Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Church, Interlaken, NY

Church, Interlaken, NY, originally uploaded by Sandy Su.

Church, Interlaken, NY

Uploaded by Sandy Su on 14 Jan 09, 9.04PM EDT.

my childhood church, the one that I attended also in the 1990s when I lived there.

"American church Gothic"

This is a "Dutch" Reformed Church.

My Aunt has been the choir director for over 30 years, there.

Interlaken has about 600 people and about once per ten years they build one house, here. This 2000-2010 period, they are building a small apartment complex for seniors.

40 to over 100 inches of snow per year, and it snows at least once in about every May.

the "Terrible" secret of the North: if you do not do it right on time and be picky, winter could ruin it!


  1. Great picture of the church. I was expecting to see the Baptist church, but Suanna is the one who went there.

  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Beautiful church!