Friday, May 14, 2010

what if 2012 never happens?

hi all.

I had a dream a few days ago, a VERY "challenging", to me, dream. I am still "working" on interpreting it.

but first some backgrounds.

Over the last number of months, more and more people are having visions and dreams about a huge collective disaster, or disasters, coming to us all, just about everywheres all over the earth., earthboppin, and in many dream forums, many many people are having dreams like..."I never dream much but last night I dream of an asteroid taking out most of the USA!"!

I, myself, have had a number of these visions, but not recently. Back when I had many of them, I also was warned that I was soon to die. Later, around early 2008, I had a powerful dream where I was shown that spirit would enable my life to continue for an unspecified time.
I live near the coast, not a good place for 300 foot tidal waves!

Of late, the STRIDENCY of the visions and dreams have increased ten-fold! I have several pen pal friends who more or less have incredible visions that even this summer could see the end of civilization for us all.

For a moment, here, I will side with the "DEVIL'S ADVOCATE"!
that is...suppose all of these people are having a "collective hysteria", like of that school where 200 kids all got dizzy at near-once, due to a collective mind set.

The new age lady I just talked to on the way to my intended typing of this letter, to me, underlines the "problem". she was angry about her "engineer" brother who is on her all of the time about her "stupidity" about eating only vegetarian foods! He must be a practical man, firmly rooted in America and the need to continue to drill offshore for oil, eating meat at every meal. But she, in her anger, with me, said something that scares me! she said, "some day all of these people will get their come-uppence! Some day all these people will PAY Big Time"!
[there meat eating engineers who think and live the 1950s way, etc...etc.]

*this* bothers me, people, her saying. I have this all the time from new agers. some of them are outright "Fascists"; they would change our way of live for our own good, even if it Hurts, according to their principals!!

thus in my "devils advocate", sentences, i will assume that there is a large number of people who want to see civilization destroyed and the excesses paid for, the excesses they see are "real" according to their way of "realness"!
"ye have sinned and now it is time for the Revenge of God almighty upon you"!
[given with great emotional anger!]

then as the whirlwind of these people have more and more dreams of terrible end time visions, the constant feeding of each other's mindset, on the internet, gets this whirlwind to spin faster and faster, many now seem to *want* death to take them away from this Cruel World!

[of a few days ago]
---a simple dream. I awake in it to see that I am standing before a Council of men sitting at a table, maybe three to five men, men of "authority"! The main speaker addresses me in a slight "dressing down" tone, a tone a school guidance counselor might have as he tells a student, "you are making a huge basic mistake in your high school elective class-choices"!
This man told me,
"you, freestone, are living your life now as *if* your 7/9th, completed, life stages are 9/9th completed"!

that people was my dream! It reads, to me, that it is as if my life has 9 stages of growth and development to it.
I have completed 7 out of 9 stages, and now working on the 8th out of 9 stages, but I am ACTING, thinking, like I am working on the 9th out of 9! That is what they tell me.
[I am living like i am going to die soon, but my life plan says otherwise, apparently.]

so what does this do for me?
Several problematic things to face.

1...I am 68 now, soon to be 69, I could live until I am around 81 years old, 2022 AD. there will be NO major earthchanges at all except the "local" stuff. I live a somewhat long life.

2...the end time happen as advertised, no more civilization after about 2012, or before, I am to be a Survivor.

3...I will die, like maybe 80% [plus] of everyone else, in end time events during the next year or three, and then "Face" the fact that I will have died "before my time"!
[I read that there are few accidental deaths, all is planned, but there are a few who die before their time to go, including many suicides. what happens to many of these people in the afterlife is that they have to more or less "wait" until it IS their death date on earth before picking up their afterlife soul path. and in heaven 10 earth years is longer, maybe 100 years. [ten years there for one year on earth].
thus I will "sit around" the healing temple for maybe 150 years.
AS WILL MANY OF YOU ALL WHO DIE BEFORE YOUR TIMES TO GO, due to being ripped out in a mass end time event.
[i read that they are *STILL* rescuing earthbound souls from the Nagasaki-Hiroshima Atomic bomb blasts, there in ww II japan!! 1945?!! 65 years afterwords!! ]

[the huge refugee camp of 6 BILLION SOULS, there in heaven ; "tents" to the horizon, 500 afterlife years before spiritual-order is created, for them all, if everyone comes all at once. yes everything is readied by the Angels, i read, but YOU will not be readied, thus you will have to attend "remedial" or "reform" school, there, in the afterlife, first. Young people, say, lawyers and engineers and business people fresh out of grad school, they... the afterlife might be the last thing they think about, being 25 and a nice portfolio, applying for that stockbroker job on wall street and then this 25 year old guy sees a 500 foot wall of tidal wave water bearing down on him, there on that New York street!!]

Suppose these counselors are right, about my life plan. Then what do I do? Naturally I will not "embrace" the currant fervor of the end timers, please forgive me for this, people, in the forums and in the personal letters that i send out, copies of this post. But if end times come, then I will just have to deal with the refugee tent and knowing that there are millions of years ahead of me, in heaven.
if a survivor, then I will try to be of help somehow, Spirit will have had this as part of my life-plan. All will be Revealed to me in time, then, as to where nd what to do.

that is NOT a spiritual Good thing to do: to believe and the to ACT like one is going to die but that there are years left to live and yea, entire "stages of life' not yet done with.
"Limbo on earth" would be the personal result of this, for me, much like of someone working at a dead end job for life or being an alcoholic!
[probably in a few weeks from now I will think of something to do with the 10+ years left, not so many really.]

*not* a good thing, to walk off of of the stage of the Play before the script ends!!

Thus I thank you all for taking the time to read this long rambling post. I finish up this post by again Questioning, to myself, maybe to others, the Danger of getting into a "loop" with other end time disaster Believers and then spinning, collectively, this Loop into a ever tighter circle.
the ??? 7th day Adventists all thought that the world was going to end at an *exact* moment, like 2:15 Pm of the 8th of march, of a year away: they all sold their homes and possessions and all went to Yankee stadium to Await 2:15! "you could hear a pin drop" the reporter wrote, at 2:11!
Silence at 2:16!
---this is the danger of mass believing, looping through each other and feeding it back again.

then I am concerned that many of the new agers have still little Love and Forgiveness for the "people of the 1950s Way of life"! a Nazi is a Nazi, a hater of haters is just yet another hater"! those who hate meat eaters and oil burners and media "entertainment" people; why these haters have to someday realize that every path has heart, everyone has a definite life path and each path is different.
"do not judge one another" the Bible says.
"Love one another".
"lo, Jesus even considered the Woman of the Well of Samaria worthy of Salvation": BP exectutives, abortion doctors, steak eaters, are also Worthy!!

so we all will See soon whether mass hysteria is actually the one truth, out there?!

but I, MYSELF, have to confront my Dream, in my own ways.

thank you....

freestone Wilson

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