Friday, January 29, 2010

rainbow in the morning

rainbow in the morning, originally uploaded by freestone.

rainbow in the morning
Here is a quick shot out of my 4th floor bedroom window, a rainbow
at sunrise, under a small shower. This rainbow only lasted for seconds, no "nicety" about focus and image leveling, please!
[Amazing how short in time these weather phenomena last, seconds make the difference!

Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

homeless saint.

the homeless saint.

the other day at my 8 Am coffee shop, here in Tallahassee, I finally saw what the new homeless guy was writing!

The local mental hospital, about once every three months, releases some "helped" inmates
out to the community and some of them end up living at the homeless Shelter, blocks away.
A couple of weeks ago, this here man appeared at the cafe and now he comes every day. He spends hours mumbling to himself and he always has a section of box-cardboard with him, and he writes on it.

the other day I read one of his cardboard squares.

here was profound, poetic, comments about Jesus and the Christian life. With a drawing of the cross on a hill.

I cannot talk to him, he talks non stop under his breath, to himself.

So today, on the way back to my apartment, i remembered the Jewish Hasidic saying about three wanna-be mystics who approached God for Illumination, to face God face to face!

the first man saw nothing, his soul was not ripe.
the second man Saw, but he went insane!
the third man saw, then Understood, he was Blessed!

Too too early. I think that this homeless man saw God too early! Shorted out his nervous system!
Thus he writes out incredible deep wisdom, but understands nothing of it and also cannot apply a bit of it to his life or to be able to help others with it!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day goes out with a Shout!

Day goes out with a Shout!, originally uploaded by freestone.

Day goes out with a Shout!
sunset from about the 8th floor landing.

Beautiful sunsets I can have, where I live. 12 floor apartment buildings are good for that.

This is the very first day in about 10 days that I went outside with only a jacket on and not also a sweater under that jacket. Been 15 to 20 degrees every morning here. high of 35 to 40!
This is in Florida, none the less.

So here the sun sets toward the southwest.
no sunset is ever the same, this on has it where the sun is going out with a shout!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

I got this global warming thing now in my hand!

hi all.

I now have a good grasp on Global warming.

global warming is like of a worm, inching up a wall, slowly, this represents the gradual rising earth temperatures due to man's influences.


This wall turns out to be the wall of the inside of a stopped elevator! and someone presses the "down" button, and down she goes. goes down faster than this worm is climbing upwards: the net gain is now a "Minus"!
[other factors and cycles over ride the global warming.]

probably in this next maybe-oncoming new Ice Age, global warming means that the never ending blizzards in the north lands will have a temperature of only 18 degrees far. instead of the non-global warmness of 16 degrees far.!