Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the Offering to the evening preacher!

the Offering to the evening preacher!
Here at Georgia Belle Apartments, Tallahassee, for Independent living, a beloved preacher comes to do the evening services, on Tuesday nights, right after our Tuesday supper.
One of the kitchen volunteers makes sure that this preacher gets one of the deserts, he has a huge sweet tooth!
[cannot take a picture of him or of any of the 20 waiting people, as no one is "ready" to have their picture taken, I guess when you are 90, some people do not want their wrinkles to show, or maybe there was no such thing as "spontaneity" back in the 1930s, when these people were young!]

the floor reflection almost makes it look as if God himself is Blessing the apple cranberry cake! Consider that to be so.

Here where I live, maybe 20 to 30 people come to the Tuesday evening services. Most are "older" than the newer-old, the 62 to 65 year olds. Many of the older generation, who grew up during the great depression and WW II, have a conservative outlook on life and on religion.

Interesting: the seniors with Jesus in their hearts seem to be, as a group, much happier than those other elders their own age who have no Jesus in their lives!
Imagine that: someone who is very conservative who is happier than most of the Newer generation people who deem themselves "well read, liberal, and cultured"!


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