Thursday, March 04, 2010

Church, Interlaken, NY

Church, Interlaken, NY, originally uploaded by Sandy Su.

Church, Interlaken, NY

Uploaded by Sandy Su on 14 Jan 09, 9.04PM EST.

my Hometown church!

Interlaken, ny.

Dutch Reformed, the denomination.

When I see this picture, I think "American Gothic"!

There are now many Amish people in this county, Seneca county.
My aunt, the chior director of this church, found that the Amish hymms are the same as this church, this surprised her. I told her that this is no surprise as when the Amish split off of the then-currant Dutch churh, it was this one that they left!

"Neo Amish"!
----this is my word for people who live *like* the Amish do, but mostly "inside" their heads; they have electric and drive cars like everyone else, but inside they have the old values that the Amish have. Like many who attend this church.


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