Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my advice to people about end time predictions!

yes, hello.

so many disturbing visions, of late, about the end of everything coming to your town SOON! so many predictions forums, as of early may of 2010, indicate such!

here is my advice about this!

but what is the "worst case", some would call it the "best case [!!] possibility, that there are NO earthchanges. then each and all of us will then go on and live, eh?!

NO! sooner, like that 43 year old man I read of who died of a heart attack.,
or later ,
like that 92 year old man here in my senior home, sooner or later Death will pay a Call, make an offer that cannot be refused, then what?!

all I have been reading, here on earthboppin and in prophecies.us, as the shrill shouting gets to ever a higher pitch, about the End is Near, is that
all this Thing is, this end time 2012 thing, what it REALLY IS, is "your all's death dates accelerated in time"!!

you die in that tidal wave/earthquake/war/volcano-fire...or...die of a stroke/accident/old age!


all this is, then, the whole predictive messages, predictions Recieved in dreams and visions and what-not,
"death comes sooner, rather than later"!!

so then the real Question, one that must be Answered today, not tomorrow, and this folks is the Final exam and the only question on this exam is...

"ahead, on your road of life, you see dimly up there an object blocking the road. As you come up to it, you see it is a tombstone. YOURS! the question is...is that Stone a door or a dead end"?!!

if a door, then all the verities of heaven are real, goodness, truth, love, and best to get them inculcated into your heart, *now*!!
then follow that guy's advice, there, on the street: he has that sign that says, "REPENT; THE END IS NEAR"!
[remove in yourself anything that you do not want to come there into heaven with you where you cannot hide it and everyone will see it.]

I, being of the cold war generation, kept reading about the people who moved out from the big cities to get away from possible A-bomb hits. Then as Russia got about 12,000 missiles, *another* idea crept into people's heads. why not move back to the city and embrace insta-death. turn to ash in .002 seconds! faster than the pain impulses can travel to the brain.
be one of the ragged slowly dying survivors.

so embrace that tidal wave that takes you out in a minute, no slow senile Alzheimer's nursing home for you, thank you. no slow going from cancer either!

then Eternity without a forced incarnation to earth. it is Homecoming.

but if the Lord delays it all, somehow holding back the asteroids and volcanoes for ten more years, this is for YOUR benefit!! time to get ready. time to dance faster and better, or to dance slower and more aware. time to clean your laundry and get that crud out of your diapers!

so live by embracing death.


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