Friday, May 07, 2010

the Amazing mural in Lake city

hi all.

I am going to repost the iamge of this incredible mural. Lake city Florida is where this mural is.


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My jaw dropped a bit when I turned around to look at the open parking lot where some street store had been demolished and low and behold this mural filled the length of the side of a building.
Here is a symbol of a large town rebuilding its downtown after the Mall was built, out by the Interstate, not *just* an Interstate, mind you, this Interstate location is where I-75 Meets I-10!
[the major Miami-Atlanta road meeting the Jacksonville- New Orleans road!]

One of the best murals that I have ever seen! Looks really "3-D" when I stand before it.

The mural was placed there in early 2008, to celebrate "the little people", when the mall came in about 1980, most of All of the downtown businesses left to go to this mall, leaving downtown empty. But after a few years the buildings had small shops owned by "real" people: oh the displays are amateur, the owners sometimes have only a grade school education, but in this blue-collar rural town, there is not one Franchise to be seen, here.
There is a real soda bar [fountain], here in lake city, as well as antique shops, cafes, etc....

Just a few miles off the interstate, maybe too many people are in a hurry to detour to see "just another small town"!


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