Thursday, April 29, 2010

oil mess in the gulf

bye bye gulf coast! I fear this one will be far far far huger than even the fear mongers feared. total death to coast from Mississippi to Texas coast. everyone will have to move out, a toxic waste zone for 100 years. all those fishermen and Cajuns and Indians might as well move to the big city and become modern Americans, eating McDonald's like the rest of us all.

from what i read they are not even CLOSE to capping this well, yet!!

could be a month of oil coming up, maybe more!!

how about 1000 times worse than Valdez!!!

if there were a ballot Box, in heaven, and i could reach it and drop a vote in, my vote might now well be, " Time to pull;l the end time lever, have 10 super volcanoes erupt all at once or a 200 mile wide asteroid hit the earth.

enough is enough.

the symbolism scares me: that this area is one of the soul areas of America, just like New Orleans. we all killed new Orleans via dredging, levies, ship canals, now we will kill the Gulf Coast.
there are 400+ more of these rigs out there, only a matter of time.......

your cup of coffee enable slave labor in Africa, your eating chicken enables factory farms, your even eating natural organic fruits will hurt someone somewheres! nothing that you can do, even your recycling might send the plastic to India where 5 year old kids melt it down in windowless rooms, enabling child labor with your eco-minded way of livings!!


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