Monday, April 26, 2010

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hello everyone, from the "Administrator", Freestone

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Tis been awhile since I began this group. Growing nicely.

I have lived, now, at my nice Georgia Belle senior residence, for about six-plus years.
There are about 150 residents here. They range from 62 to 100 years of age.

many older people are like fine wine, gets better with age, but other seniors only turn sour and bitter as they get older, just like some wines do.

The Ones that get "better", seem all to be able to laugh a lot and to smile often. They have something outside of themselves, often a Salvation with Jesus.

we see the ambulance coming, about once per week, everyone knows that it will come for them some day, living on the front lines of death.

there are two generations here,
1..the Great depression and WW II generation, they often cannot relate to computers but have a deep feeling for "Clubs" and church socials and Morals.
2...the baby boomers, they began around 1947 and the first ones have begun to move in. They are the "me" generation, no social lives, no church, no suppers together, and a feeling of "overthrowing all the old ways [of pre WW II!].

I fit in the middle, 1941, born, I have a foot in each generation but can live in *Neither*!
[a saved Christian who loves the game Oblivion and eats meat and would , on my dinner plate, eat a juicy steak along side of a vegetarian stir fry "medley", made famous by the moosewood cookbook, on the same plate side-by-side!]

the baby boomers will get Older some day, some year my group might have 800,000 members!!

keep adding your photos and enjoy the fine older wine!

freestone Wilson

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