Thursday, May 13, 2010

where are they, the radio signals from other planets?

hi all. I posted this in "", in reply to someone writing about "where are the radio signals, is there any alien races out there at all?!


I have wondered about this too. I once read of, to me, an Astounding discourse from a Master spirit guide living in one of the Spirit afterlife planes, who was an Alien, being Channeled through a medium, discoursing to the class of students and in the question and answer section of the class, a student asked that Very Same Question, and this alien Guide had Answers.
[He was not a soul from the human race, his soul was from another race, from another star, living in *its* heavenworld.]

In my words, from Memory....

"where are they; why cannot we find their radio transmissions", the students asks, of alien races in the Galaxy.

he replies.

THERE AREN'T ANY! [that have radio]
That is, there are many many many alien civilizations throughout the universe but in the local area near the earth, within a number of light years, the earth's civilization is actually AHEAD of most of the others, there are several, now, nearby, that are progressed enough to have steam trains and ships, but most are still in the tribal primitive state.
In the Larger Universe, the Galaxy as a whole, there ARE a few
civilizations that are what you call "super civilizations" but not many.

the Real Reason why there are so so few advanced civilizations is that
planetary embodiment is only a stage that exists early in a civilization!
[childhood]. Most races collectively evolve so that they live in higher dimensions only, and this is the natural end-state of all races.
The earth's civilization, the human race, is near that time when all the souls will live ONLY in the spirit worlds and no one reincarnates back to a physical earth.
[Childhood's End; something like Clark's idea!]
[the Racial Larva, using a physical planet to live on, is about to become a Butterfly, to leave the home "bush", to fly away to a Etheric
planet, made up of subtle, not-physical, matter of higher dimensions.]

[The entire universe is a "kindergarten" for races to begin their path of progression, only a place where intelligent life begins. Every planet's race will sooner or later collectively leave the planet via death, never to reincarnate again]

[The Guide goes on to tell what "dark matter" is! He says it is the thought forms of all of the thoughts, on physical planets, and in the spirit worlds. Essentially too, Dark matter is what heaven is made up of, the "material" that makes up the afterlife realms and the astral planes!]

So there you are, for me one of the most impressive channellings that i have ever read.

and...if that prophetic year of 2012 actually brings "wipe out" earthchanges, to us all, is graduation time, time for the human race to join the galactic federation and to near-instantly be able to visit any race in the Universe, and to live in the etheric, non-physical worlds!


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  1. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing!