Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my door

my door, originally uploaded by freestone.

my door
I live at the Georgia belle senior apartments for independent living. Many residents decorate their doors, sometimes with the seasons. I often wonder about the people who do NOT decorate their doors; most of these people are men.
Of course, most ladies have their apartments looking like "house beautiful", the men often have their rooms look like "shop 101" or "garage 202", or even..."bed and a TV and a pile of clothes on the floor"!
[Lady: cook properly with a balanced meal.
man: take a can of food and a can opener and a spoon. open can, lean against wall and eat right from the can, cold!!]
Of course this is not always true. there are two men here who were professional cooks.
And..a lady who was in law enforcement.

but every Door tells a story about who is inside.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

There's a mini ice age coming, says man who beats weather experts

There's a mini ice age coming, says man who beats weather experts

He looks at the flow of particles from the Sun, and how they interact with the upper atmosphere, especially air currents such as the jet stream, and he looks at how the Moon and other factors influence those streaming particles.

He takes a snapshot of what the Sun is doing at any given moment, and then he looks back at the record to see when it last did something similar. Then he checks what the weather was like on Earth at the time - and he makes a prophecy.

I have not a clue whether his methods are sound or not. But when so many of his forecasts seem to come true, and when he seems to be so consistently ahead of the Met Office, I feel I want to know more. Piers Corbyn believes that the last three winters could be the harbinger of a mini ice age that could be upon us by 2035, and that it could start to be colder than at any time in the last 200 years. He goes on to speculate that a genuine ice age might then settle in, since an ice age is now cyclically overdue.


freestone says.
--maybe the new bumper sticker for the 2020 decade, will be, "burn coal today, keep the ice age away"!


the US goverment, as well as the canadian gov. will might have to pass laws to make it illegal for people to burn low fossil fuels! Also, to require homeowners to burn low grade coal or wood, and factories to do the same, or else Canada might cease to exist, due to glaciers!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

There's a mini ice age coming, says man who beats weather experts

There's a mini ice age coming, says man who beats weather experts

"There's a mini ice age coming, says man who beats weather experts December 21, 2010

Footprints remain after people walked on the snow-covered beach at Weston-Super-Mare, England. Photo: Getty Images
Piers Corbyn not only predicted the current weather, but he believes things are going to get much worse, says Boris Johnson, London's mayor
The man who repeatedly beats the Met Office at its own game."

global colding. when all the experts said, "global warming is HERE, deal with it", I immediately mentally checked my closet to see if I had many jackets, hats, gloves!!
[when all experts agree, *RUN* the other way!]

we all could indeed have to be told to burn dirty coal and to burn soft gasoline, and to pollute the air, just to keep new york city from being Engulfed by ice!

Russian peasants stuck in the past!

hi all.

there was a yutubefriend who replied back, after I wrote to him. he "specializes" in having a camera in his car and he records his trips around Moscow. He told me that he was "down" on Russia and that "how the people in the tiny villages are all stuck in the 1950s"!

Ah Yes, this is *not* a Russian problem!
[the wonders of seeing my own country through learning about Russia!]
It often is an "age" problem. here in the USA, here in the senior home where I live, there are people who live in the 1930s, 1950s too!

Item: I recently overheard, on the bus, one black [Negro] lady talking to her friend, she was lamenting about her uncle who was old and hardly ever leaves his cabin and he lives like it is still Segregation time, in the 50s, and he calls every white man "sir"!
the Russian people , who are in their 60s-plus, grew up under collectivist Communism and this is all that they are familiar with.

the Tender tips of the branch can bend, the older trunk is stiff.

Only a few seniors are still "growing" like that 85 year old man, here, who has internet fast access and is learning to paint, in the art class.

In fact I have read that many seniors consider any "change" to be a weakness, you broke before you bent!! This attitude saved Russia from the Germans in WW II. And America too.
and now-a-days software companies, I read, will lay off 25 year old people as it is found that in the ever-changing software world, one loses flexibility by 25 years; they rather only work with 18 year old people!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

wikileaks and you

hi all.

wikileaks has a side to it no one notices!

there was a site somewheres, I read some of it recently, I cannot recall who this was, "dogpoet" maybe or some other activist.
This site, coupled with other people's writings, leads me to post my "idea" here.
"they" were writing about the TPTB people having all of their "dirty laundry" coming out into the open for all to read and to know about.
"the time of the hiding, of all these Lizard people, is over, everything will now Be Known To All"!

I hear hands clapping!
"joy joy, *finally* these leaders will get "theirs".


a very sharp sword cuts both ways, and this is the Topic of my little "talk"!

How about *you*?!
all your secrets and hidden crud will come out too, all of it!!
soon, if these people are right, and they talk of angels and Guides Opening all of humanity at the end of the age, why *your* life will also be Leaked out. everyone that knows you will know all about you, from your babyhood onwards. Perhaps every thought too, thoughts that, since they are only thoughts, they will never be known.
Now, they will be!!

do not please act like the old testament people who want to judge the TPTB "Lizards", severely.
the old testament likes the words, "judgment, punishment, revenge, righteousness.

but Jesus saved the woman from the well of Samaria!
He tempers the old testament with Love, mercy, understanding, goodness, beauty. healing, compassion.

Someone will have to hold the hands of the TPTB people, after they die, and help them heal and repent and then heal of their ego-greed ways!
[I once, out of body, was directed to enter a "eastern-Muslim-type-of-building" to help the patient, a difficult patient awaken and to be healed and helped. they told me he was "ready". I entered a dark room to see a ruined man on a bed, bloody face from his death Posture. I recognized him from the News, here is the soul who was the leader of Iraq, and the military invaders found him hiding in a underground bunker, then he was executed. yes, even HE is qualified to be Compassioned and to be saved; probably his brothers will be next!!]

see, the TPTB people are also us, you and me! what is the difference between a Banker mogul who steals from the people and a little old lady at the senior home who steals four "take a number for the drawing" tickets, at Thursday bingo, so that she can get a better chance to win the $5. [a true event!!]

every one of us has done, in tiny amounts, the very very same sins as these "Lizard" people in power, in governments and businesses!!
---and all of this will come out soon enough, the person you slept with, the things you stole, the parties you ruined by your bitterness, all and each of us is a small "Mafia", a TPTB, in some way! the Bible says that all of us have sinned and no one escapes this fate.

"repent now", the preacher says....."become saved and through Grace will thee become whole"!
be it known that each and every deed and thought and feeling will soon be known to all and even be engraved upon your face, after you die, as it is in your soul and in the akashsa records!!

so now here on earth as the Pluto transit moves through the earth sign, the "wikileaks" will spread ands spread so that all the hidden stuff will come out. But, as i write, no one will be spared this unveiling! you and me will have our very own wikileaks!

so please do not be too "hard" on the TPTB people, after all, they are us, and part of the Vine of the Christ, leaves and branches on the One Vine. we all cannot get to the highest heaven, probably, until ALL of us are ready to enter. so mercy, please, on those Who Stumble and let Power's tempting calls corrupt them!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

sunrise Underlight

sunrise Underlight, originally uploaded by freestone.

sunrise Underlight
the Underlighting from the sun.

when the sun rises into a clear sky, when the sun is near the horizon, its rays can cast light under clouds to the west, from underneath these clouds and illuminate them so. Holds for sunsets too.
Looking west, tallahassee, florida.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

wiki leaks. war!

hi all.
the Wiki Leaks!
I would not want to be that Julian Assange guy! I realized just now that either by direct action, of the leaks, or in side effects, the row of dominoes tipping, that he could end up being either the cause of a major war or of even WW III!

Just imagine Pakistan vs India, where Leaks get one side to do something
"ballistic" [pun intended!]

or watch, say, the Russians and the Americans go Ballistic!

bye bye....

I, myself, would NOT want to wake up in the afterlife to find out that my little "falling snowflake down the mountain: caused a major war, the "avalanche, at the bottom of the valley, burying a whole village, was caused by that one falling flake!"


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Garcia Mural

Garcia Mural

A Eugene, OR Painted Masterpiece
Shortly after Jerry died, this mural appeared on the wall of the Circle K store on High Street. The picture you see here is from the front page of the Register Guard on August 16,1995.

The mural itself was painted by Creswell artist Jim Evangelista.

Unfortunately, over the course of the next two years, area juveniles repeatedly vandalized the mural in various ways. Graffiti, paint splashes, etc. Each time Jer's visage was desecrated, the artist faithfully repaired the damage.

He even went so far as to meet with several of the vandals to figure out why they were so intent on destroying the painting.

Newspaper accounts of the discussions said that they basically resented what Jerry Garcia represented. At any rate, the damage seemed to abate for awhile. However, by the summer of 1997, Evangelista finally gave up his constant repairwork and redid the painting on the wall.

Anyone passing the Circle K these days will see a mural of a dark, star filled sky. Somewhere near the center of the new painting is one particular star, burning more brightly than the rest.


I, freestone, add to this quote.....
ah yes, this is that mural that i once wrote about. a figure of a grand old hippie and the kids told him that they disfigured this mural over and over again because its presence so so belittled them and invalidated their own selves! they have so little self as it is and probably they all see Jesus and the church in the same way, just another authority figure to tell them what the F..K to do with their lives! too too too many people now are telling them what to do with their lives!
---so destroy *anything* "larger" then they are!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dutch Catholic Church Faces 2,000 Abuse Allegations

Dutch Catholic Church Faces 2,000 Abuse Allegations

Dutch Catholic Church Faces 2,000 Abuse AllegationsUpdated: 36 minutes ago
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Theunis Bates

AOL News (Dec. 10) -- The Roman Catholic Church is still struggling to cope with the fallout of sex abuse scandals from Germany to the U.S., but it now faces a flood of damaging new allegations from the Netherlands.

According to a report from an independent commission, almost 2,000 Dutch people have reported being sexually and physically abused by priests when they were children -- a huge number for a country with only 4 million

"religious abuse": I know of many young people who were raised to be Fundamentalists, now they grow up to be the hell raisers and they hate all religion, vaccinated against it Real Good, for life!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Truth about Hair?, page 1

The Truth about Hair?, page 1

abovetopsercet article that claims cut hair reduces psychi senitivities.

"are you ready for the coldest winter in 100 years?"! [for tallahassee]

my letter to the tallahassee newspaper, letter to the editor.

freestone Wilson.

letter to the editor.
"are you ready for the coldest [ maybe ] winter in 100 years?"!

Here I sit, thinking about my years of having great interest in the weather, majoring in meteorology here at FSU, in the 60s.
I come originally from a tiny town in upstate new York. My father, part Indian, was a weather "prophet, predictor", the only man that I knew who would stop his shop work to go out and watch an oncoming storm!

between this background and my readings of the South American winter, last July, where I saw videos of whole tropical rivers clogged with the dead bodies of alligators and tropical fish, the near Antarctic cold killed them all, coupled with the bitter winters in Europe, plus my perceptions of a "stuck-in-a-holding-pattern jet stream; lead me to be Afraid!
Afraid! Not fearful, but "afraid" of what *our* winter could be like this year!!
A winter to come that will make last January's winter be tropical mild in comparison!
[I will not use anymore the phrase, "global cooling", i will from now on use the term, "global colding"!]

So here could be three to four months of a winter where a "good day" will see a high temp of 50 degrees! "oooh, it got up to 45 today, a heat wave"!
A winter where not only snow could be seen, snow could cover the streets to stop all travel and commerce for a solid week or more!
A winter where the Tallahassee council might actually *have* to consider whether to buy snow plows and road salting equipment, for next winter!

so people. get ready.
1...car batteries. weeks of 5 above to 25 above, day after day after week, will severely test your car battery. The shops will be so busy, if yours fail, that you will not get to where you want to go for days!
2...your home furnace. [note that I did not write "stove"; they are too too wimpy for what could be coming!] Is it ready to heat your home where for days and weeks the temp might be 30 with a 30 MPH wind and a low temp of 8 above?
3...you! Do you have clothes that are comfortable for an Ohio or Indiana
winter? For that could be our winter, people!! 5 to 20 inches of snow this winter, with most days seeing a high temp of 35 to 50 degrees, or LESS! Can you go outdoors comfortably, at 10 above with a 20 MPH wind?!
Get Ready NOW...clothes, blankets, whatever....
4..stockpile food! suppose there is an ice storm of 2 inches of rain at 28 degrees, you might no have electric for over a month!
Five inches of snow on the streets will close the groceries for a week!
5...owners of warehouses: if you have a sprinkler system, beware that unless you keep your building heated, the pipes could freeze! Then when they thaw, all your goods will be flooded!
6...the homeless: if you like to sleep in the woods, you should have a sleeping bag that you would feel comfortable sleeping in, in the Carolina winter mountains! Otherwise, go to the city shelters!
8...your tender plants: maybe do not do a thing about them, just let them die, unless you want to do a "heroic effort"! Tallahassee will be Cleansed of all Exotics and warm climate invasives; back to basic native very cold hardy plants. our plant hardness Zone 9 might become a Zone 7 or even a southern Zone 6, this year! [southern Pennsylvania!]
7...a room Humidifier will keep the air moister when you sleep so that your inner nose will not dry out. keeps many colds away.

In short, *if* I am right, Tallahassee could have a December to April that will be the equivalent of a city in Kentucky or south Ohio, this coming winter! So get ready now. And..do not curtail your outdoor activities just because you wake up and see a "25 degrees" on your thermometer, thinking that you can wait until a warmer day to do your chore: there will *NOT BE* many warmer days, between now and April 15th!! So go out and Embrace Cold, learn to love Cold!

freestone Wilson

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

"Afterlife Stories",
"death and afterlife",
"Astral Travel Experiences",
"Astral Projection",someone suggested that I use these concepts in my blog.

so here they are.

they actually might be better used in my other blog where some of my dream experiences are written up, at, but I do not want "duplicate content"!



Monday, December 06, 2010

the sun dog.

the sun dog., originally uploaded by freestone.

the sun dog.
looking to the sunset, I see that the setting sun, behind the Hotel, shows a sundog light onto a cloud.
tallahassee, florida, usa

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Гарик Сукачев - Плачь

the dark side of some fathers. The dark side of something illuminates what is not often seen. depressing. Youtube videos are far FAR more than of just "joke-shots" and teen twiches! there is some serious stuff here, to find, like of this video.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


a test to see if the feed is working well.

the Homeless High IQ man!

homeless 4

[from my flickr photos]
the mural at the Homeless shelter. sometimes there are nearly 200 people here a night, in the winter. a good shelter.
No one can make it to heaven, our true
home, by ourselves, it takes Spirit in our hearts, with Jesus there. Then the Angels and Guides, with Jesus, will help us go Home.
Thus, the secret of the homeless is that all of us are homeless without Spirit in our hearts, and our true Home is in heaven!

the Homeless High IQ man!
---that is my subject title.

One day recently at a bus stop, on the corner 20 feet away, I saw a homeless man with a sign, begging for money. I went over to talk to him.
He seemed to be very intelligent and he told me that he, a veteran, was trying to get money to live on while he was trying to get the vet people to approve his disability case. his wife is working on her Masters and when she gets it, they will move to a more liberal state for better benefits.
the bus then came. I knew the bus driver, I told him about this veteran. *then* this driver tells me, "oh *that* guy! he was on my bus yesterday and he fell asleep and his bag fell onto the floor and the contents of his soda ran over the floor and the ALCOHOL smell reek filled the bus. See, I notice him begging all over town, but *only* in areas 300 feet from a liquor store!! he is a deep alcoholic, probably this is why they do not give to him benefits"!

sigh. his God, this man, is Alcohol. So many homeless people "do" drugs and drink. And that wonderful Shelter, where the mural is, above, has that saying, inferring that one should live life not "Alone", and what is meant here is that one should have SPIRIT, of some manner, in one's life.
otherwise one is indeed Homeless. True Homelessness is so even if one is the CEO of a huge company and lives in a nice home on the good side of town! The Tombstone is on everyone's road of life and then what will happen *after* you pass that Stone?!
One without a soul, one with no Spiritual life, is Homeless.


Sunday, November 28, 2010


hi all.

I am going to try to see if the new facebbok app is working, to have my RSS feed go directly into facebook!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

subtropical tallahassee on a 80 degree thanksgiving day

I created this video, just a walk along a tallahassee street. Lush semi-tropical plants. 80 degrees

twisty branch

twisty branch, originally uploaded by freestone.

twisty branch
In the park, here is this twisting Live Oak branch. It lies almost on the ground.
Taken about 2 Pm, tallahassee, florida, about 80 degrees on thanksgiving day.

Uploaded by freestone on 25 Nov 10, 4.33PM EST.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Русская деревня :: Видео на RuTube -

Русская деревня :: Видео на RuTube -

death of a Russian village. people all move away or die of old age. the fate of many Russian villages, all move to the city. but just look at the usa midwest!

Friday, November 19, 2010

a letter to a Russian, "the differences between Russians and Americans"!

hi all.

here is a letter to a Russian videomaker on Youtube.   he is not happy living in Russia and thinks abit about moving to the West.  I wrote to him a letter whee I tried to tell him what the differences are between the Russian Way, and the American Way.   How do these two cultures differ?  they have the same streets, high rises, cars, and people.   There is a vast inner difference though.
I briefy tried to write of this in the letter.
   so here is the edited letter to him.

Hello Axxxxx.

yes, Russia.
here is a visitor's seven part travelogue, through Moscow and Penza. the best travel movie I have seen to date, maybe. He touches on the positive sides of what he sees, though there are dark pointing to rough police and bad roads.

somehow I feel that the soul of Real Russia is still back in the Pagan viking/tarter/roman days! for worse, as you see. but also for the best as well.

grass is always greener somewheres else, BUT!
but each person is different. you might indeed enjoy America, working with modern ways of living and thinking.
Individuals count more *as* individuals here.

see, the Positive feeling in the Orthodox Russian church is that the Christ sort of radiates his being
throughout all of life and "downward" through all the people. we are part of Him.

this religious feeling comes from a deeper place, that the Land...state...Spirit....the past....etc, is GREATER THAN THE INDIVIDUAL and that one should submit to this.
you can maybe see where Marx and 1917 gets its Power from!
thus the old Russian land is suffused yet with Gods and spirits and Beings greater than any one person.

here in the America, the individual is all. Even religion is a personal thing and there are maybe thousands of sects of churches.
as well as the worst of this Idea of individual freedom!
"dog eat dog", ..."fight to get on top". breakup of the family, now 60% of marriages break apart, and Axxxxx, everyone that i know, under 60 years old, has been divorced at least once, and I know friends and acquaintances who have been married three or four times!!
to rise.
or to fall. a double edged sword.
like the opposite, in  Russia, where the individual must subsume, must bow, to powers greater than he, for worse, but sometimes, [when it works] for the better.

India too, has little freedom of spirit. little free will, karma rules the old India.

but in the end, and I feel this is SO important, that one must be greater than the beings and the society, political forces that are around one. even in Christ, you must take part, yourself, in the worship and living. Jesus, the angels, the saints, might be there for you, but YOU have to take part in your own salvation!

I can well sense why Communism and Nazism are such bitter enemies: they have a LOT in common.

Humanity is like unto the butterfly. In that it takes wings on both sides of the body, to fly.
thus one needs balance in both "Russian" and "western" ways of life.

thus in a Real Sense, that I study my country and its people, America and Europe, via looking at Russian videos and culture. study from the OTHER SIDE of the selves.
like: even your "automobile, car, videos! they show the very same city scenes that are in my city, Tallahassee, Florida, streets, high rise apartments, stores, traffic, people, but as if viewed from a light that is shining upon the man from the LEFT side, while Tallahassee, Florida, USA "videos" would show this same man being illuminated via light from the RIGHT side. [ the butterfly wings.]
am I clear? your English is very good, but Idioms may not travel well.

In each country there are rebels of sorts. you have sympathy for the west, but there are people here in the USA who join cults so that they do not have to think and to choose, they let the sect choose for them!
there are still women here who WANT to "be a ring around some strong man's finger, to be coffee inside of his cup and to let the man live her life for her.

so which "side" is right? or wrong?
both are right, but both are wrong too, in parts and often in wholes.

my answer lies in the BIBLE!

it is said by Jesus that..."I want equals to live in my House, I do not want servants and slaves"!
"God wants co-creators with him, not slaves"!

thus the point of Progression's arrow is for INDIVIDUALITY and free and open choices.
this is the only way to be a co-creator with God and Spirit. that is what is wanted of us.

there. a long letter. oversimple differences I see between the East and the West, Russia vs America.

have a good day, freestone Wilson

not very scholarly, this letter.   but in the main, one can indeed learn about oneself and one's culture by studying other cultures.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

RuTube. Всё Видео! Лучшие онлайн видео ролики, приколы, аниме и клипы. -

RuTube. Всё Видео! Лучшие онлайн видео ролики, приколы, аниме и клипы. -


the Russian version of "youtube". by russians, in russia, for russians!

McDougall house

McDougall house, originally uploaded by freestone.

McDougall house
here in Tallahassee, blocks from where I live, is this house. from the Tallahassee gov. site.

One of the finest remaining antebellum homes in Tallahassee is the Brokaw-McDougall House. When first built in or around 1856, it was on the outskirts of town. Its original owner, Peres Bonney Brokaw, ran a prosperous livery stable business downtown, and also found time to serve in city government, the state legislature and in the Confederate Cavalry. His daughter married Alexander McDougall, then a recent immigrant from Scotland. Members of the Brokaw and McDougall families lived in the house until it was sold to the State of Florida in 1973. The state made the house available for conferences, receptions, meeting space and special events. It also served as the headquarters of the Historic Tallahassee Preservation Board until May 1997. January 1998 the City of Tallahassee leased the house from the State of Florida for $1 a year and began operations and management of the facility. It continues to be used as a popular conference and event site.

Architecturally, the house is an outstanding Classical Revival building with strong Italianate influences. The formal gardens were laid out in the early 1850's prior to the construction of the main house. They were restored as a Bicentennial project of the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs.
once was 300 acres and outside of town. Now deep inside.

Whenever I see this house, as I live a couple of blocks away, the house has long long ago been "swallowed" by the city so that there are only a couple of acres of land left to this house, I am reminded of that book written by a 1880 New York Times reporter who came here to report the capital news [Tallahassee is the state capital].
the book, I think, was called TALLAHASSEE LADY; a book about a new York times reporter who came to report the capital news during the 1880s.
In the book, the reporter comes into the city by carriage, from the train station and as he passes by a plantation house *like* this one, he sees a pretty young lady in the yard. he soon gets to know her and falls in love with her. She, however, is Promised to another man in marriage, another plantation owner.
The book, in its writing techniques, Links the beauty of the area of the countryside that is of Tallahassee, with the beauty of this lady. He comes from the cold cloudy Northland where winter rules six months of the year and he arrives here in late January where the flowers are blooming and the trees are green and the sun shines brightly at 70 degrees or higher, even in January.
He learns to play the piano and begins to enjoy the Southern ways of life: his Soul Opens Up. Tallahassee and that lady inspires his soul to grow.

Alas, she gets married and he has to return back to New York, but he understands, anyways, that she could not live in the cold city of new York, even if he were to marry her!
Thus he knows that she must marry this other man, even as she Loves him more than he!

He returns to the north. At night, sometimes, in his dreams, he dreams of scented magnolias under a full moon. Thus When awake he knows that once his soul has Opened, he can appreciate the
beauty around him, even in new York city! He can live like he were still living in this strange and wonderful southern city, at least in his heart, even as he is walking the streets of New York!

Uploaded by freestone on 18 Nov 10, 2.31PM EST.

Sanat Kumara, November 16, 2010

Sanat Kumara, November 16, 2010

here is a channeled message, one that has it where the channeler is trusted by many people.

An urgent message
Sanat Kumara
November 16, 2010

I AM Sanat Kumara. I have come again on this day to give a talk that is necessary; and I think that many of you who are reading these lines will probably be puzzled. However, the time is pressing. Therefore, I am going to start.

We haven’t been giving any dictations through our messenger lately. And that is quite righteous, as there is no point in giving the Knowledge to those who cannot perceive and adopt this Knowledge.

The purpose and the sense of my today’s coming is to apply to those few who are incarnated and can hear me. I appeal to you.

There are few of you; and the circumstances of life become more and more aggravating. The karma of humanity becomes dense and draws in all those who are forced to follow the overall mass of people.

You have to stop. Let the crowd of people be noisy, but may the fuss within your being calm down.

It is your turn. You have incarnated for the mission, the time for which is coming.

You should step out of the crowd, you should separate and become the one who you really are – transmitters of Light, electrodes of Light. Balancing of the planet Earth should be carried out through you, through your conductors.

Severe times are approaching. And there are only several people incarnated who can perform this work for us.

The fuss of life should step back. Everything should fall silent within you. Your time has come. And now, when I have prepared you for the perception, I have to tell you one more thing, the main thing: you all become active collaborators of the Brotherhood on the Earth. And I am speaking for you now. You should focus on the inner work of balancing the situation on the planet.

There is no other way. The situation hasn’t ever been so heavy on the planet.

The balance should be restored, at the cost of prayers, at the cost of setting inner peace and silence.

There are few of you and it is possible to maintain the balance only by an incredible concentration on the inner work, only by concentration on the Highest during all day.

Do not pay attention to what is happening around you. Only the concentration on the heart, God within you.

Let the wind blow, let there be a snowstorm, let the conflagrations rage, let the world collapse if the flame is burning smoothly and peace and harmony reign within at least several people, everything can still be changed.

I urge you to keep silence. I urge you to pray. I urge you to meditate. I urge you to become the one who you really are: sons and daughters of God. Everything will fall silent within you and the balance will gradually revive.

And now I am ready to tell you one more thing: do not be afraid of anything. All the worst things that could happen have already happened. The rest will be just a consequence of what has happened. Today I have come for those who are ready to hear me so they could carry out their duty.

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Ekaterina Reznichenko

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ALKONOST - epic dark folk metal band

ALKONOST - epic dark folk metal band


want your rock and roll to sound of Russian ancient folk music and mythology, set to rock music?
look no further!!

Amazon has downloads and cds to buy.

I like them as I dig deeper into the Russian soul.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

rumors of war and the ship fire

hi all....

I read a post about how someone thinks that the crusie ship was a terrorist attack, then the poster writes about how the USA is really at war with china, secretly.

here was my reply....

1...probably only a malfunction in the mechanics. recall the jokes about, "nothing can go wrong, can go wrong, can go wrong"?! ever have your toaster pop up the done toast only to see it flip over and then drop behind the refrigerator never ever to be seen again?!
I have seen things go bad in ten seconds or less, like you reach for your cell mobile and hit it as it sits on your table and off it goes onto the tile floor.

a lady here at my senior home once was cooking and she must have run out of an ingredient and then she ran off to the two mile-away store but she left that pot on the burner on "high"!
when she came back she saw six fire trucks in front of the building; they had just put out the fire in the wooden cupboards that were above her stove!!

war. this one is not so easy.

there is a saying: "wars begin long in heaven before they ever get to the earthplane"!
---someone wrote that in the astral and other planes, there was terrible fighting going on between Nazi Germans and other peoples and in a few years this struggle burned its way down to earth to begin WW II.
no doubt china and the us will be in a war some day unless these "differences" are worked out up there!
there is also "economic war" too. china, not being able to transport its millions of troops, will probably rely on missiles or Internet attacks and the like.
in a strange sense, your and my and our buying from china most of our goods might keep this war away for awhile as china needs us to be able to sell to!
if they ruin the united states, who would they sell to?!
but all it takes for war is one new leader, there, who is a hawk for war with the west.
see, we have come near-full-circle, in the "stages of empires move west"! now the west is meeting its "tail", the circle is nearly complete. a new cycle begins.

do we ever really Know what the gov. tells us.
how about the Advice columns in the newspapers?!
here a wife finds out that her husband has been cheating on her for years. do YOU even know what your friend, significant other, really really thinks?!
do you even know what you really think, about things?!

again: fear.
there are too too many people who are Afraid, these days! afraid because life has become to too complicated and out of their control or understandings!
there is, i suspect, in many of us, a deep profound NEED for a strong benevolent [meaning: someone who believes what we believe!] dictator that will set things to be simple and to be right!
and someday we all may elect One! then we all will have that Final Belief that will choose for us all our future choices and then we all can go back to being comfortable!

37 kinds of Crest toothpaste?! 523 kinds of cell phone plans?!
I knew of a man who had an IQ of maybe 170 and he wore grey colored clothes from socks to hats, ONLY!
see...if he had to *choose* a shirt, say, he would have to contrast and compare every single shirt in his metropolis huge city! only then could he make a real informed choice after looking at 9,082 shirts!!
or---do a "Macro", just buy only one color everything and ten of each item!!

so we trust nothing. even the Seers who visit heaven write of wars and intrigues there!

can you trust the gov.? or the bakery down the street, or even your husband?! maybe not.

can you trust your child sexing priest?! no.
boy scouts, the breeding ground for homos and pedophiles?!
the military, of course not.

I cannot even trust MYSELF, see....
no matter what promise, say, i make to someone, I usually end up breaking it as life intervenes!!

no, i cannot trust myself. Spirit maybe i can trust, but golly, even if Spirit is True, I trust NOT my INTERPRETATION of what Spirit shows to me! my ego gets in the way.

when i read 'abovetopsecret", i think immediately of the nice lady in my senior Home who knows the dirt on everyone, all the gossip and the rumors.
and sometimes she is VERY right, sometimes she is wrong. like my own thinkings.

there is a "Bible-person" word:

use it, please!

freestone Wilson

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Heart of the Wood

The Heart of the Wood, originally uploaded by freestone.

The Heart of the Wood
the Heart of the Wood, the heart of the matter....

a dead branch cut, reveals an interesting pattern.

Uploaded by freestone on 28 Oct 10, 9.57AM EDT.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

YouTube - Alkonost - Лихолетье [Likholetye] (Eviltimes)

YouTube - Alkonost - Лихолетье [Likholetye] (Eviltimes)

the band that you never heard of!
you better hear of it!!
soulful pagan Russian rock band!


I wonder if I am one of the most blocked twitterers?!

I wonder if I am one of the most blocked twitterers?!

I try to follow interesting looking people and often I find that they have blocked me. I can sense why, my profile page might scare them off!
I "am" a psychic, Christian, pagan, autistic, political conservative *and* radical, geek, fantasy and science fiction, occultist, intellectual, image-orientated storyteller, and a whole of other non-reconcilable interests.
It is a small wonder that people would follow me at all!

the "elephant" that is "reality" is huge huge HUGE, and there are millions of Blind people touching Body Parts and calling "Reality" *just*, "this" or "that"!
I feel that you got to have the whole thing seen at once!!

Of course I will offend everyone!!

Staring me in my face in my bedroom

Staring me in my face in my bedroom
Monster peering In! A crane lifting an air conditioner part, is right outside of my bedroom window! Not often does one see a crane from *this* vantagepoint!

lightened in Trfanview.

Uploaded by freestone on 6 Oct 10, 6.00PM EDT.

Monday, September 27, 2010

a visionary experience of my death and "end times"!
September 24th 2010.

hi all.
I was laying in my bed, the full harvest moon was shinning through my window. I had such a long nap that afternoon that I could not sleep well at 4 AM. There is a technique I sometimes use to fall back asleep with. I would lie there on my bed and imagine a scene like of a room and then imagine a "master" sitting at a desk and then I would ask this master a question and then he would then get up and open a drawer in a large desk at the other end of the room and what was in this desk would be objects that would symbolize answers to my question!
[I would create the room, master, desk, in imagination, then as the drawer is opened, *hopefully* Spirit would then "take over" and supply the image of an object or two in that drawer. Usually I would fall asleep first!! the drawer would not even appear]
I have been reading about the "end times" of late and also I wondered if I would survive these changes and also since I am 69 years old, now, I do not know how long I might live: just *what* lies ahead, a good topic for an Imagination at the harvest moon!
["end times", I mean by this, "end of civilization as we know it, due to earthchanges, and the like.]
So I did this, I created an image and hopefully Spirit, higher self, would supply some images from Spirit. I chose to create a passenger train where I would be standing in the middle of the isle between the rows of seats. *this* car will be "2010". Each car will be One Year, I begin about two thirds up the car as 2010 is about 9 months over with. I created a passenger car of the old variety, one of those long distance train cars, huge and long, but with large windows. the car that I am in, when i will begin this experiment, will be 2010, then each car ahead of me will be a year. then i will walk up the line of cars and see what is in each car. i probably will fall asleep long long before i get to, say, car 2020
So here I supplied all the images of my own doing creation: I am now standing in the isle looking forward, the windows are dark black, night time, i cannot even tell if the train is moving. the seats are empty. up ahead is the rest of 2010 and through the door at the end is 2011.
and the last car will have my death in it!! [grin] *if* I even get there before I fall asleep!
[I might well live until I am 95, like of two grandmothers, i will fall asleep loooong before this 2036 car is reached.]
I begin to walk forward.
Now this imagination thing is a dream.
the dream begins.....
the "[...]'s is where I interpret my dream, later, interpret what I saw.
I am still standing there in the very dimly lit car, the windows are dark, I am alone. But there is something on one of the seats next to the isle. a Plate of cookies! on the next set up, on the other side of the isle, there is another plate of cookies. There is nothing else in this car.
I enter the 2011 car through the doors.
A second dark dimly lit car. Black windows. I am standing by the door, early in the 2011 year.
And what greets me? On all the seats are plates of cookies! dozens and dozens of plates of cookies, cookies of all kinds. Some seats might have three or four plates on them, each plate full. I walk bemusedly up the isle, cookies all the way.
[cookies. each cookie is a Soul experience gotten from living in the world, for that time. "cookies" is an internet term too, where data is saved on your hard drive from each site that is visited; means the same thing, the isle is the vantage point of my life from my soul's view and every good life experience is a Cookie added to my soul.]
these cookies stop, however, half way up the isle. When I reach this point, I notice lightning flickering outside of the windows on the left. "a storm", i thought, in the dream. I take a few more steps upward. the lightning increases in number of flashes and I hear wind and rain, on the roof. By now I reach near the end of this 2011 car and now the car is beginning to rock back and forth, side to side, a bit! by the end of the car the side-to-side rocking now moves this car several inches back and forth!
[awesome, considering an old train car is built like a tank, heavy and tank-like!]
I then leave the car and enter that space between cars. the 2012 car is tipped upon its side!! It lists to the right about 30 degrees and probably has torn off of the car-couplings too! I will not enter it! Furthermore, if this train were moving, before, it is not moving now!
[!! Ominous! I have died!!]
I then squeeze out of the walkway between cars and jump down upon the ground, still black night.
[since I have died, I will have to "go out of body" to see a future beyond my 2011 death!]
Now I am standing upon the ground next to the 2012 car. car is listing 30 degrees and off of the tracks. I dimly see the car then i turn to see where the light is coming from. On my left is a sunrise, I can see it through a couple of trees, a dimly seen sunrise that has it where the light is preceding the sun.
[a "convention" is to be made here, I see now. the Time is January 1st of 2012, the sun is just barely rising, as I walk along this car, the year progresses, and the sun will rise higher into the sky and then set to the right of the car: "a day is a year", so the sun will travel across the sky as i slowly walk upward along this car.]
But there is something Profoundly "WRONG" with this sunrise! the whole sky is a dim but livid Orange! there are several small cumulus clouds and they are Grey. normally the clouds are colored too, this means that the color-causing agent lies at a very high elevation in the sky as the sun illuminates this color band but the clouds are below the level of the rising sun. Eventually the sun will shine upon these clouds as it rises higher. a "sick" orange. a bilious orange. I hesitantly walk along the tracks and peer again to the sunrise and follow this sunrise as i walk slowly. The patch of color rises a bit in the sky [naturally. the day's time passes as i walk.] However the orange sky only turns to Grey! As i walk still further, the Grey sky soon matches the color of the Grey clouds and i do not see clouds anymore; only Grey I see.
[high elevation dust will do this. Volcanic dust. Asteroid striking the earth; that will toss up such dust. Or a Nuclear winter will too, the beginnings of a such winter. the rising sun strikes the dust, the famous "volcanic sunsets" are due to this, micro particle dust at such a high elevation that it takes years to fall out.]
Now I am about midway up the 2012 car. the very Grey sky is getting darker! by near the end of the car, the sky is BLACK! I cannot even tell where the sun is.
I more or less grope along that 2012 car and i can now dimly see that I am passing by the 2013 car coupling. no sunrise for *this* 2013 car! black is the name, black is the number. slowly I stumble along.
SUDDENLY within only a few steps from about a third of the way up the 2013 car, the sky clears!! the sky is a deep deep blue and there are a few puffy white clouds and I am struck by the incredible clarity of the sky and air, as if there were now NO human pollution sources messing up the sky! but the car!! I noticed this car, something terribly wrong again!
this car had AGED!
[as if spirit did not want me to grope past ten ruined car-years, so spirit just "short cutted" to the year that the sky cleared!]
aged. the side of the car had ash on it about half an inch thick and rusted metal everywheres else and all of the windows had busted out too! this car had aged ten years or more, since 2012!
[these two ruined cars just might symbolize my body after death, within ten years there is only bones and dust]
I turn to my left and get ANOTHER shock! I see what was a thin forest and grass along the track side and everything was
dead trees. but I noticed something strange. these trees were not just "leafless and dead", these trees had it where only the bare-of-bark trunks and lower branches still existed. Only the inner heartwood was left: essentially "standing driftwood"! that indeed would be a very good representation of these trees. weathered. either storms or age stripped the bark off. years and years must have gone by! the track side grass was dead. However, off into this woods i could see a few lushly green patches of leaves, leaves on only a few trees. leaves re-sprouted perhaps and only on a few limbs of a few trees, one or two trees.
this is where the dream ends.
[taken "literally", this dream infers that I will die about middle to end of 2011, then Something happens to the earth such that most plants die, perhaps my death and this Event are linked.]
there follows, within sleep-seconds, *another* dream.
[now....when ever I have a second dream immediately after a "powerful" dream, this second dream ALWAYS is a kind of "helper" dream, to amplify and to explain the first dream. often the second dream is the "inner" counterpart of the first. In this case, this second dream will Indicate what will happen to me AFTER i die, after I step off of the 2011 car!]

Second dream begins....
I was in my high school classroom and the teacher was telling the class that next week would have the week long final exams.

I then went home but there i knew that I was doing SO poorly in class subjects that i will stay home all during the exams and not take them.
[I was ripped out of my body "before my time", my genes have it where I could live until I am perhaps 80 to 85 to 95, but "something" did me in, a something that ruined my life. Thus I cannot finish the class, cannot do what seniors are supposed to do near the end of their lives: subjectively "Summarize" one's life. {final exams summarize the whole year.}]

but after all the exams were completed, the class was supposed to all gather again to be told how they all did for the year. I managed to get enough courage to go this classroom. I entered the room with trepidation and all of the kids were already there so i slunk over to a corner and tried to hide. the teacher then saw me and then told me to go with the rest of the class as now the whole class was to all go for the graduation ceremony, "outside" of the classroom.
[I am now in an "entry room" in heaven, for newly arrived souls. does not matter if one dies before their time to go, or not. everyone comes here.

we all walked out to.....

an outdoors parking lot, an open paved space that was huge. maybe 500 foot by 500 foot in size.
all of the kids were to line up along one wall and as there were about 30 kids, each kid was about 10 to 80 feet apart from each other.
then I saw about 30 counselor-looking people come walking over to us and I could then tell that there was one counselor or teacher per person.
Behind them, off in the distance I could see that behind where these men came walking from, the sky was very clear and blue, a light "heavenly" blue, and over their heads the sky was a nice blue color. [but a lighter blue than in the train dream]
HOWEVER...behind the counselors was a wall of fog, a wall about 20 feet high and ran from side to side, one end of the parking lot to the other.
this "wall' had a VERY strange "look" to it! it was moving and flexing
in a very un-natural manner. looked to me as if there were "doors" in this wall, but many many doors. hundreds of doors, in fact!
the counselor came up to me, the dream ended at that point.

---I did not take the final exams. I died before my time to go! i did not finish my class. i did not finish my alloted time on earth, as perhaps "earthchanges" ended it!

so we all are in a place where each person will have his or her own personal doorway into a heaven unique to them. not that there are a separate heaven for each soul, in all likelihood, but that there are a number of heavens for the human race and we all and each will go to different "afterlife schools" after the ??? end times ???
[just as in a class of 30 students, each will go off to a different college or university, but several kids will go to one university, so that maybe 15 colleges will get the 30 kids.]

so that there might be 20...60...hundreds of heavens awaiting each of us and each person will have *a* door to go through in order to enter the Place of Placement.

the White light color of the human race is prism broken up into rainbow colors, the human race is broken up into separate paths, and each person goes their own ways.
[this is probably why so many people, on the forums, when they write about the afterlife, why they see so so many realities to come and they all are different from each other!! some will go with Aliens on UFOs to planets, some will ascend to Venus, others will enter hell worlds, some will go to their parents heavenly hometown, others could ascend to sainthood worlds, others will soon reincarnate upon other 3-D worlds orbiting around suns, in our Galaxy,
[thanks to a friend who gave to me the idea for this interpretation! ]
I got far far *more* than I bargained for, in my "Imagination" experience, indeed. the imaginations took on a life of their own, now Given by Spirit. Taken "as is", my personal death is inferred and maybe maybe
[pray for mercy and "over writing" of the end times, but some things are God's Will, and not to be changed. Now I will have to live with this Vision.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

YouTube - Jarga

YouTube - Jarga

Again I watch this video.

a Russian pagan festival. modern. Again I watch this. almost too too intense of emotions, here, than I can stand!! wonderful evokitive music too.

this is no picnic of middle class mothers! This video has got to be one of the most emotionally intese videos that I have ever seen, at least for a festival ritual.

Pagan Russians. After the breakup, the repression is mostly gone and Marxian doctrine was so dry!

Modern Russia" is, i feel, a "paint job" one layer thick on top of a 200 foot building! Old Russia is 5,000+ years old!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arkona - Rus

there are SO many videos of russian folk rock music on youtube. Even google does not have many links to "pagan Russia"! here are modern young Russians going back to ancient pre-christian roots. the Old Gods. a time when each house had its resident spirit enity that guarded it.

YouTube - andrey87rus's Channel

YouTube - andrey87rus's Channel

"Jarga" is the name of this video from youtube.
I think that he is from Russia, and this video, I think, comes from there.
When you watch it, you might think that this video is a "Pagan Slavic historical reinactment".


Is a Christian church service a reinactment of a 2000 year old religion? This gathering is a religious service, worshipping old pagan Viking/Slavic ways and Gods. there are parts of a wedding ceremony here, a fire burning ring march.
this is powerful feeling emotional stuff, here in this video. And if you search the youtube searchbox for "pagan Russia" you might see some very Interesting stuff indeed!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Behold, I give to thee Rain, see my blessings?!

Behold, I give to thee Rain, see my blessings?!
Behold I giver to you all, rain! This thunderhead looks like an old fashioned preacher with his arm outstretched, covered with robe, to give Blessings to the congregation!

Near sunset, Tallahassee, florida, looking west.

Uploaded by freestone on 11 Sep 10, 7.55PM EDT.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

my vision-driven views on our future!

hi. all....

On another forum I read of someone who sees a very good future for her Western usa city. I replied to the thread, glad to see someone who does not see a negative future for us all!

here is my reply.

I am happy to see that some dreamers are dreaming a probable reality that is *NOT Negative! so many people see endless quakes, fires, volcanoes, etc........
[I wonder sometimes if these end times scenes reflect the inner turmoil of the stresses of our accelerated livings, from the inner mind; there is so much stress today, both positive and negative.
How many people here, who read this, have either gotten a divorce or moved during the last 12 months?! A show of hands please!!]

there is so much interesting stuff happening today. Discoveries, history findings, chances for personal growth.

[a lot of the negativities you hear or read about have always happened, but now anything that happens is spread all over the world. cell phones have cameras that take even HD videos, internet can dig up some atrocity half way around the world. In the old days, takes a year to hear world news, most of which you would never ever know.]

I suspect that the REAL changes is in our spiritual life inwards! my own dreams tell me that the very meaning of heaven and hell are changing and changing so radically that even Jesus, if seen there, might not look like "Jesus" at all! that heaven, purgatory, and hell, will all be in the same space, one world! And that anyone can go from one to another, heaven or hell, ands back, easily!
In fact, even the "2011...2012 age rollover" might have "nothing" happen! but do NOT think that if nothing happens then that this period of time does not mean anything.

*here* is some of what i think the real Changes will be, folks!

old way:
you die, then adjust to heaven then go look at your life records and then see and compare how you did on earth compared to your incarnation intent then. Then face the judgment of your life as compared to the successes and failures. did you work out your karma and did you create yet more karma to add to your karma pool?!
then you go upwards to "bliss" worlds for a brief time and then face God for a "second" then turn around to reincarnate another life and on the way down, you face your Pool of karma, on the life review plane, and take with you to earth some of the karma from that pool to work out, leaving a lot of karma there in the life review plane for future lives.
[all of this heaven time took from three to 300 years.]

new way:
you die. you arrive in the adjustment planes and you soon go to face your life review and here now you find the radical Difference from the old way! You find that for a Loooong time that you will live on this plane and do not go up to Bliss worlds as you will not ever incarnate again upon the earth sphere!
[this is surviving the "SECOND DEATH"; no more leaving to go back to incarnations on earth.]
In addition, ALL of your this-life's karma is available for review and for "working out". Then you face all the karma from all your lives and the most radical differences here is that there is no more Leaving it and going upwards!
You work All of it out right there in the life plan worlds! nothing will be hidden from you or from other people's perceptions. you will have eternity to work out all your karma. the "bad" karma can be worked out slowly, maybe take 100 to 600 years, *OR* you can take a fast track to remove this lower vibrational "sins"!
go to Hell, not as a punishment but as a way to fast-purgatory way to remove the lower vibrational karma!
[i was once shown this in a vision of hell, that this is what the New Hell is for!]
you will "cook" in your life, enjoy every nice thing, and to go to a 100 temples of "this and that" to flesh out any talents that you have, talents and interests that you never had time for during your busy earth lives.
[this super, SUPER long life review will be the last one that you will ever do, this is why it is called the "FINAL JUDGMENT"!]

and another thing. the Christ will be a Partner within your soul. almost as if there are two souls in you: yours and His! your "free will' will really be Christ"s personal will for your spiritual developments. you might not have any more free will as it is defined here today!

eventually you will be able to go to LIVE in the Bliss realms, the Celestial spheres, and never have to leave. but you have to be ready first, after all, one cannot face God face to face until one first has a face and your face, here, is your Soul!
this is what this vast new heaven is for, to grow that face!

radical indeed! many Christians will have a very hard time with this place, I am afraid, at first!
[imagine a Staunch fundamentalist anti-abortionist finding that all of the abortion doctors there in heaven are just as Saved as she is, with the Christ in their hearts!! And that He will have her work with them all for hundreds of years!]

my dim Understanding, gotten through visions and dreams, I find much much more ASTOUNDING than of any "earth changes end time second comings rapture"!
earth changes and end times is a physical thing, something that we each can understand, but changes in the afterlife worlds is for eternity and cannot not be faced, after death!

so there you are. Some of my philosophy in a nutshell....


why conspiracy theories

the blind man touches an elephant by his tail and calls the tail *the* elephant. but the elephant is alive and the tail moves, that blind man
then knows that there is something outside of the tail controlling it, something beyond his ken, beyond his knowledge.
"Conspiracy paranoia" is then born! Something is manipulating his world!

No man alive can Understand the complexities of Corporations and governments
and the possibility of UFO aliens; all of these have "extensions" beyond his grasp.
Thus forums like www.abovestopsecret.com thrive, we all are "blind" and cannot sense the entire elephant!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Tallahassee's "Roman Villa", the old plantation house with grounds.

Finger Lakes Farmscape

Finger Lakes Farmscape, originally uploaded by M J M.

Finger Lakes Farmscape
High summer in the Finger Lakes. Low clouds, cool wind, wavy crops, somewhere near Penn Yan, NY.

Uploaded by M J M on 1 Jul 07, 9.04PM EDT.


just the area of the country where I grew up in. on a clear day I could see for 100 miles or more.

Friday, September 03, 2010

the Fire eagle Flies!

the Fire eagle Flies!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Fire eagle Flies!
the Fire eagle Flies!

here at sunset looking west, tallaahssee, florida, I take a picture of some fire orange clouds, and by golly when I look at the image later I see an Eagle with wings outspread flying across the sky!

Uploaded by freestone on 3 Sep 10, 7.33PM EDT.


DSCN4712, originally uploaded by seminarianvoitus.

The "St. Jude Chapel of hope" in Trust, NC.

Uploaded by seminarianvoitus on 26 Dec 06, 9.44PM EDT.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

who has the most games?

NEW YORK - APRIL 17:  Video games are seen for...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

hi all.

I once asked in a RPG forum, "who has the most computer games in their collection, played or unplayed, any systems"?!
---the winner was "about 3000 games"!

makes my 100 games seem puny.

now I am going to try that "Zemantra" thing on blogger.
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Monday, August 30, 2010

live and die by the synchronisms

ah, the synchronism!
Spirit can give Guidance, via synchronism's, signs, omens.
"there are no accidents", they say, those on the Path of spirit and
often for many seekers, God speaks via the synchronism.
[an outer, in the world, pattern appears, and it reflects something inside of you, your life path directions, course-corrections. This pattern has meaning. like a waking dream and has often to be interpreted like a dream!]

And so....

there have been a few lately,for me. I have been considering money priorities, in my 69th years of age, my limited disability pension can cover so much, a slim pat of butter for seemingly ever more slices of bread, to cover!

do I give up my $50 a month cable Internet?
do I stop eating the $2.50 lunch at the church cafe?
do I stop *this* or *that*?

while the church cafe has wonderful food and nice people and good vibes for meditating, real good for my elder years as the end times and my own death come near, I tried just going to Borders for a coffee *then* at cafe time, instead of after, taking a pack of crackers for my lunch.
Immediately when I walked in and paid the $1.77 with my $5 bill, the clerk kept the money and gave me the small change! I had to tell her that I paid with the Five Dollars!
MEANING: I am shortchanging myself by skipping the church cafe!

today I wanted to try the wonderfully good "best" University cafeteria meal. School just began about a week ago, I tried it today for the first time this semester.
"the perfect storm" of a mess. Instead of the $7, the young cashier had me pay $11.00. and the receipt giver machine was broken, so no receipt.
"supper begins at 4 Pm" she says".
Used to be 4:30, I could get in early and pay $7.
there was no dinner set out yet. the manager tells me that 4:30 is the correct time and that he would refund some of my money. we went up to the cashier and the complicated manipulations he had to go through, in the midst of all the students coming in....well I had to pay him some money to get change back.
at the meal, I vaguely saw that there was a good chance that I actually paid STILL MORE!! that the meal ended up costing me maybe $12 or so now. no receipt of course, once in a 1000 times the machine is broken.

*this* is where one on the Path of spirit has to be careful! it would be easy for one to criticize the Borders cafe lady for forgetting about my $5 bill, and it would be VERY easy for me to get irked about "new trainee cashiers with little background skills". Then blame them for this, whereas all that they were doing is following the Will of Spirit, for me to learn something. In a real Sense, I should thank them for being the Bit Player in my Drama, so to give to me the Message news!
the *REAL* happening is that all of the cashier fumbling was done on purpose by spirit to show me a message!
the message, as i see it, is...."time to stop going to the college. It is not your life path now, 69 years old, while you like the young generation, they often are still in frantic juvenile mindset and there are now 35,000 of them on this campus, throwing out auras not good to be in; better stay away and live for tomorrow, the death/afterlife, and not look back 50 years to my freshman years in that same cafeteria and school!"

Perhaps my Big Synchronism of June 27th, is "behind this"!

16 years ago, on my birthday, i was nipped by a dog, later i met someone significant to my life, months later, who had the same breed of dog!

so here at Borders, someone would bring his dog on a leash and sat on the patio. the dog was a barker. he comes every day for a month. so on the day before my birthday, he is there and there is no leash, he lost it and the dog ran and nipped my right knee. two red marks.
the next day he was gone and hardly ever seen again, as if was Positioned Just To have This happen! when mission accomplished, he bows off of the stage. Thus in a very real sense, his month there was just for to have his dog bite me!
i went in and sat down and later my friend came in for coffee. he ordered a large strawberry milkshake and he brought it over to the table and as he sat it down quickly, two small blobs of strawberry shake arced up and over the three foot table and two blobs of milkshake, quarter inch large, plopped upon my left knee!
*NOW* I had two blotches of red, on each knee, all four patches the exact same size and color and in the same exact positions on the knees! a "perfect" pitch, a Focused positioning.
to top this one off, the next day a stick of wood fell over and the end hit my ankle below the dog nips tooth marks, just above my sock. now i had a small round red mark there too!

in 1993, I was in the hospital for 20 days and nearly died. I got a red mark dot on my arm, from that, and this reminds me of the huge red dot on my palm, a blister, about a week before my mother was suddenly killed when the sports car came over the hill at 120 mph, in her lane!

does not look good.

will I die this year?
will we *ALL* die this year, in these end time 2012 days?!

I have had no real "answer" to this one, the meaning of all the dots.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

YouTube - Solaris / Солярис - 1/17

YouTube - Solaris / Солярис - 1/17

apparently the whole movie.

IgorRusland | October 28, 2009
Solaris (Russian: Солярис, translit. Solyaris) is a 1972 Russian film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. It is based on the novel of the same name by Polish science fiction author Stanisław Lem. The film features Natalya Bondarchuk, Donatas Banionis, Jüri Järvet, Nikolai Grinko and Anatoly Solonitsyn and has a soundtrack by Eduard Artemyev.

Solaris is a meditative psychodrama that is set mostly on a space station in orbit around a planet called "Solaris". The scientific mission on the space station has fallen into a crisis. Psychologist Kris Kelvin travels to the station to evaluate and explore the situation, but soon experiences the same kind of hallucinations that have befallen the other crew members. The film concentrates on the thoughts and the conscience of its characters and is a "drama of grief and partial recovery". Solaris and its complex and slow storytelling has sometimes been contrasted with Western science fiction films, which rely on special effects and an imagined version of the future.

Solaris was a critical success. The film was presented at the 1972 Cannes Film Festival and won the Grand Prix Spécial du Jury and the FIPRESCI prize and was nominated for the Palme d'Or. Another film adaption of the novel by Stanisław Lem directed by Steven Soderbergh was released in 2002 to neither the critical nor commercial success of its predecessor.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chrome does this site much faster than explorer

Oh, this whole huge page loads *SO* fast on the new chrome browser, compare to explorer 8!

maybe four times faster.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

thunderhead show

thunderhead show, originally uploaded by freestone.

thunderhead show
west window, here at Tallahassee, looking at a thunderhead. Tis amazing how many storm clouds I see around this area of Florida, on any given summer's day. Tallahassee has, I read, about 90 to 120 thunderstorms a year and that only counts the storms that hit the weather station, not the ones that are seen from afar, like this one.
Bhind this one I see three more storm clouds, alone!

Uploaded by freestone on 26 Aug 10, 7.11PM EDT.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

afternoon clouds with sun flare

afternoon clouds with sun flare, originally uploaded by freestone.

afternoon clouds with sun flare
afternoon clouds with rain, looking west, 4th floor window, Tallahassee, Florida, USA. note the sun flare at the middle upper left.
A mysterious feeling.....

Uploaded by freestone on 17 Aug 10, 7.42PM EDT.

Friday, August 13, 2010

august 13th me, freestone

august 13th me, freestone, originally uploaded by freestone.

august 13th me, freestone
Here it is August 13th and I just got my hair cut. I do not do this often, I prefer my hair long, a bald head with white hair flowing out of the sides of my head.
However...."everyone" tells me that I look SO much better like this! Even the new age and hippies do, and the younger kids too.

Uploaded by freestone on 13 Aug 10, 8.28PM EDT.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Twitter / Home

Twitter / Home: "I find this realtime map the very best place to see earthquakes happening all over the world! IRIS Seismic Monitor"

by the day, today's, by the week too.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

russia. Second Life Snapshot

russia. Second Life Snapshot, originally uploaded by freestone.

russia. Second Life Snapshot
This second life place is called Moscow.

I guess this is red square. Looks vast. the music sounds "modern techno-russian" and sounds good, actually.


is the precise location.

Uploaded by freestone on 4 Aug 10, 10.02AM EDT.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Old barn on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Old barn on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

and here is my comment on this image, an old barn on the tug hill plateau of upstate ny.


I come originally from finger lakes. the people who can dream go off to live in the big cities and the poor people remain behind. Then add a marginal soil farm then add 100 to 300 inches of snow per year and minus 20 degrees at least once a year then add those ever-famous new York state taxes so that land does not appreciate in value.
then for barns like this, after 150 inches of snow and spring comes where two inches of rain falls on the six feet of snow on the barn roof, now a ton of water sits per sq. yard and the roof collapses.

betcha you ask any professional city person, even *YOU*, reader of this comment, that your parents or grandparents came from a farm in Ohio, Iowa, or where ever!
And that you would never ever want to live there.

A friend of mine stopped in a country store on the edge of the tug hill plateau in late October and this area gets over 150 inches of snow per year and he was about to ask the shop owner "what do people do here in the winter time"?!
He did not ask as he saw what they do: behind the desk was a room with over 300 cases of BEER!!

so enjoy your tech career and not lament that you can never go back!


Iowa Farmland

Iowa Farmland, originally uploaded by OakleyOriginals.

Iowa Farmland

Uploaded by OakleyOriginals on 1 Aug 10, 12.34PM EDT.


so nice.
then...is that a tornado funnel. off to the left?!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

thunderheads and cumulus clouds

thunderheads and cumulus clouds, originally uploaded by freestone.

thunderheads and cumulus clouds
Looking west wards from 10th floor, Tallahassee, Fla. About 6 PM, the eastern end of what was called "Bonnie"! Notice the rain falling from under the large clouds.

Uploaded by freestone on 25 Jul 10, 5.51PM EDT.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quiet, please! Finding the best ear plugs. - By Ulrich Boser - Slate Magazine

Quiet, please! Finding the best ear plugs. - By Ulrich Boser - Slate Magazine

The Sound of Silence

Sussing out the ear-plug market.

By Ulrich Boser

Posted Tuesday, May 17, 2005, at 7:24 AM ET

The first time I used ear plugs, I thought I'd reached nirvana. I was trying to study in my college dorm room while my roommate blasted the Grateful Dead so loudly it would have made Jerry Garcia's ears ring. So I rolled a set of foam plugs between my fingers, pushed them deep into my ears, and—silence. How sweet! How golden!

It was the start of a long and quiet affair. I now regularly wear foam ear plugs when I'm reading, working, and sleeping. In fact, I recently realized that some days I wear my plugs for 16 hours or more, longer than I use any other personal item, including my computer, glasses, and clothes. That insight made me sigh loudly—and so I quickly pushed the stopples back into my ears.
------a review of earplugs, some are quieter than others.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Solar flare - Dream Central

Solar flare - Dream Central

a end time prediction, but the forum itself about dream interpetation looks to be a very good forum for dream interpetation.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jesus Police Website

Jesus Police Website


The mission of this website is to correct all the mis-information concerning the Life and Times of Jesus. This website seeks to collect the most accurate information we can about important issues related to Jesus. This is not a faith based website and nothing on this website is intended to prove or disprove whether or not Jesus is God or the Son of God.

Needless to say, very little about the life of Jesus can be said with complete confidence. The common errors listed on this website are areas in which there is a very substantial amount of historical evidence to support the conclusions.

---I like the though way he writes about Jesus life, with many references and footnotes.

reminds of my my hobby # "278", reading biographies and AUTO-biographies of Jesus, channeled through mediums, mediumship. *every* one of the life-histories are different!!
--he went to India, he did not go to India.
--he was married, he was not married.

will the real Jesus please stand up!

Ufology and More | Reality Uncovered

Ufology and More | Reality Uncovered: "www.realityuncovered.net
Searching for the answers, passionate about the truth

Searching for the answers, passionate about the truth

UFOlogy and More at REALITY uncovered
Hello and welcome to the REALITY uncovered website, home of the popular Reality Uncovered forums. We strive to provide the visitor a wealth of information with articles and discussions from a wide variety of subjects. We'll be exploring the nature of reality and the universe, with our continued focus on the subject of UFOlogy and related phenomena.

[from freestone]
looks to be a serious site for studying the UFO experiences.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kuk Kabah's Blog

Kuk Kabah's Blog

"“Once lived a mysterious man who dreamed of the most horrible fates. What he saw chilled the spine of humanity. Incredible views of the past, present, and future, yet living in none. For, every master painting must have a master painter and the strokes of this man’s brush were the breath of his visions.”

A wordpress writer who has had visions of end
time-like earthchanges, over the years.

Monday, July 12, 2010

God's sunset

God's sunset, originally uploaded by freestone.

God's sunset
An incredible sunset, here in Tallahassee, florida. purples, reds, oranges; technicolor sky.

Even the air looked orange, the grass looked to be deep green.

Uploaded by freestone on 12 Jul 10, 8.58PM EDT.

the angry homeless man

hi all.

well I feel that I can understand why a certain homeless guy that I see several times a week, is angry at the world, all of the time! He wants people to give to him money and stuff and there is a feeling from him of, "the world owes me a living"!
Full of anger. a church secretary was so upset by his coming into her office full of anger that she ordered him to leave. he then went into the men's bathroom and smeared feces all over the walls!

What do I think?
--the world *DOES* owe him a living!!

---he probably missed the first three months of childhood when at that tender age he would be UTTERLY dependant upon a mother for love, nourishment, in short: everything.
all that he can do, as an infant, is to be passively suckling and Needing.
Somehow his mother was not there for him, in a good way. He missed this Window.

As the child experts now know, If you miss a stage of childhood, you might never ever catch up!
[the baby monkeys separated from their parents and clan, at birth, then brought back later, never ever learn to socialize.]

He cannot catch up. Thus he now wanders the streets looking for that missing childhood and for him the world NEEDS to totally take care of his wants! He cannot get beyond this.
he is angry because the world pays to him little attention and gives to him nothing.

I wonder.....
how could be be helped?

maybe to have him live with a family for life and be their Child. Let him do anything that he wants to and do not even *think* a negative thought about him, for years.
Take your life, of course. Even a saint could not do this.

Once the Ideal of an Institution-that-cares, was an answer. They turned into snakepits. Bad management, but the idea was sound, i think.

Now they Release these poor souls to the outer community and often there is no one there for them.
[how would YOU like to counsel once a week, as an SSI counselor, these people?
to Pet the Porcupine. *very* carefully!]

bad management, again, in the community. but what can the community do? take all of one's life to care for these people.
so this angry man walks miles a day, there is Real Freedom in walking alone, no one to hassle you, no debts, no screaming kids, no "ex" to harass you, no bills to pay.
But! this freedom *from* something does not mean the freedom *TO* do something!
"to" often takes money, education, and social skills. And this guy is still two months old, in his soul, and Arrested for life, at that point in time!!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

my avatar, second life, sitting in Roma world.

my avatar, second life, sitting in Roma world.
my avatar, second life, sitting in Roma world.



Listening to the music. old old world, a feeling of time and age.

Uploaded by freestone on 10 Jul 10, 7.34PM EDT.

Roma. second life.

Roma. second life., originally uploaded by freestone.

Roma. second life.
Roma, a place in second life Rome.

maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ROMA Atalante/132/98/22

the music is incredible.
I can just stand there and listen to the music, alone.

early morning, anything is possible.

Uploaded by freestone on 10 Jul 10, 6.58PM EDT.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

tropic blue

tropic blue, originally uploaded by freestone.

tropic blue
Here I am, looking east from the 7th floor, here in Tallahassee.

Note how deeply blue and clear the sky is! Might not even look the 93 degrees that it is!

---deep tropical air brought in over the gulf stream and the equator. None of that haze that might make a heat wave in New York city have it where only a dim hazy circle of sky can be seen in a sky that looks like exhaust from a factory! None of that "particulate feeling of muck clinging to your skin" either!

Lush green and deep blue. Most of the summer sees this here, in Tallahassee, Florida. Of course rain falls to the tune of 4 to 12 inches a month, the dew point reads an Obscene temperature. but I like it.

the summers in my upstate new York home were nice, but every morning when I took a walk I could smell Ozone, not plants or earth!

There are houses under all of those trees!

Uploaded by freestone on 7 Jul 10, 6.56PM EDT.