Saturday, April 10, 2010

futher amplification on the plane crash of Polish leaders

here is a reply that i made on the post that i made, below this one, about the polish plane crash.
thanks replyer....

I did not intend this post *as* a mourning post, the "signs" section name says it all.

you hit upon a 'sensitive" area with me there, about
us not destroying the planet.

a number of years ago, i had a powerful experience where I saw, or was Shown, how the earth and the people on it, will have one of FOUR possible outcomes.

1....we have a Nuclear WW III, and nuclear winter will take out the human race, letting only a few survivors live the stone age life. thus we all Go Down in Rage, thus many souls, after death, would find that they are in hell, that is...the "ascended new heaven" for the human race would then be DOWN, not up: the human race goes to hell worlds and fights a nearly never ending war and personal "road rage" with anyone near them, a huge huge "Roman Coliseum", where the opposing gladiators will be other people, everyone combats with anyone near them over and over and over........

2......we all "make it", solving some of the worlds problems of population, pollution, politics, etc....
life is somewhat good, people keep reincarnating and
slooooowly each soul progresses to live longer and longer in heaven between lives. then some far off day souls would not have to reincarnate.

3...we all are still here all right but NONE of the problems are solved and essentially we each and all choke on our wastes, as even the oceans become dead and most people live underground under a soul-less life and no old souls incarnate anymore so that the human race dies out of stagnation. the afterlife souls thus get Placed on other planets throughout the galaxy, by the Overseers, these souls will forget that they ever were of the human race. thus only very young souls incarnate and eventually even they stop coming, the human race dies out, along with most of the plants and animals! Event, not WW III caused by mankind, but by "God"! the ascension process with earthchanges. not necessarily even 50% die of changes but that as many souls as possible go UP in vibration to a higher heaven especially made for these souls
[the new heaven] . whether many going at once, in a year or four's worth of earthchanges and others coming later via standard death's way; many people will have a great "uptick" in vibration, at this time and most will never Have to come back to reincarnate.
for the 10% to 70% that remain upon the earth, the earth will receive a revitalization influx of some kind, from spirit,
[the new earth]
the people left will have more spirit guides and old souls incarnating, here, just to help them begin a new age.


*this* is why i write about a sign that this plane crash *could* be of!
it tells me...."an event Comes, humanity is judged. the event will not be WW III, nuclear, but could be number 4, above, the ascension-with-earthchanges.
but does NOT have to be a total wipe out of earthchanges either! after some "marker event" of earthchanges, could be that only 10% die immediately *at* the changes but that another 80% of humanity could just wait until they die of old age and such, then come up to the new heaven.
[i have no idea as to the percentage of destructions and such!]

the plane crash sign also infers, to me, that humanity did not FAIL! we will not stagnate or take 2 billion more incarnations to slowly climb to heaven's throne level!

As I have had dreams of hell being raised to heaven-level and purgatory being heavenized altogether, I feel ever the more that it will be Spirit that does earthchanges, not some "conspiracy theorized other humans who crave power and control"!
thus in a strange sense, these earthchanges will be Directed by archangels ...[you knew that; read your Bible!], thus this Event will be of the Greatest conspiracy thing going, as everything will be Planned!!


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