Saturday, October 31, 2009

a slightly new way of looking at autism!


I think I have a slightly new slant upon why autistic adults act the way they do!

[this might apply less to left brain, verbal, aspergers; more than to the right brained high level, thinking in images, autistic people!]

I once read about how brain scans, in kids 7 years old, show profound differences in brain wirings, between Normal children and autistic children. the normals showed two areas light up, when
a stimulus goes from one part of the brain to another part of the brain. In autistic kids, though, as many as 7 or 8 areas light up and it was shown that the stimulus does not go normally from one area to the second, in autistic brains, this stimulus has to make detours throughout the brain!

think of a string of Christmas tree lights. some kinds have it where if one bulb is burned out, the whole string is dark, where in other types of strings, if one light burns out, the others stay lit up.

Normal brain: childhood goes into adulthood and the child thinkings sink down into the subconscious mind, never to be used much again. the person becomes "adult" and lets the ways of the child, go away.
Think: the dark bulbs of childhood are dark, no electric, but the rest of the string's lights are lit.

autistic brain: as every part of the brain is now used, in a random, associative, manner, NO neural area can "rest".
the whole string of lights need every single bulb to work or else the whole string is dark.

what i sense is that for these autistics, childhood never ever ends, no matter if the man is 50 years old! "childhood" and its thinkings and behavior patters are "right now, today", what was done and thought at, say, age 6, is as vital and Present, today as it was back at 7 years old!

Not only do many autistics look young for their age...
[I have seen 15 year old "kids" turn out to be 42 years old!]
....but that the PATTERNS of childhood are just as real and vital as they were then today!

1...the need for Mother. needing what childhood was like, IS like: a firm feeling of being mothered and fathered, having a nice shell around oneself of Knowing security, like a 5 year old needs.

2...playing with toys in a way that is more "primitive" than the toy might warrant. Like twirling a toy soldier around like a top instead of role-playing it. of Course! the fellow is just playing the way a 3 year old would play with it as the three year old way of playing came first and is NEVER forgotten, even at 40 years old! Thus, the toy is spun around, as that is just as satisfying.

I could go on and on, but in essence, i now see that for many autistic people, there is that great mixture of "4 year oldness" and 12 year oldness, and 18 year oldness, all together in the same mind, the same heart, the same person, when he is even 60 years old!

never outgrow the need for Mother.
always, if intelligent aspers, asking questions and poor social stroking's as....does a kid 6 years old have a social awareness?!

these are some of my thoughts.

freestone Wilson

the incredible shrinking donut!

hi all.

Someone offered me a donut from their krispy Kreme box, today. I last had one about a year ago. I noticed right away that the donuts were smaller than last year's!

Those "tootsie rolls" individual candies? they each were, once, about an inch or so long. not any more! need a microscope to see one of them, now!

I propose that for the last number of years that our "TRUE" inflation, economically speaking, has been about 30 to 40 percent a year!

--Cereal boxes that are now so thin that I do not know how they can stand up!

--tables and bookcases that *look* like a 3-D image of a bookcase or table: sawdust and urea glue plus a thin paper cover!

we are being Cheapened to death! the true cost of Real Things, now, are probably out of reach for most of us!
$8 candy bars. $400 bookcases. $15 for a dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts!
I suspect this is the Real Cost of these items, compared to about 1998!

An Idea for a doctor's dissertation: research our True Inflation rate, over the last 20+ years!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

october 25th

hi all.

October 25th. I am still here. The earthboppin forums has a poster writing about the increase of the number of deaths. the 2012 movie is due out soon. 2012 Approaches! the collective unconsciousness, *alone*, without any psychic promptings from spirit, could cause strange effects in our lives, as awareness is focused upon that year.
probably by late 2011, especially if there is a disaster or three, there will so many books and magazines written that most of any bookstore could be filled with nothing else but!

be aware. discern. listen to YOUR inner Voice, do not get caught up in the mass hysterics.


Monday, October 26, 2009

why is it that so many psychic predictions are "overblown"?!

I posted this to a prophecy, predictions, forum.

Many seers predictions seem to be where the event in the future, seen, is, even if seen eventually to be true, the event that happens is often far less "serious" than the seer saw!
[like: "I was shown a tidal wave that ruins the coast of Japan, by next year", by some Japanese seer. Many many people get all worried and some more away from the coast. Low and behold the next year brings a tidal wave to all of west japan's coast, but the wave is two foot tall, at low tide, and brings only small damage. There are a few moored boats ruined and a few coastal buildings damaged, and one sea-side pub is destroyed. The paper reads that the 10 people in this bar were in panic as the wave crashed through the front wall, some of these people went "berserk", this paper stated, and three were killed.]

Hardly a catastrophic event for all of Japan!

Subject: Re: why *are* there so many disasters seen to come, my theory!

hi all.

there is yet *another*factor here at work, when a message comes that a "terrible event will occur"!

if a spirit being were to see and feel a future event "through someone's eyes", this Being will also feel this event through the heart and the emotions too, of that person.

I have an image.
shows this well.

----my grandfather had a lakeside cottage on the banks of Cayuga lake. In the later summer, he would close the cottage up for the winter.
Now it is December and there is snow on the ground. the cottage is quiet, the only thing stirring is one mouse, one mouse that is walking along the top of a shelf looking for food. There is a pot on this shelf and the top of the pot is level with the top of the shelf: this mouse investigates the opening of the pot and then falls into this pot!
Bad news for this mouse! the pot has a narrow top and this pot is about 18 inches deep, the mouse cannot possibly jump out of it. To boot, the pot is made of glass so the mouse can see the outside but cannot get there.
so this mouse runs around and around in a panic. runs..runs..jumps..runs..jummps!

....suppose a spirit being were to Probe the heart center of this mouse, now. there would be a LOT of emotion there indeed. that mouse is in a danger supreme and it is in panic mode.
Then this spirit being backs up and passes through the walls of this cottage and then floats out over the lake, about 50 feet off of the water and then floats over to the other side of the lake, which is over two miles away. From *that* vantage point, looking back to the cottage, 2.5 miles away, what now, people, can it feel about this mouse?!
the lake is calm. the sky is blue, a warm Indian summer day. Hard to imagine that a mouse is dying, far far away!

"Tempest in a teapot"!

to a fly or beetle, if it were just on the other side of the glass, on the outside, if it could Feel the mouse's agony, agony felt from two inches away, why that bug might be nearly overwhelmed by the intensity of the emotions and of the frantic actions of this mouse!

the mouse will die of exhaustion and dehydration, sloooowly!

when grandfather opens the cottage in the spring, he always found a dead, dried, mouse, in that pot!

--suppose a seer, here on earth, were to tap into a person in the act of being buried by a landslide, somewheres in the Rocky mountains. this slide only is about 50 feet wide but this guy's tent is right in the path of it. the slide comes just as this camper is getting ready to fall asleep.
He struggles mightily, as the mud covers him ten feet deep. he chokes and he strangles, a ton of mud and rock oppress him. Now imagine..imagine his emotional state if you were two feet from him?
Then..imagine being on a mountain top 100 miles away, you could dimly see, with your binoculars, the rock slide. You would feel nothing.

Thus some seers and the guides, and other spirit beings, might well give the seer the impression that this man's struggles unto death, is a huge HUGE collective event! the emotions *are* intense, the panic is there: there is no indication, *in* the Seeing, that this death is just "local"!
Be easy then to ascribe his death to some huge asteroid hit, or tidal wave crushings!!

thus I suppoise that many foreseen events arew thusly "overblown" in scope and intensity!


Friday, October 23, 2009

mother comes from heaven

mother comes from heaven, originally uploaded by freestone.

mother comes from heaven

[an older dream, i came scross this in my flickr and thought that i would post it.
may 1999. A dream where my 25 year deceased mother appears to me, as I, in the dream, am standing by the mailbox in front of my childhood home. She looks 100+ feet high, to the West direction, at the horizen! she tells me this message, "39, 3, 99: these numbers are in the Bible"!
I feel this is a Real Appearence! As if she actually, Objectively, appeared , coming down from heaven to tell me this message! Just to say out lod those three numbers.

Thus this "photo" is a drawing of the scene from my dream.


Uploaded by freestone on 18 Jun 05, 6.09PM EDT.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my advice to parent with autistic boy

advice to parent with autistic boy


Someone from some newsgroup...asked me a question
about their young son who had just been diagnosed with
some type of the spectrum of Autism.
they asked....
> as we go into teen years is there any words of
> wisdom that you might have for his father or myself?
i was a bit taken aback to,one...i never
married or had kids...and two...i am not a counselor
by profession. i am only a person with a bit of HLF
or aspers autism!

but i said something....
and got into it.
i might as well share what i wrote, to you all...maybe
there even might be some help given!

with that goes!!

my....what words of wisdom can i give in one minute or

actually, i can give some general advice...

[to give to me reinforcements to write MORE than a one
minute reply...i will write this out to a larger
audience and then remove your personal references and
then post it to a few autistic groups...]

I can IMAGINE the steps of Discovery!

first, your son was seen to be "different".

then there was the taking him to see the experts and
then the diagnosis comes.

there IS Relief...the Demon IS named; there is now a
label that you have that is a kind of handle for his
Of course, your concern has been alleviated; but it
also has grown.....WHAT OF HIS FUTURE?! how can we
help him to be able to live?!

then you go through those "several steps of mourning"
--grievings...sadness...anger...then Healing!!

I sorta see this boy in front of me. he has a label
to his condition.
however...the label "house" refers to a building that
one lives in; that one word "house" covers about
ten-thousand kinds of dwellings!!
thus "aspergers" or "high level functioning
autism" a label that will cover MANY kids of
brain conditions.

simply put...the "trick" of helping the to
MAXIMIZE the Talent-aspect of his symptoms, and to
MINIMIZE the "negative" aspects of his conditions...

as in like of this:
some A people think mostly in image of
me. perhaps there is a career, like graphic arts,
that would be a natural for this person. if the mind
is good, a high IQ...perhaps the computer programing
field will do...look at Bill Gates!! i read that some
people think that he has HL Autism!!
yes, accentuate his Strengths, whatever they are,
as each Autistic person will have a different symptom
spectrum. thus...go find out what his strengths are,
though official testings or by just observing of him!

either by his changing of his envirnments...or by of
a changing of his attitudes...he can minimize the
impact of the "negative" aspects of autistic symptoms.
if loud noise bother...he can avoid or wear earplugs!
He can put himself in social areas where only one
thing will clamor for his attention at a time.
teaching him some of the social graces and the
language of person to person non-verbal language...may
help, as he might have to LEARN consciously what we
all[you all!] take for granted, and know from birth
often one can only do or think one thing at a time,
like me....and have a very short term memory.
this person should not be a waiter in a restaurant!!
try to make his childhood sheltered in some ways to
keep the stress of copings down. then teach him to be
able to do that for himself: an
example......[speaking for myself] image-only
thinker may find that
there should be ONE physical area of his home [maybe
his room] where there should not be ANY change in the
room arrangements over time, down to the MINUTEST
small piece of paper! that outer room will be a
butterfly-wing mirror of his inner image of that
room----changing the outer room will cause a great
conflict within him as now the outer image is in
conflict with his inner image...of that room!! this
room area will be his "security blanket" whenever he
is stressed...he can go there for shelter, if he is
overcome by something in the house, for a few minutes. son may have sensory overloads...he may hear
sounds that you may not notice...he may put those
hands over his ears, at a noise that you may think is
a soft sound!

so...above not "put him down", or tell him
that "he should come around", or that "you can tough
it out, a real man should not be bothered by THAT"!!
for in the example above...if he contorts with pain,
holding his hands over his ears, at the sound of ICE
falling into a glass, as if he were being ATTACKED by
a hand grenade...why,
he *IS*!!
for HIM, as severe as that, really really!!
...that sound may be that overwhelming to him on a
real physical level!!
thus, well-meaning people who criticize him for being
so "sensitive"...that may well hurt his self esteem!
would YOU not feel good about yourself if you grew up
in a color-blind family where only you could see
orange and all the other members of the family could
not and they teased you without remorse about your
weird talent!! not let the "doctor-speak" overwhelm you.
some of those so called experts may know next to
nothing, really!
be careful about drugs...if they help, there is
always the side effects to aware
that he WOULD be more sensitive to the effects and the
side effects of drugs!

and keep connected , above all, to these here SUPPORT
GROUPS!! get HIM to be a part of them too...if he is
computer functional. why on is a
list for autistic college students!....

my final but most important advice may be.....
the REAL experts in this...are the parents who have
been there, before you, several years ago...who now
have 15 year old...18 year old..children who have
autism. they have been there and done that...and they
may have very very good advice and consul for you
with a younger child, as they have been though all of
what you are NOW going through!
THEY are the ones that you should get to read about
and to know and to get advice from!!

sigh...i am not a Talented Therapist...and i think
associational only...thus my suggestions are only
hit and miss general suggesstions...i am sorry but my
own way of thinkings get in my way...but i hope that
my suggestions may help a bit!


Friday, October 16, 2009

we each see the Gathering Storm in our own way!

hi all....

Here ole Freestone sits, another look at the predictive forums, on two sites, earthboppin and; another trawl through about 20 people's dreams of some disaster or another that will come soon.

There is a first gut reaction, looking at these dreams, from my childhood's "conservative upbringings" from the atmosphere of being raised near Cornell university. They would say....

"these dreams are just the personal fears of their unknown futures, as seen through the lenses of economic woes and wars and the problem of growing up.
The eruption of water and quakes and fires = the eruption of emotions and feelings, into the upper mind, from below the threshold of awareness"!
[psychological only, the Meanings]

but Upstate new York is also the home of the freeville spiritualist camp, and I have attended often, when i lived there!!
and...I have had many Dreams of my own, dreams that might Blanch a psychologist's face!

Behold that radio antenna along the interstate highway, you just pass by it and the studio just then signs on the that day, "Hello everyone, it is 7 AM, rise and shine and listen to 50,000 watts of WXGG"!
The radio waves also go out behind you, back down the interstate that you just came from.

there *might* indeed be something Huge, ahead of us in Time. the Signal is coming back wards from that event, in time. Think of a kind of "antenna" broadcast light in all directions, like of a light house tower. As this light goes back in time, it cast shadows upon each and every object in its path that can "hold" the shadow.
Since this Event probably is the destruction of civilization, each of us has by harmonics, personal
"dangers of our own personal end" fears, like loss of a job, death, loss of family, etc.
*THESE* are the "objects" that the shadow is casting upon!!

Why can not each of us dream this Event of Events TRULY?! See it as it is?!

Well, my own guess is that this event is SO beyond anything that any of us can imagine, that there are no references in our store of past images, to contain it!!
Thus each of us, in our own ways, dredges up from our subconscious mind, images of destructions, destructions that are in a kind of "Rapport' with what is to come.

1...suppose on Jan 1 of 2012 500 ships from the galactic Union appear in our skies then land and out of them come humanoids from 300 races , from 300 planets, each 10,000 to 90,000 years more advanced than us. Be like the first Europeans landing in a south sea Island! Within years, our earth culture will then be GONE!!
2...a 300 mile diameter planetoid strikes the earth.
3...Time Opens, and all of earth's critters, from all of history, appear, from mammoths to dinosaurs!
4..Time opens and all cultures appear, Roman legions marching along the Roads in England and Aztec cities appear: everyone here at once!
5...the dimensions roll over so that all of us, within 3.06 seconds, Translate to a parallel world that *looks* just like the place each of us was in, but using spirit laws instead of natures physical laws!!

In other words, something *SO* enormous that no one here alive can imagine it as it *is*!
thus any psychic who Dreams, is Shown; can only see or be Told what is coming, by the images that he already knows!

each of us, then, will dream a different dream, see a different vision!


snow on the ground, october 16th

Cornell University live camera.

26th of October, 2009.
Yes, those white patches on the ground are patches of snow. Got to love snow to live here.
Ithaca, new york.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

setting sun with the rain

setting sun with the rain, originally uploaded by freestone.

setting sun with the rain
Setting sun, seen from the 5th floor landing at my senior home.

lots of nice sunsets this summer.

tallahassee, florida, usa

Uploaded by freestone on 15 Oct 09, 8.18PM EDT.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"a woman in her place"!

hi all.

Reading "Ann Landers" this morning. The two sisters got a letter from upstate new York, taking them to task over a phrase about "professional women"; that this phrase belittles women.

I was reminded of some experiences that I had, up there, in the 90s, in my hometown

I come from upstate New York and in my hometown, in the 90s, before I moved back there, the large anti-war rally was held at a nearby military base. They arrested a few of the mostly ladies and they took them by school bus to my home town to place into the school auditorium until the rally was over. I was Told by a friend of mine that they had a row of policemen side by side, on each side of the sidewalk, between the bus and the entrance to the school, there to PROTECT the women from the many angry townspeople, all men! there were a number of men there, all enraged.
One man was SO angry, that he went into convulsions and foamed at the mouth, in RAGE, as he
twitched, upon the ground, convulsing, his nervous system shorted out, by his anger!!

I was told was he and the other men were so angry!
---not because the women were socialists! [many were]
---not because they were wicca! [some were]
---not because they were Lesbos! [ some were ]


Because they each were a human being, and not a woman that needs to be under a man's thumb, being utterly controlled!!!

Many of the men who live here, out in the country, are part Indian. I have had many ladies, over the years, tell me that in many Indian tribes, a "woman, a squaw, is "property", and to be under the control of her man: many many new agers have gotten a rude awakening over this apparent fact!!

I sat, once, in a local cafe, in Ovid, I sat at the end of the counter, i looked all the way down the row of men and I saw the shades of the Senecas, the Cayugas, in all of the men!

Not all Indian men are like this, of course, but seemingly there are more than the average. Here in the finger lakes, many of the first settlers came alone and the single men took a squaw and named her "Smith"; from then on, the Indian past was never ever talked about.

me too!

my father talked about how his mother forbade him to wear Indian moccasins and her husband found on his farm a large Indian corn grinding rock, this rock he used for the family graveyard plot
header, had "Wilson" carved upon it. Low ans behold his wife then planted an evergreen vine next to it and then carefully, oh so carefully, she began to train this vine to climb up over the stone to hide the top of it where the corn grinding area was, so to take the "Indian" away from the stone. When he died in the 60s and later when she lived in the nursing home, my father came to the cemetery with a pair of pruning shears and took care of that vine and removed every trace of it!

ah...the "good old days" that the seniors tell about, where I now live, in the senior Home!
I would NOT want to live in those times again!


Thursday, October 08, 2009

a dream about changing attitudes towards the homeless

I had a very strange and intriguing astral experience last night and I do not really know what to make of this one!

the homeless people rehabilitation center!!

---I, in other OBEs, have visited a place in the afterlife where homeless people have gathered, to live. many of them, apparently after death, continue to live the way they did in life on earth. at this spot, in several other dreams, the type of homeless people who congregated here were not so much of the "urban" type of person, these souls were the homeless who might have lived in the woods, lived in tents, did not like
cities. nor the 8 to 5 jobs either. so they just left white man's civilization.
I recall, now, about two or three obes to this wooded place next to a railroad line. [railroads in the astral planes?! the backsides of the earth perhaps, the ethereal?!]

last night though, this area was very different. apparently there is now a huge rehabilitation center there for the homeless. there were shelters, food halls, building after building and a lot more homeless people.
I joined in with these people, i wanted to see what is going on here.
I was then told that the counseling area was in another section and duly I went there.. a huge building, someones did a lot of work on this place. there were hundreds of people in my group. they split up into several waiting rooms, i went with one of them. I sat there in the crowded room for a long time, then some counselor told us few remaining "clients" to move to another room. I walked there, there to see a few more remaining people also waiting.

at this point, I chose to leave. I floated in into the air and floated out through the wall and over the grounds and then away for about a mile beyond the entrance to this place.
now *this* is where things get interesting!!

suddenly in the air a huge book appeared and it was open to the middle of it and i could read the two pages that were there.
there was a paragraph about another huge homeless rehabilitation center, that was located in [over] another part of the USA, maybe 400 miles from Tallahassee.
essentially, the people "behind" this center, the head managers of it, were found somehow "wanting" by Spirit in some way and that this place was removed.
*then I was told this this place that i was just in, ALSO is found to be wanting. I then saw like in "google earth" the view of this rehab center from hundreds of feet in the air and suddenly it was GONE!!
there now was only a rectangle of flat barren soil, a rectangle miles to a side and feature less, only brown soil! every trace gone, anyone who now came up onto it from the side would only see miles of flat flat brown earth, level to the foot, for those miles! not a trace of anything on it!

there was a feeling that came with this, as to why these seemingly very good places were not found to be "good"!
--that the overall philosophy, by the founders, spread by the counselors, where every "helper" had the same idea, was to take such a homeless person and over write their souls to be "normalized" as to what the surrounding culture values are! none of the "gifts" of each person was considered.
and no mention of religion or of Jesus either!

as i walked to my coffee shop, this AM, i wondered if at this point, all of these centers will be wiped?! as well as other "heaven advancement" centers that have the same philosophy.
I wondered what the alternative might be? for now it might seem that up there it would be far far better to just let these people be homeless and to inspire them to develop each person's talents to be more greater, even if it means that there is little contribution to the CURRANT collective way of life! [here on earth, as well as in any spirit level of heavens!]

as i read it, would be much like of some "English government's" PLAN TO TAKE THE BELOVED BRITISH ECCENTRIC and to normalize him to be just like everyone else!

and..I now suspect, that here in this earth, here in today's
Tallahassee where i live, i will have to make slight changes in how i feel to wards the many homeless people that i often see nearly daily.

for example. that "grouse", the grouse complaining 62 year old steel worker from up north! I sometimes see him at the coffee shop, he lives in the shelter. *now* i might just accept that he should just be "permitted" by me, to be grouse and to accept that grouseyness is quite OK, and that he might have a point: that he sees true things and that this is *his* contribution to life!

How about the lady who lives at the shelter who is the very "thing" of Depression?! depressed from day one, at birth, depressed every day for life. why, now I will remove any "traces" of "too too bad you cannot bring any sun into your life" feelings for her to "rehabilitate"!
"depression" is a statement, a life statement and is just as valid a life statement as other ways of life. maybe when she dies she will join with the "Lamenting Angels" who lament war and failure-deaths and such.
Thus if i talk with this lady, i will just be depressed with her, to validate back to her what she is. I am NOT going to emit any "judgment" vibes to her as to "is there not a better way of attitude that you can have"?! I will, from now on, just "celebrate" anyone's life attitude, no matter what it is!


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"street prophet" image, sharpened, you can read it

hi all.
[If you go to my Flickr page,

you can see the huge size where each word is readable.]

End times.
Maybe just the breakdown of civilization.

Someone made up about 20 of these, summers ago, and placed them within ten blocks of the Bus station, here in Tallahassee.

a dream?
a vivid imagination: he just wants his hour of fame?!

But I see this as a real possibility if the Breakdown happens!

I see that some new agers, prophecy peoples, politics peoples, many who dislike the western American way of life; they just would like to see this happen, what this rant is showing to us. like to see everything come apart, as these survivors live in their Year-of-food shelters. Like to see "God punish the capitalistic way of life and its sin excesses.

*if* this comes:
Better learn How to Kill, with no remorse! a thousand people might want to storm that bunker, that shelter! you got some: they do not, and they want! strongest man wins! the Sherrif is no longer around, nor the State police either! In fact they might be amoungst the people storming your bunker!!
better strangle old feeble grandmother, so to put her out of her misery!
better, if you are a woman, better find a strong man to follow and accept if he abuses you.
or maybe *you* will gladly accept being one of the Thugs who will steal and kill: for your hungrey self or for your family! That "intellectual" across the street is now no good for anything anyways and you are hungry: "books" will not mean anything anymore and "reading" will come last, for the rest of your great great grand children's lifetime, if you have any children!

be very careful what you wish for, dislikers of the Western way!!
You could end up making these kind of choices if you get your Wish!


Monday, October 05, 2009

some prophecies are Real, others are not; which is which?

hi all.

I had a little talk with someone, yesterday, about "prophecies" and "predictions". This person pointed out that most predictions miss their mark, and some of them, utterly so.

I wished, then, that I could have told him about a few prophecies that were Very Real, but then again all of my talk would have gone over his head.

example of a Real FATED prophecy.

my own Mother.
I would come up to visit her at the family farm, from my lakeside cottage, often, in the early 70s. To say "hello", to check my mail, to eat supper or just to have afternoon coffee with her. She had often a favorite hobby. As I was drinking my coffee, she would then open the kitchen cupboard door and there on the backside of this door would be taped clippings from those Tabloids that were often for sale next to grocery store checkout stations.
All of these clippings, people, were psychic's predictions, like of, "ten psychics predict for the year 1973"
Mother would then tear into them, laughing loudly and
telling me just how stupid these were and that now a year later all of them were "incredibly" false!
I did not know that she had Received a prophecy herself! I do not know if in a dream of vision, or if she saw it herself or that a spirit gave it to her, but i suspect that "she saw it in first person, herself, like of a 3-D movie"!
I did not find out about her vision until like 12 years after her death, when my father was in Intensive care, 72 years old.

her dream?
she saw that in ten years that as she is to be driving, one evening, at dusk, a red sports car would come over the hill in her lane and kill her, but that her husband would live until he was 72 years old!

----she was trying to put down this prophecy by trying
to convince herself, by telling others, that "all psychics are full of cr..!" if she could convince herself, maybe she could then not be concerned about hers.

there are a lot of predictors that see only dimly, even the "best ones" at times.
Some receive messages from spirits, both evolved and lesser evolved, but often these spirits, while meaning well, are in error. There is the time problem too, one Guide wrote, "if a guide says *this* will happen in 5 years, what will happen is that the Event foreseen will happen in SIX years, as Time differences between the speed of time, here on earth and in heaven, are of different rates of passing"!

Ten years later, she was driving at dusk and a red sports car came over the hill at 120 mph, in her lane.
my father was now 72, as predicted, but he died one year later, at 73.

She must have gotten hers from a *very* good Source!!

I, myself, have on several occasions, have had dreams where certain scenes were shown to me and low and behold, years later the same *exact* scenes would appear, in my life, some of these events were 10 or 11
years later!

--like of a certain building seen, ten years later my aunt rented it for me, i never ever saw it until i got out of the hospital: I gave to her some money and
asked her to find me a place to live and she did. When i moved into it, there it was, the same image from my dream.

I am talking here, about *REALLY FATED* events; my descriptions, here, do not do this justice at all, why in one of my dreams there were about 12 images and one by one, over 8 to 12 years, each scene "came true"!

Over the years, I have either "had", or were "given by spirits", visions and predictions for the future.
one was that the "end times" was to have begun in 1996. later I dreamed that this was to be delayed.
both "right", then "wrong" as Someone on high had a Hand in this delayment.

Now, as of summer of 2008, I have been getting over and over that Some Thing will happen around late 2010 to early 2012.
my death?
"end times"?
or both!

I am not alone, many many people are dreaming and visioning that "something will happen" around 2010.
Even the Movie "KNOWING" has "2010" encoded in the numbers!!
but I sense that whatever will happen, it will be something that there is no basis for understanding about! something SO strange that no one has a model for it, thus as this Shadow, of this event, is casted backwards in time, the unconsciousness of sensitives and psychics are stimulated.
thus every such person will dream of some great disaster, depending upon what images are stored in their minds. Some will dream of Comet hitting the earth, others will dream of tidal waves. others will be "political" and dream of alien invasions or government takeovers!
Yet more people will just feel more "uneasy" than of what the economic climate might generate in them, a free floating anxiety, perhaps; waiting for the shoe to drop.

my own dreams tell me that within the 3 years from late 2008, civilization will end as we know it, might end completely!
["end"...meaning that the beginning of the end will begin, the time to "end" civilization might take ten years, or more, for much of us, life will continue as normal until this Process is over!]

but are my own visions to be on the same level of "fate" as my mother's?! Do they come from that "impeachable source"?
I will not say, here.


Saturday, October 03, 2009

tallahassee sunset

tallahassee sunset, originally uploaded by freestone.

tallahassee sunset
Sunset from my 5th floor landing.


Uploaded by freestone on 3 Oct 09, 7.28PM EDT.

Friday, October 02, 2009

"end of civilization 3 years": Dealing with this dream!

"end of civilization 3 years": Dealing with this dream!

---to a forum, I posted this, a few days ago.

hi all.

"would ya know it", here ole Freestone, the guy who posted the
topic "dealing with Gloom and Doom predictions" has yet another dream vision about the end of Civilization!!

a simple dream, really.
I went out of body, astral travel, there was a Voice, somewheres, a man's voice. This voice justs says,

"Civilization will not end all at once, will take about three years and will not affect the whole world, at any given time".

something like that, I had to place the "quotes' in my own words.
but I remember the Meaning of it: that the Voice was telling me that only parts of the world will have problems, at any one given time, during the "ending", life will go on for the rest of the world's countries.
This "Process" will take maybe three years, and beginning soon. There was a Tone to his words that inferred that by the end of those three years, not much will be left, of our collective world civilization!

but just a Voice. Here I am only being a "messenger"!

I could *then* turn and become "gloom and doom" negative, people.

[how can a Bearer of Predictive Bad News not be Negative?!]

actually fairly easy!

I live in a senior Home of about 150 residents. many are very old, in their 90s. the ambulance comes about once per week, for someone, and while usually the person soon comes back, sometimes this person is never ever seen again!
everyone here just knows that sooner or later this ambulance will come for THEM!!
Some of the residents are a bit in denial of old age and death. they want to be "in control", to live just like they used to live, for some men, to be physically active, for some women, to have those good looks of their youth.
Some residents are turning to new activities that do not require good legs or sharp eyes and ears.
Others just sulk around muttering how Bored they are, but surrounded by the Internet and new books, but these bored people have trouble dealing with anything ahead of about 1965! They see the pre-1965 fading away, thus their world is now seen as "empty"!

in a profound sense, that Told Phrase, "civilization will come apart in sections and will take about three years to end it all", is a very very good symbol for my own oncoming DEATH.
or literally *as* a prediction from spirit!

I will die some day.
As will you [ all ].

Right this moment the mocking bird is sing a sweet song outside of my 4th floor window, the live oak tree is nice, the blue sky more so. Enjoy the moment, i say. I know that "Indian summer" is now here for Tallahassee. today is September 30th 2009. Indian summer could last until December, here, on and off. But Indian summer *will* end, either in killing frost or in a couple of weeks of rain and clouds, non-stop, at 55 degrees temp.
Just as our humanity's civilization is OK this moment and even IF this dream is a collective Vision, the beginning of the End is not quite yet, unless you live in American Somoa, and the surrounding islands!!

So it is Death, my death, your possible collective deaths, that this
predictions is Asking of me, maybe of you!

I know that I will live in heaven, I have been there many many times
I have talked with most of my relatives, there. They have shown to me how they are 'getting along"!

So I will listen to the bird sing, take my walks, read the earthchange news.

Gloom and Doom?
Am i gloomy over, when I lived in Upstate new York, near Ithaca, NY. :
Gloomy over the fact that *there* summer is often over by the end of August and that snow has fallen, and stayed on the ground, in early October, the summers are so so short, this year many people had no summer at all! Gloomy? I enjoyed my summers at my lakeside Cottage, in the 70s, until i was "frozen out" in October, but I knew that I would see another summer *next* year! But in the Rest of the late summer that I was still living in, I enjoyed that summer too, as it is the enjoyment, *NOW*, today, that makes me happy and that grows my soul in soul and Spirit.

---I am, now, 68 years of age. I am in fair health, I walk three or four days a week, a mile or more. But the day *will* come, eventually, when I will only be able to walk a few blocks with a Walker or cane. Then, a few years later, I might not be able to leave my room!
Thus, these "end time visions" could just be my subconsciousness Just Giving to me the News, that I am Getting ever ever the Older: many many men have died in their 40s and 50s and I am 68.
There *are* men, here, in my senior Home, who are 90, 92, 89 years old and they are in fair health too. But their minds are not very "sharp" anymore!

I cam across a Quote from the Florida State football coach, just today.
here it is.

"Don't go to your grave with a life unused" -Bobby Bowden-

So there are Two messages, for me, with these dreams!
1...Enjoy my life, now, before I cannot do so much, I have seen, in the US Air Force, men who would retire at age 40, and they looked forwards to a nice life after retirement, but that in the meantime the great stresses of their Air Force Job, gave to them so many medical problems that after they retired they began their second career: MEDICAL MANAGEMENT! And...unable to do their dreams! Al that these men can do now, at age 45, is to take care of their many health problems.

Whether I die of earthchanges along with you all, or die of that "heart attack", or car accident, and everyone else goes on living for up to 50 years more, these dreams give to me a True Message, "do it now"! Add positive life experiences to my soul, while I still can.
Someone wrote, "for every window that you open in this lifetime, there is a corresponding window that will open in your heavenly house, a window that will look upon a different area of heaven"......Rudolf Steiner"!
I put it this way, "Every positive life experience is a ticket punch in your soul's ticket and when you arrive in heaven, each Punch will admit you to a corresponding temple of Learning and experiences, like of a temple of Healing, Music, poetry"!

2...If I have only a few years left, then I should "lighten my load"! not "possessions" as such, but I should try to remove some of my "dirt spots" on my soul's Robe! There might be Some attitudes, ways of seeing life, "sins"; that will maybe not "automatically" fall off of my robe when I leave my body after that Final Out of Body Experience; these I could begin to "clean" while still living, now!
Easier here than there, after death, to do this.
Thus every person that I will now meet, who has "negative attitudes", depressions, anger, etc..etc...Will remind me that I should also look at my own possible Issues of like attitudes, and then try to make sure that none of these follow me into the afterlife!

So as my health could come apart in sections and pieces, over the next number of years, or that maybe civilization itself will end, in these 2012 times, in a time frame of 2 to 5 years, slowly here and there, all over the globe, until most of us, who are left, will live without electric, as the lights could then be off for 500 years!!

Thus my dreams and visions could be advising me of one or of the other possibility: maybe *both*!