Monday, November 30, 2009

the old and the new Towers!

the old and the new Towers!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the old and the new Towers!
the Episcopal church is about 150 years old, the new Hotel, the "Aloft", has just opened. Contrast and compare, here in Tallahassee, Florida.

Anyway, It is a nice November 30th morning. Almost warm enough for only a long sleeve shirt, at 8 AM.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

me. mirror mirror on the wall.

me. mirror mirror on the wall., originally uploaded by freestone.

me. mirror mirror on the wall.
"me" at 68 years old. the mirror Reflects.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

nov 19th, "2012" prophetic dream!

november 19 2009.

hi all

here it is, already 1030 in the morning, on a nice day, now that all of my work is done, I will tell you all about last nights small dream, might find this Prediction Interesting!!
It has to do with the 2012 changes, probably!

in my high school i had a crush on a nice lady. a love relented.
she never paid much attention to me.
however, from about 1970 onwards, If she appeared in any way in my dreams, she represented to me, "the Anima/muse go-between, between me and my higher self"!
so after i began the out of body experiences and the other dreams, once in a while there would be a dream involving her!
....and i had better listen too, this is my High Self Speaking!!!

not often do i have a N.... dream, and of course some of these are more intense, meaningful, involving, than others.

Like of last night.

off in the distance I could see her house, the childhood home she lived in, with her family and brother, also a friend of mine. [both were in my same class, she was part of another family, marriage from divorce, thus same age]

In this dream, she sent to me sheets of paper with writing on them, letters to Freestone.
These sheets appeared in front of my face with her house seen off in the distance behind the sheet at the upper left above the letter.
[tiny tiny details *ARE* the dream, i find, at least with me, sometimes 99% of the meaning is in those tiny details!]

upper left = from the uncounscious but "above", thus from Spirit Reality.

there were several letters, topics not recalled.

But one of these letters had it where there were three or four lines where there were words, several words per line

looked like this.....

xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx
xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx
xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx

the several lines were all colored dismal grey, but the last "new earth" line had print colored a warm earth tone.

there were three or four "x" lines, one "y" line.

*each* of the X lines had to do with things coming undone!!
[and i do not recall in what order or importance or in what line. i will sort of have to make it up using the words that i recall, bear in mind that
any of the words might really have been in another line and sometimes in several lines.]

...economic crash...disasters

---the New Earth.

the "new earth" was recalled correctly, i remember what was written , and this line was the line that was colored warm brown.

I do recall that there were several words that were repeated, in several lines.

was each line a year??
Might be, I think, especially as some words repeat, in several lines of text.

I also had the feeling, that the subject of the two or three letters from her, was about what was in those lines, even though
the lines appeared only in the middle of the second to last, or the last letter.

she is telling me something. i better believe, or at least be concerned. She is the Speaker for my High Soul Self!!

a series of years where things Go Bad, not all at once, but over several years.
then the world of Asension, where the new Earth will be, what some people call the "5D world", others might call it, "where
the human race will now live, in the Spiritual planes; not any more on the physical earth.

amazing tis it is that on any morning one can wake up to an important dream!


Friday, November 13, 2009

everyones emotions project ahead of them in time and space

I had a small event this morning at my coffee shop, one of those small things that i could talk about for hours and build a whole life-philosophy

I was sitting there at the table and watching the news on their TV and then looked away and thought about the news article about the Alzheimer's caregiver who snapped and killed his senile father. for years and years.
the court gave to him 15 years of parole.

I had then a fantasy of some elder tasking a baseball bat and smashing everything in the children's house, when they were away shopping, he, Alzheimer's, living with his "kids" and they care for him. when they come back, everything is smashed and he is still angry.

all of a sudden a homeless man came into the cafe. he has been here in Tallahassee for years, living at the shelter since at least 1998! 11 years at the shelter.
from NY city. intelligent. but very
schizophrenic. talks very little to anyone. glowers and is into his own space. rumor has it that he was working on his PhD when the schizophrenia began. this will be his life till he dies.

the Point, so so subtle. few might notice this.

I began this "Imagination" about the senile father smashing everything, about 30 to 50 seconds before he came into view, outside of the windows!

--- I can now see, that someone projects his aura and mental/emotional states, ahead of him in time and space! especially to anyplace that is intended to go to, like of a daily cafe.
corollary: that some of the greetings that greet one, when one comes into a room, building, cafe, even a whole new city, driving into it, is not "objective"! one gets, to a lessor or greater amount, the people reflecting back to you their reaction to what "wave" that you sent out ahead of you, in time or space!

i can sense even the more, now, why the some spiritual dogmas have it where the last few minutes on ones "deathbed" are very very important as these vibes go with you to heaven.

on and on...the heaven will greet me in the manner that i project ahead of myself!

such a large Seeing from such a small event. few would notice, few would make the connection. inspires me ever the more to make sure that i work on
not causing unnecessary anger and other negative emotions to wave out ahead of me!

Monday, November 02, 2009

is *this* the reason why the end times are delayed?

hi all.

Here I came across, on, and other predictions sites, yet another "gloom and doom" prediction. There have been many many of late. From economic collapse to visions of tidal waves and comets, there have been many. And..there have been many such visions for about ten years or more: few have come to pass, though.
Maybe this article, below, might explain why.

Annie Kirkwood. [ I think she passed away a number of years ago.]
She began to have Mother Mary, herself, channel through her, the complete story as to "why" is on the page below.
how it began.
[I read later that Mother Mary, who had Appeared all over the world, in apparitional visions, wanted to *Talk* through a channeler, also.

the newsletters.
there are many of these, devotionals, mostly.

there is one special message. a message that focused, given in summer of 1996, as to
"Why the predicted end times, [as of 1996], are going to be delayed!"

My dear children,

It is with great joy, and with great love that I encourage you to stay committed as you bring forgiveness and unconditional love to your family. When you make a decision or commitment to love unconditionally, you join many who are learning to be at peace. Unconditional love will spread peace from heart to heart. Only by living in unconditional love, will humanity begin to change for the better. When humanity begins to shift and change its consciousness, then great benefits will be extended to everyone on earth.

Many people all over the world are praying for good, for a betterment to their situation and lives. The betterment may be for an end to war, or the end of a family squabble, or it could be for an improvement in their economic situation. More and more people are praying for good, and any prayer for good, improvement or betterment helps. Many people are taking actions and doing what they can to bring peace to their family. They have committed themselves to heal their addictions, and in so doing, they help humanity to change for the better. Many people are turning to their religions with new hope, and new fervor. Many people all over the world are seeking to change themselves for the better. Some are looking to better their economic situation, others are looking to better their educational life, and still others are seeking to better their life in general. Many people are growing, and seeking to grow spiritually. Many more are in prayer for the healing of society, and this world.

There is more awareness of how each of you affect others. More people are giving a thought of how they are living. In many places in the world there is now an awareness of how each person affects the planet and environment. No longer are people unaware of the plight of the planet. Everyone is aware of the many people who live on earth, who are sharing the air, water, and minerals. People are aware of each other, their affect on the planet, and their affect on the whole of humanity. Even the most uneducated understand that they can join with others and make great differences in their governments, their environment and in their plight. Many are taking action and are praying.

It is this awareness, these decisions and understanding that has benefitted the whole of humanity. The many disasters I told you about in past messages have been delayed and minimized to such an extent that a grace period has been granted humanity. You will find that the next few years will be given to you in order that you may be ready and prepared in total. You will have an extension of up to ten years.

During the ten-year grace period, there will still be many storms and the weather will continue to be erratic and unusual. People will lose their life because of the weather and because of natural disaster. People will continue to comment on the weird and unusual weather. Scientists will give many explanations, but none will be able to tell you exactly what is happening with Mother Nature.


The year 2012 will be a year of monumental change, which will affect all areas of your life. Between now and this year of change, many people will develop new perceptions and new understandings. Many people will seek to find the inner healing of a peaceful soul. During this time, I call upon you, my aware children, to increase your prayers, so that this grace period will be extended to its fullest of fifteen years.

[ 15 years from 1996 = 2011!]


Don't be so much concerned with the outer things in your life; what you eat, what you drink, what you wear, or how you look. Be more concerned with what is eating at your heart, what you're keeping hidden from yourself, what addictions or obsessions may be wearing away your spirit connection, and of how you look in your heart of hearts. When you take care of the inside, your heart and mind, then and only then, the outer issues will take care of themselves. Pray to be loving at all times, not just the outer manifestations of a loving person, but the inner manifestations of a loving soul. People can put on the face of a loving person and hold the mask of sweetness in place for a time, but the truly loving heart will be seen in the midst of anger, and in the midst of great tribulation. A spirit-filled person will be calm in the face of chaos and will be brave and courageous when in great fear.

Be more vigilant now during this blessed period of grace. Let your inner guidance lead you in ways to heal the issues of the heart. Allow your spirit to guide you to live a life that is filled with the joy of unconditional love, the peace of a forgiving soul, and the beauty of willing spirit. I am loving you and am proud of you, my faithful children.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.


my favorite prediction, people, from any Source!

at first she says, "10" years extension, then she says "15 years.
I *think* that somewheres she might say that 2011 or 2012 is the further est back that the delay can be pushed! Something about "God's Law", as to 2012 being the Wall!

*then* there is a special message, one given in 2002, a "fine tuner" six years later.
Note that she gives, if you go to the link to read the whole thing, that she gives year by year, from about 2003 onwards, predictions of terrible events. but most of these DID NOT HAPPEN!
of Course!! all of these terrible events were over written and canceled, as per the writitngs, above!!

lets see now, about, according to her, the 2012 events that are NOT supposed to be canceled!
the supposed events that are to be written in Stone and uncancialible, according to mother mary.


2012 is the year that all things collide and explode into a new era. It is the year you are in danger from outer space. From things that come to you from these regions and land on earth. A meteor of large portions will come either close or fall on earth during this year. It will be a replay of history. This large meteor will be so large it will change earth and all who are on earth in a flash. This will also be the era of the turning of earth. Of a time of great change in lands and land areas of oceans and the displacement of oceans, of the rising of new lands, and the settling of old lands beneath the sea.

look familiar?! have you all, ye prophecy internet hounds, seen this Prediction before
some wheres, maybe from most of the seers that you know, perhaps?!

"come either close or fall on earth during this year."!!
mother Mary came to *ME*, apparently, about a year ago!!
I was shown *this*

Oh this ole freestone had a doozy of a dream last night, the 23rd of October, 2008.

Not too often do I have one of those "end of the world" dreams; this is one of them!

The dreambegins, innocently enough, where I dreamawake to find that I am in the U S
Air Force, working in the computer room. Since I was in the Air Force in the 60s, working there with computers, this dream scene appears to me about 3 or 5 times a month.
[symbolizes "me" in my inner mind]

There was a bit of "astral" feeling to this dream, as there sometimes is, the people that I worked with seemed to be real people and people I never knew in life.
[probably astral traveled to meet a group of people, bringing some of my own scenery with me! I do this sometimes, to meet people, we meet in a place that I "bring with me" from my earthlife: if I had not paid attention to the astral "scenery", I would think upon awakening that I had just another dream!]
I took a small break to sit and rest, alone in a room next to the computer.
Suddenly I noted some "disturbance" on the wall to my right! A scene appeared there, a scene like of a mural, a scene about five feet across. I had trouble understanding what I saw, a still frame of what looked to be of a group of "royal looking" men. men of Authority, like of Head Priests. They stood in rows, about
10 to 15 men, with "Egyptian" looking buildings behind them. They did not move, the scene stood there for many minutes. I could not recognize what culture gave to them their clothes, but the clothes and headgear just oozed...."authority".."ruler"...."chief"..."head priest".
[These Guides came "down" from a higher heavenly plane, to give to me their Knowledge of a future event-to-come, where I came up to the astral plane to receive this message]

Then, the scene changed. I saw the earth from space, the planet was about three feet across, on this wall. Then I saw coming from above and behind the earth, another round body of a planet "toid". the body was very round, unlike asteroids shapes. This object looked to be about 800 to 1200 miles across.
Then I saw this planet approach the earth in a nearly parallel path. This object then struck the earth with a glancing blow and then passed off again into space.

My dream jaw dropped, at this image, I then called the men in from the other room, but I was the only person who could see this image, as it then faded, I heard what I thought was a dim voice speaking from the wall.

"in about two to three years"!!

I wake up. end of dream!

maybe the economic Depression will be the least of our fears, if this comes to pass. Did I have a prophetic vision, given to me by these Priests?! Are they right?

"a glancing blow"?!!
As I lay half-awake, I meditated upon the images from this vision. i did not get much for the planet image, but I got something VERY interesting for the three rows of the Guides that looked abit like aliens.

I got an Impression: they are of the Roman Catholic church!
the "Ascended Saints"! that is the word that I got.
[*really* old old souls, maybe an Office of archangels, ??????]
Then I saw a full front image of a young woman with a baby in her arms.
MOTHER MARY, of course!

*this* now places this vision up to a even higher level of incredibility!!

"It is the year you are in danger from outer space. From things that come to you from these regions and land on earth. A meteor of large portions will come either close or fall on earth during this year."
a "glancing blow" all right! same as she gave it to annie back in 2002!

This explains, to ME, why there are no earthchanges that match all of the "doomsayers"!
for years and years, the "max" is seen and then nothing happens. This could be why.
just wait till 2011-2012!!

you have my permission to repost this article elsewheres!

freestone wilson