levels as high as 16 parts per million in whales. Shark and swordfish have levels about 1 part per million of mercury. These are the fish that health experts warn children and pregnant women to avoid.

Payne said sperm whales, which occupy the top of the food chain, absorb the contaminants and pass them on to the next generation when a female nurses her calf. "What she's actually doing is dumping her lifetime accumulation of that fat-soluble stuff into her baby," he said, and each generation passes on more to the next.

All this contaminate the seafood which is a primary source of animal protein for 1 billion people. Following this research, U.S. Whaling Commissioner Monica Medina informed the 88 member nations of the whaling commission of the report and urged the commission to conduct further research.

The research went on for five years, and samples were collected from 955 whales. The DNA of the whales was compared to make sure they were not tested upon more than once. This analysis was done by marine toxicologist John Wise at the University of Southern Maine.

The findings of the study shocked the researchers. "When you're working with a synthetic chemical which never existed in nature before and you find it in a whale which came from the Arctic or Antarctic, it tells you that was made by people and it got into the whale," Payne added.

The contaminants were most likely carried by wind or ocean currents, or were eaten by the sperm whales' prey. Sperm whales are toothed whales that eat all kinds of fish, even sharks.

Chromium, an industrial pollutant that causes cancer in humans, was found in all but two of the 361 sperm whale samples that were tested for it. Those findings were published last year in the scientific journal Chemosphere. The corrosion-resistant metal is used in stainless steel, paints, dyes and the tanning of leather. It can cause lung cancer in people who work in industries where it is commonly used.

Payne concluded saying the repercussions of the metals could be horrific for both whales and man.

--this bothers me people.

I see no way out of this one!
I fear the cure might be worse than the condition! Might have to have appointed one dictator for the whole world and everyone do what he says and then ban 2/3rds of the industries and thus throwing the world into economic depression. Might even have to go back to about 1700, not even kerosene lamps. family farms and maybe only a million or so people in the whole world. Ban ownership of anything. Only collective family farms and collective government supply stores.

dead seas and pretty dead lands, with everyone filled with toxic chemicals.



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a small rude awakening.

hi all.

a small rude awakening.

there were about four steps to this Bad Thing, I will post it here in steps.

a year or so ago, there was a blind retiree living in a senior home, he had an old dog who itself was blind in one eye. manage was always on him due to the 1000s of cockroaches that seemed to live around his apartment. of course, he cannot see to clean.
worse, the people who lived there, I heard, sometimes complained about his large dog.
He got kicked out.

Now he lives in my senior home, his nice dog too. but recently the Word was around my senior home that the animal people took away his dog because of people complaining, in the senior Center or on the elder care bus. Complaining about the presence of a large dog, they say....

Today I heard yet another twist to this tale, that four ladies saw him get on the bus and he ABUSED the dog as the dog leaped up the steps by itself and blind man yanked his collar and the dog fell down the stairs. the four ladies called 'animal cruelty" division of the city and they took the dog away from him!

And..later in the afternoon, I told this depressing discovery to a Wise woman resident, she was a nurse all of her life and she sits with me for coffee every morning and here she pitched to me a BOMB!!

she says...."you have to consider the callers were women and they Nurture. a man who is blind must Control the dog or ELSE!! [a poorly controlled dog could leads a blind man into an oncoming car: DEATH!!]
I had to thus accept that for many blind men, "abuse" might be nearly the only way to handle a seeing eye dog!!
[I dimly recall that the seeing eye people have s special home for abused and worn out old seeing eye dogs!]

but it is the nature of women to nurture and to have peace at nearly all costs.
the man has to Kill or to be harsh.

From what I gathered from this very hard to hear and understand old wise nurse, this is so, the Division of sexes.

[when old Dobby, the farm horse goes down at old age, does the wife pull out the shotgun to put the old horse out of his misery? NO! she calls Him to do it!]

there are always at least two sides to every conflict and often each side is both right and both wrong.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

in the Land of the White Mountains

in the Land of the White Mountains
more thunderstorms seen to the east from an 8th floor window, Tallahassee, Florida.
notice how clear the air is, tropic air direct from the equator, little haze. the Light is Lucid here and the 75 degree cloudy air warms to 90 degrees in seconds when the sun comes out, here! Tis 90, about now. Will be 90 every sunny day until October!

When the tropical flow is active, clouds like this float across the sky all day long. they almost looked "Zoomed" with a telephoto lens, but no, there is no magnification.

shapes, forms, twists, zig-zags, no two clouds look alike.

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subtropical heaven on earth

subtropical heaven on earth, originally uploaded by freestone.

subtropical heaven on earth
early evening, here in Tallahassee, just behind my apartment.

Interesting shot, how the plane of view makes for a slightly askew
lining up of the houses.

This image is really just a "test upload" to see how yahoo handles the upload to my facebook page!

notice how clear the air is. When I lived "up north", in upstate new York, in the 70s, often the summer air would be so hazy with air pollution that even on a clear day only the sun could be seen, in a yellow sky, with visibility only less than half a mile!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

quiet street on a tropic evening

quiet street on a tropic evening
8 PM, the tallahassee street nearby from where i live is really quiet. No traffic at all. So lush, so green. The Live oak with its spanish moss to the ferns that grow on every trunk, to the old southern homes, people who see this might want to move here, especially as this image looks much the same in the middle of January!

Oh but the cost of tropic lushness!
----100 days a year of 90 degrees or higher and a humidity that is from 60 to 95% for six months! you gotta love heat, to live here!
then add the 4 to 10 inches of rain per summer month!

But I like it. was 40 degrees a week ago, in my Northern hometown of Interlaken, ny! Warmed up to 50, that June 9th day! Was about 98 here!

As I took this picture, the rain has cooled the air to about 80, feels nice.

Those old homes date from about the 1840s to 1860. Mostly they all, here on this street, are law offices now.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ghostly me in the window.

ghostly me in the window., originally uploaded by freestone.

ghostly me in the window.
just a reflection of myself in a plate glass window. behind is the garden and inside is the hall. objects on objects, me inbetween.

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storm in the distance

storm in the distance, originally uploaded by freestone.

storm in the distance
Oh the Tallahassee rainy season. Nearly every day there are Towers of Power, here and there. If one of these are over your locale, could be one to three inches of rain there and not a drop three blocks away!

once a fisherman told me that it rained so much on the river that the boat sunk, maybe 10 inches of rain, but back at his house ten miles away, not a drop fell.

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anger. there is so much anger.

hi all.

Anger; there is so much anger today.

All I have to do to pick up anger from others is just to walk along a four lane city street busy with cars, oh psychic empathic me will pick it up!

Oil spill, Obama, child support, jobs, being late and frustrated at the traffic, all make for anger surely.

But I have found something Interesting about anger, over the years. An "angry person" often is angry, all right, but his anger has *nothing* to do with what he is angry about! "anger is a "multiple plugin emotion", the anger comes first, then a Target is seeked to be a target for this anger! There are Lots of targets today!
I can see this well with "worry" too. my grandmother actually told me once, in the late 50s, "if there is nothing to worry about, I would not know what to do"!!

So what then would "satisfy" an angry person, then, if he or she is of this ilk?!
Probably NOTHING!
The primal cause for this anger might come from way way back in his childhood and even coming from before he was born, from Genes or from a past incarnation.

I see these people all of the time, they look sometimes "lean and mean" and seem to bend forwards with intensity; promoting their Cause or causes.
I do not try to engage these people as they want me to be angry too.

But good grief, where would we all be if there were not these people, pushing this or that Cause?!
---probably back in the dark ages. One of the founders of labor unions, i read, was described as...."abrasive, in your face, angry; and he was out to change *YOU* to his way of thinkings, to give workers in the Kentucky coal mines a better wage and a better way of life!"!

I live in a senior Home and here there are a number of people who just sit around and wait for the Hearse to come by and to pick them up! No interests, no zest for life, few opinions. Probably everything, of the few things that they loved, are gone, out of business, died, and they cannot find new interests. there is no carrot-on-a-stick to draw their mule forewords!

maybe they should get angry!
[I read that directors of nursing homes find that the angry bitter seniors live longer than the quiet peaceful tenants! the calmer people seem to give up on life easy.!]


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

gvc vdeo camera

hi all.

I tried to use the GVC GC-FM1 video camera, I got it from a oipen box sale at best buy.

promises 720p and 1080p too.

all for under $100!

ahhhh, the test.

I compared this camera with my canon powershot a610 420 video mode.

yes I can see why some people like the jvc. looks a bit like a movie. but the scenes look a bit smeared. there feels, to me, to be no "life" to what is shown! Flat. lifeless.

the canon's videos look almost 3-D and has life, even if a bit low-res.!


Monday, June 14, 2010

big clouds

big clouds, originally uploaded by freestone.

big clouds
huge evening clouds. looks so so close. There is no "zoom" here, no enlargements, this is how clouds often look, here in tallahassee!

the setting sun turns the clouds into color.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

the storm in the distance

the storm in the distance, originally uploaded by freestone.

the storm in the distance
off to the east, a thunderstorm.
From the 6th floor of my apt building, here in tallahassee, fla.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

parking lot

parking lot, originally uploaded by freestone.

parking lot
abstract parking lot designs.

One nice thing about abstract art, in the galleries, is that the paintings can teach one to see "art" in everyday objects and patterns.

This is just an old cracked parking lot, here in tallahassee. But here I made this Special!

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I am amazed at how few people can look at the sky and tell if rain will soon come!
Many do not look at the sky.

I know some people, here in Tallahassee, who carry an umbrella with them every single day that they go out!

Notice things! Be observant.

I know that few people can even see the sky from indoors or in the city, problem is....that in this day and age of Complexity, no one can do everything. I never married, never had kids, who am i to tell a mother what to do!


Monday, June 07, 2010

oil spill and movie "AVATAR"

the movie AVATAR! mankind needed that Substance for all of humanity to survive and it would take a ruin of an undeveloped world to provide it. them or us, Choose!

who picks those coffee beans that you enjoy the drink of?
---poor peasants in Brazil!
who makes the parts for your cell phone?
--poor peasants in China.
who makes the wood for your nice chair?
---amazon rain forest.

we are all linked together, each thing that each of us uses, affects many many people.
And...not always nicely!

my solution?!
---each of us is judged by spirit and by life in HOW we use what is given to us, the Church calls this "stewardship"! do we us this richness to uplift us, or others, or to us this for an end in and of itself alone?


some thoughts are longer than 140 characters!

some thoughts are longer than 140 characters!  Not only do I ramble on and on, there are some of my ideas where there are six other ideas all linked together and to look at just one of these is to tear the leg off of a living frog and hand it to you without the leg!

I have been chewed out for not talking enough!
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Friday, June 04, 2010

beware of the Moustache phenomena!

hi all.....

Yes, beware of the "Moustache" phenomena!

there was a morning, I read, of news from the space shuttle launch, years ago, while they all were awaiting the liftoff, there was over an hour of nothing to report so they seemed, so I read, to focus of some news anchor's Moustache! They went on and on.....

so here it is nearing 2012 and the End Times [maybe] loom.
or maybe not loom. There is a danger of focusing on slight details and
trying to dig into one's dream journal for extra news, perhaps blowing a small psychological dream up into Cosmic proportions!

the problem, i see, in any End Time event, and i define "end times", here, as a signature event where civilization effectively ceases and the kill rate is 60% or more; the earth will go on however....I see that if this Event is set to happen, the huge huge shock, of this event, will echo and echo way WAY backwards through time and harmonically appear at every small earth event as each, say, volcano or earthquake, is a small "foreshadowing" of this end time Event.

This end time event could be three....ten..hundreds of years away.

or only in a few years.

test the spirits and stay calm, the worst that could happen is that you either die or lose everything you own so that you end up living for life in a refugee building/tent/compound with donated clothes on your back. "You", your soul, does not depend upon "things", or even a self-conception!
[like you become a refugee in a Muslim country, you a lady, and you end up wearing the Veil and living as a cook and cleaner for the rest of your life, converting to Muslims, of course.]

everything that one owns is a "loaner", one turns the tools back to the construction shack at the end of the gardening day, in your garden of life.

so I sense that some people get "hysterical" reading other people's posts and visions and then go a bit off the top and end up passing fear along like of a computer email virus.

"cooking in fear", i sense this in cities where there is, like of a serial rapist or psychotic killer or such. Agroup of people then get together and then amplify the fear and then spread it around amongst each other and the fear Consumes.
but probably far better than BOREDOM!

[tip: try to become interested in something larger than you, outside of yourself, something further along the road of life than you, more "evolved" than you so that it will urge you to pull forwards in spiritual progressions!]

---the Question that counts for all, in life 101 course: is that Object that appears on your road of life, ahead of you, the object that is YOUR tombstone; is this Stone a door or a dead end?!
For..each of us faces our own end times, sooner or later.
if a door, this Stone, better to try to get up to speed for heaven, now, while still here.


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

your guess as to what this is!

your guess as to what this is!, originally uploaded by freestone.

your guess as to what this is!
yes, your guess as to what this photo is! This is what happens when a wrong button is pressed, or maybe when I was walking down the stiars I pressed the shutter. Probably my shadow against the wall of the stairwell!

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hotels for rain

hotels for rain, originally uploaded by freestone.

hotels for rain
looking westwards from my 7th floor I see a thunderhead above a hotel. Hotels for rain. Rain, here in Tallahassee, can fall from the smallest clouds. Rain on one side of the street and not the other.

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