Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the sandwich shop goes out of business.

This morning I read, in the Tallahassee, Democrat, about a local sandwich shop that went out of business after some 20+ years. Article read something like..."retired, sold shop to a relative, then he died at 58 years old after a stroke. His relative did not have the same vital charisma as he, the shop withered.

Often a newspaper article shows only a narrow slit, I find, upon the world.
I am tempted, here, to add my own impressions as to what really happened with this shop!

here goes:
---original owner was very charismatic and he was loved by one and all.
---he spent 100+ hours a week at his shop, it was his life, other than perhaps his family.
---he died "young" at 58, burned out maybe by his stress at work, but also maybe that when he retired, his life really was over, his work *was* his life! There are people who are Made to burn bright and die young.
---the relative forgot the old adage: "never wear a hat with more character than you"! He could not muster what was Required, this shop was a one-man affair, not to be run by a "committee".
[was Jesus a committee?!]

[when the life of the party, guy, goes home, the party is over, the hostess might as well begin to clean up!]

Many businesses, cults, sects, corporations, die after their mover and shaker dies or retires.

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