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lightning flash video of mine.

30 of 6,000 lightnings!

30 of 6,000 lightnings!
Originally uploaded by freestone
30 of 6,000 lightnings!
hi all.

A storm last night, in Tallahassee, Florida, gave in two counties, they write, about 6,000 lightning flashes and about 2 to 4 inches of rain.
Exploding houses and a gas pump, power out and some areas looked to get about all of the 6,000 flashes!
Here is a minute or so of the end of this storm.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

second famous media person dying 50 years old in his home

yet *another* famous media person dying at 50 years old.

hi all.

Hey, look at *this*! Yet another media star dies at home at 50 years old!

TV pitchman Billy Mays found dead at Florida home, at 50 years old!

By MITCH STACY, Associated Press Writer Mitch Stacy, Associated Press Writer – 36 mins ago
TAMPA, Fla. – Billy Mays, the burly, bearded television pitchman whose boisterous hawking of products such as Orange Glo and OxiClean made him a pop-culture icon, has died. He was 50.

Tampa police said Mays' wife found him unresponsive Sunday morning. A fire rescue crew pronounced him dead at 7:45 a.m. It was not immediately clear how he died. He said he was hit on the head when an airplane he was on made a rough landing Saturday, and his wife, Deborah Mays, told investigators he didn't feel well before he went to bed about 10 p.m. that night.

There were no signs of a break-in at the home, and investigators do not suspect foul play, said Lt. Brian Dugan of the Tampa Police Department, who wouldn't answer questions about how Mays' body was found because of the ongoing investigation. The coroner's office expects to have an autopsy done by Monday afternoon.

family members didn't report any health issues with the pitchman,

"His innovative role and impact on the growth and wide acceptance of direct response television cannot be overestimated or easily replaced; he was truly one of a kind," Khubani said of Mays in a statement.



"one of a kind", eh?

they say that about Micheal Jackson too!

I smell a Coincidence that is not a coincidence, here!

I smell an "arrangement by spirit" to show us all Something and I wonder what it is?

I place this article in the Prophecy area, as I see and feel a prophecy here!

something about Death, something about "one-of-a-kind" person.

Reading about death of famous people and synchronistic deaths:
OMENIOUS! there is something strange portending for our collective future! In a year or two, or so. I cannot place much more on my Intuitive feelings.

Be Aware of these things, the strange linkages, the synchronistic messages between the lines.

there is supposed to be a movie coming out this fall called something like...
a disaster movie. probably be hidden messeages in *that* movie!

TV pitchman Billy Mays found dead at home at 50 year old, today! 28th. shade of Micheal jackson dying at 50. conspiriacy or ????
a blog post. Predictions, time, prophecies.

predictions and Time.

a post to a forum, about predictions

hi all.
my Post as of June 27th, one day from my 68th birthday.

So here we all are, end of June 2009. I gave to someone an image today, the "100 floor building"! This is where I described that we all live on the first floor and very VERY few of us have any Direct perception that there are more than that one floor to this building called
"humanity's dwelling! Most of us think that there is that one floor and that is all, the spirit guides write and tell us that there are many many demensions. levels, planes, to this building, thus the "100" floors!

more than just a thought when considering predictions and visions and where do they come from! Some guide from on "high" can give to some psychic here some info that this spirit sees as True. While the spirit might be living on the 80th Plane, Another Older soul-spirit, on the 90th plane, might have another Take on what will transpire and then one of the Arch angels on the 96th floor might over-write the whole thing! And...even if the archangel corrects the time and the place of an event-to-come, spirits often have to pass the info downwards plane bty plane, through "lesser" souls and thus by the time the info gets even to the 20th floor, the messege has been altered.

I have been Told, in visions and in other dreams that I would die in 1998.
and in 2003 or 4.
and even in 2008.

nada. neit. no!
the best of intentions, yes, but Something Over-wrote.....

I remember my mother. when I would visit her, all summer long, my cottage was only a couple of miles away, I would come up for supper and to visit theee to four days a week, all during the 1973 to 75 years, let alone 1968 to 1970.
She had a *particular* Glee; every year, to open the cupboard door and to point to clippings from magazines she had taped to the inner door where only see could see them. clippings all of one kind.
"National Enquirer's 20 predictions for 1973". the paper would look yellow, the date currant might be late August. then there would be later months predictions taped besides that one.

I would visit until I had to leave, in late October.

she would make royal fun of each one of these predictions, some from Names that are household words, in the Psychic community!
"here Stony, look at *this* one, she predicts that the city of san fran will be destroyed in the sping by a quake!" [1973]

laugh. laugh.

[I did not see the desperation on her face, then!!]

After her death due to that red sports car coming over into her lane at 120 mph, at dusk, in 1975, I did the estate work, then I left for Florida.
I came back in 1986, when my father was in the intensive care and later the Home. his friend asked me, "you *do* know about your mother's vision, Freestone, do you not?!"!
"no", I replied.
"I can see why, she never ever told many people, over the years and here it is: that she had a dream 10 years before her death where she was shown that she, in ten years, would die when a red sports car comes over into her lane at dusk at high speed"!

NO WONDER she tried to Put Down *all* predictions, as quite apparently she had recieved hers from the 100th floor!!

All of this time she tried to put down all of those tabloid predictions as being, "all prophecies are BS, wrong, wrong, wrong.....[then I will not have to wonder about mine"!!]

ah!'*which* knowledge of the future comes from the "100th floor"?!

I have been interested in my mother's prediction for years. I, myself, once had a vision, in 1982, where I was shown image after image, images of *particular* places and one by one, each "came true", the final one was in 1993 when I was in the hospital for 20 days and I gave enough money to my aunt to FIND an apartment for me to live in if I survived, i nearly did not[!] and she found a good one and I just said yes to it and never ever saw it until I walked in with the first armfull of boxes, only to see that this aprtment was the *one* in my 1982 vision and now it was 1993. the vision included at least TWO cities, cities that I had no plan or idea that I would live in!


am I "groundhogging day" it, where my life repeats over and over?
[many Gardejieff people say this, that "reincarnation" is in THIS life only, over and over till you get it right!]


am I somehow looking backwards from a future to set up my life from that future point?

mysteries. about the one where I read of a Roman man who walked along the Appian way, maybe in 100 AD, suddenly he saw something that to him was UTTERLY beyond his comprehension! he saw off in the distance another Appian roadway that ran along his and on this road were Chariots beyond belief! not only did they each have not a horse to pull it, and that each zoomed along at an incredible speed, that each chariot made a strange "whiss sound", as it moved, and each chariot was coming and going in seconds, from left to right and right to left!
[the future hyperspaces to the past, i read, where people in england see Roman legions marching along the old Roman roads, the same solidiers in the same formation, over and over, maybe several times a year, like of a replaying tape loop: this writer, in Fortean times, writes how this is NOT a "ghost" it is a direct perception of the event as it happens in real time but separated by years, not space-distance!

apparently emotional-charged events cast echo-shadows forwards AND backwards, in time.

which means....any great collective event will do the same. whether in ten years away of 1000 years away. another problem: that Event of great disaster, then, is this thing ten years off or 100 years off?
EDGAR CAYCE: "california falls into the sea"! did he see the state peeling off of the continent, one million years of slow motion, plate movements; such that eventually california will be an island partly sunk in the sea 200 miles west of the continent!?

thus I wonder about all of the "tidal waves, comets, astroids, men-in-black herding innocents into concentration camps!

the earth has another 1,000,000,000 years left till life cannot be supported, more or less.

suppose then that some of the "Lizard men" that are seen by some psychics, that they come from 100,000 years in our future?

If the Roman man can see an images of cars on the Italian freeway, why not further ahead in Time?

some of my own visions of disasters, i see now, have maybe three or fout events on top of each other, in time, like looking down a row of fenceposts where all ten of them look to be in the same place, but in my vision of just one series of, say, earthquakes, why each one of them could be 300 years apart!!

every civilization WILL become ruined, each apple WILL rot.
the Rub: which one of these events will happen in the next ten years, or so?!



Thursday, June 25, 2009

night photo of lightning strike, cloud to ground.

night lightning

night lightning, originally uploaded by freestone.

night lightning
Here about 10 pm, in Tallahassee, I tried to take pictures of some lightning flashes in a nearby thunderstorm.
This one flash stood out amoungst the rest of them, many were inside of clouds.

This image comes from a avi video, actually, from my canon powershot camera!

I was able to extract just one frame, and use it as a "still" image.

Tallahassee has about 75 to 90 thunderstorm days a year and this only counts the storms that hit the station, not those that are far off in the distance! If one were to count a "day" as one seeing a thunderstorm off in the distance, somewheres, why the Count coud be as much as 150- 200 days a year!

Uploaded by freestone on 25 Jun 09, 9.08AM EDT.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is Jesus here secretly, on earth, Today?
Influncing us all behind the scenes?

Is Jesus here, secretly?!

hi all.

on this forum

I posted a copy of someone's vision where he/she went to the future, about 2011, and everyone there was profoundly depressed, they all Knew that Jesus was here but he left about a year ago, now everyone feels the lack of his Presence!

I then wrote about this dream and wrote about how some visionaries might receive visions that are "secret" or maybe too too disturbing to tell anyone about.
Below is what I wrote:

One should not yell "fire" in a crowded classroom as a "joke", as the kids will leave and then there is no more learning's in *that* classroom for that day!
If someone were to find a REAL predictive something that means the end of us all, we would obsess on the message and the learnings would end.
think: some amateur astronomer finds a 400 mile diameter asteroid and reports it to the professionals. Next week the "silence" of these professional astronomers is challenged, as there are some people that are wondering if there is something being hidden.
Another amateur does some calculations and finds that this body of rock will come very near the earth in two months.
Then a government panel is created and then the Calculations become exact: a direct hit in 65 days! 65 days till a 420 mile diameter
hunk of rock hits the earth and coming head on at that!
everyone will go into Panic mode, like of that gas station grocery store in the Movie KNOWING! no more life lessons!

I dwell, myself, on this account of Jesus leaving, as it touched a deep chord, in my soul. There are many christian writers today who write about the "ever present Presence of Jesus, today" As if the are writing about a kind of "second coming". There are ALSO writings about how Jesus will "close the Rolls" of enlistments into heaven, some day. Then you add that 2012 end of the Mayan/Aztec age, and it would seem Obvious that if Jesus were to retire from the influencing
of the earthsphere, *this* would be the Time to do it!

That Vision that I quote over and over again, where apparently the Ascended Saints plus Mother Mary showed to me an image of a large rock striking the earth at a near-tangent approach and then skipping off back into space and as it hits, this Rock skims off from the surface of the earth some material, which is ejected into space and leaving the earth.
"in one or two years" the Voice says. [fall 2008, the vision]
if you want to read about it, and I have a drawing of this asteroid hitting the earth, here, too.

but this vision has ANOTHER meaning!!

It could indeed "merely" symbolicaly show the Approach of Jesus to the earthsphere, as He is not of Adam's Spawn, he comes from Outside of the earth's soul progressions and populations. He touches the earth, then leaves, taking the saved souls with him. his Presence will leave the earthsphere in "one or two years".


"bingo", in that this vision of mine is the exact same meaningdream as
that person wrote about, that I copied from the front page of!

He will leave us all soon, in Vibrational Influences, at least, then His absence will be felt by many. Many of these depressed people will not even know why they are depressed!

"when God closes one door, he opens another door".

Probably either the *real* end times will begin then, or else there will merely be a period of time when an increasing number of people will turn more and more "negative".


there was a Guide who wrote from spirit a VERY powerful channeling, and I believe him.
he Told how the Real meaning of the phrase, "the saints who died just before Jesus died, they waited in the astral spheres until Jesus ascended so that they all could go Up with Him": this phrase, he told, has a profound meaning! He says that when Jesus died, it was a Time of racial graduation for souls that were advanced enough, the Old Souls, now they would never ever have to reincarnate onto the earthsphere ever again! So the old souls of the West, went up with Jesus. [the ejected matter from the earth when the Asteroid skims the earth!]
*this* is why the dark ages *were*!! he Told how no one could even paint perspective anymore and I feel, myself, *this* is one of the major reasons why Rome Fell, there were no old souls at the Helm, in 200 AD Rome, so the empire began to fall apart. but it took years and years before the last old soul left, and of course there were some who came just to keep order, a bit. Thus the whole western world fell into darkness, as a whole bunch of very young souls came in to begin another Class year of progressions! baby souls. souls who needed authority over them and life was short.

but this 30 AD-500 AD period is a "little graduation time", just like January 1st is a "little graduation time" for colleges! the BIG graduation time would be the end of the second semester, in may or June!
think "2012"!!

the Big One is upon us all.

*if* I use the above "death of Rome" as a predictive Model, then I might see no great catastrophe after Jesus Leaves, in ?2010?.
there would be a slow descent into lawlessness and "non-caringness" as the old souls do not reincarnate and a whole bunch of baby and infant souls come in! like maybe 90% of the earth's souls will be baby or infant, by say 2040. Morals and ethics will go out of the window, of course: be *like* suddenly, but over a time period of 100 to 300 years, that all of the IQ of the earth's peoples will be only 60 IQ, and for everyone!! you all can well imagine what will come of *that*, endless wars and atrocities, maybe even like that vision on front page where she sees, in 60 years, a racial genocide happening in Sweden, in her future life incarnation!

so in a sense when Jesus leaves, he will take all of the older souls with him. meaning YOU!! but not all at once, as each person dies, over the next 40 to 60 years, from 2010 onwards!! maybe only a "partial" end times, like of more earthquakes and volcanoes, to hasten this process of ascension. then more and more births of infant first timers, their very first Incarnation upon the earthsphere!

this "Presence" of Jesus that is with us all now, might not "require" an actual Incarnation of Jesus! Just like a father was channeled-told, by his deceased son, in that 1970s book that I read, about how the "youth of today are being stimulated into unrest by the Presence of Jesus having lowered himself right down to the boundary between heaven and the earthsphere so that this astral Presence stimulates any receptive soul!
THERE, people, from this book alone, that meaning of the vision of Jesus leaving the earthsphere, in about 2010, to ME is Clear!
He takes himself away, taking the souls with him, much again like in that movie KNOWING!
[I feel that this movie is a Real Message, given to us all *as* a teaching!!]

Only one or one and a half year left before the Stimulation ceases, make hay now, while the Son shines!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a Good Photo Site:
David F. Gallagher. Good images of nyc.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I wonder if Tallahassee is entering one of those 100 year droughts, like of what ruined the Mayan/olmecs?!
100 again today. Might be the way it is until fall, here in Tallahassee. no more rainy season!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

an answer to my friend who asked my why I stuidied so much ancient Rome: "because they are the modern "us", reflected! Rome lives.
blogpost on cake and being overweight, with the elderly.

cake and living until you are 80+

hi all.

I got back to my Georgia belle residence today, my senior home, just in time for the monthly
birthday party. I am 68 this month.
But I had mixed feelings about my attendance as they always serve a huge dish of Ice Cream and a large slice of cake, on these days. I *was* going to an "all you can eat place" for my Saturday one large meal of the day, but I chose to eat cake and ice cream for my supper instead, as it is one or the other, cannot eat both at 132 pounds; there are people who can eat five meals a day and i am not one of them!
There are lots of days there where they serve cake and ice cream.

I better learn to eat both of them FOR my supper as the "Language" of these eats is profound.
Just as there is a very subtle language of flowers, where each type of flower has a symbolic meaning, the meaning of cake and ice cream is...

the joke here in this building is that everyone gains from 10 to 40 lbs after moving here and i can actually SEE this happening, as their are several people here who I see have gained 30 lbs in a couple of years! *every* man here has a stomach out the "here", the southern good ole boy
belly. but most of these men are 80 to 90 years old! the skinny men are the not-healthy men, often with diabetes.
like: in my 1998 hometown the one Walker who walked miles every day to and from his ban teller job and had no fat at all and all muscle, why he died of his 3rd to 5th heart attack at age 68 while the pot-bellied man across the street, why he was 85 or so!

I read that a doctor in Finland did a study of rural and small town retirees and he found that one had to be 30 to 50 pounds *overweight* before the death rate began to go up, but if you were even a little bit underweight the death rate rose immediately and if you were a woman and underweight the death rate rose to 30%!!

the diet industry does *NOT* want you to know this!!

so eat up, America and live to be older!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

fantasy worlds. I always have loved science fiction. rpg games and console rpgs interested now. This world we live in *is* the matrix!
68 year old man playing rpgs on Nintendo DS.

nintendo DS lite with magnifying glass makes image larger

I uploaded this image onto my flickr site, to show how I, 68 years old, found a way to play

the DS Nintendo system games on the DS in "large" size!

my screen looks, in perspective, to be about 8 inches across, when I play my game, the CHRONO TRIGGER rpg game!

No more tiny screen for senior eyes.

Then I find the sound to be amazing, for such a system if I use good headphones and then plug the shole thing into a wall socket, no battery dying woes. The music is very good, in these old SNES games and it shows with headphones!

anyway, never too too old for games. I wonder if that 85 year old grandmother, here in my senior home at "georgia belle Westminister, is still playing her rpgs on her SNES?!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Fomenko. History fiction or science. alternate history.
is all history WRONG? Formenko thinks so!
read my post.

History: Fiction or Science. Fomenko

[image from
here ]

History: Fiction or Science? Chronology Vol.IV (Paperback)by Anatoly T.Fomenko
[a review.....]

Fantastic book! Extremely interesting, very thought-provoking. , August 25, 2008
History Fanatic - See all my reviewsDespite the efforts of critics, skeptics and "debunkers" this book is gaining popular acceptance very fast. Everyone i know who is interested in history is stunned by the ideas the Fomenko Group present. The idea that Ghengis Khan was the Turkic/Eastern name of a Russian prince is breathtaking in it's implications. Or, the case for "Mongolia" to have been a corruption of the Greek "Megalion"(or Great) representing a "Horde"(or "orde/order", the Russian name of it's Medieval professional horse-soldiers) as the historicists distortion of the Mongol Hordes as being of Far Eastern origin instead of being Russian Cossacks(Khazaks). This book is so filled with shocking and exciting ideas about how history has been obfuscated, hidden, and changed to suit the local needs of political factions that it has completely altered my perspective on current worl events and the "how" and "why" of Central European and Middle Eastern politics! Many modern "historians" rail against Fomenko's theories because they are both obviouly, intuitively accurate and totally opposite established thinking that most history books would have to be completely re-written. And no one who spent ten years getting his doctorate in convential history wants to admit that everything he thinks he "knows" is just plain wrong! I know it upset me at first, but the long, long list of explanations, "coincidences", facts and inconsistencies listed by Fomenko et al can't help but change your perspective. These books are not the usual poorly-written, poorly-researched imaginative tripe provided by most "historical revisionists". This is the work of one of the world's leading mathmeticians and other highly-educated scholars. In fact, there is so much raw data in this series that even i, who reads constantly, have a hard time moving through it. But the subject matter shakes the very foundations of so many assumptions of modern history that it's worth every bit of effort. Don't let the conventional history proponents convince you these are false- read them for yourself. If you can read the whole series and STILL think the history of the world is what you've been taught then you might be right, and i might be wrong. But i don't think i am: Fomenko is a pioneer, a radical, a free-thinker and revolutionary in the field of scientific historical analysis!

Thick stuff here, people.
Fomenko is saying, in his volumes of books, that *all* of 1500 BC [or so] to around 1500 AD, really happened around 1000 AD! Greece, Rome, all happened then and Jesus was crucified on a hill near Rome on 1086 AD, being born on 1053 AD!
[I read that there will be 7 volumes]

go read some of the reviews on Amazon, go read about the books on the google searches.
What can ya do when you find that, according to him, all of the historical solar eclipses not only did not happen on their ancient dates, but that they all occurred around 1000 AD!

I see at least TWO major conclusions that I am being "forced" to admit that might be true!

1...that ALL of history might be non-existant before 4000 BC, and that maybe even the very planet itself might have been created then: the Creationalists might be right!

which leads to number 2!!

2...that the reason why the creationalists might be right is that the Answer is in the Movie
the MATRIX!! that our very "solid" reality might only be a construct made by Superior alien beings!

from, a review of DARK CITY
This review is from: Dark City (New Line Platinum Series) (DVD) Set in a dark world--literally dark, as no one seems to remember being out during the day--the film focuses on John Murdoch (Rufus Sewell), a man who awakens amnesiac to find a murdered woman nearby. Soon thereafter pursued by the police (led by William Hurt), he must solve the mystery of his missing memories and eerie pursuers.
Helped along the way by a woman claiming to be his wife (Jennifer Connelley) and a pendactic psychiatrist (Kiefer Sutherland), Murdoch learns that his pursuers are a race of aliens with the power to warp reality with their minds who continually change the city and the memories and even lives of the people inhabiting it in an experiment designed to save their lives. Murdoch has developed their same power to "tune" and save humanity from the aliens' machinations.
The film's theme of questionable reality--carried across on two levels as both human memories are manipulated and the physical world itself changed on a nightly basis--is done fairly well if somewhat less successfully than the in the Matrix.
Replete with dark imagery suiting the film noir genre and quite at home in Blade Runner, the movie makes for a stunning visual performance. The aliens are masterfully done as frightening and eerie outsiders. My only complaint is that I was able to grasp the film's actions and meanings on a first viewing with little difficulty; I had expected to come out with the sense of, "What the heck?!" that would require two or three viewings to fully digest the film's depth. Yet that aside, the film is still a definite watch for any fans of film noir or reality-questioning sci-fi.

maybe we are in it! Thus the Romans and the greeks are US, seen from like of a shadow casting backwards through time and that the ancient civilizations never existed at all!


no more studying very much about Rome!!


Monday, June 15, 2009


from the Aemilius person on photobucket.

as the image says, this image is from about 629 AD.

Maybe more of the eastern Empire.

Still Interesting how people think that "Rome" was all Pagan. Eventually the last few Ceasars
converted to Chrisianity, then made Christianity the state religion, then the missionaries began to travel outwards! to India, to "Caladonia" [Scotland]. out and out.

like that cartoon of an image of a field of cows and a barn, the caption read, "where does the gravity well of New York city end"? where did the Roman influence end, scotland?
Finland? Russia?, the new world?
when did the Roman influence end with Time?!
is the Roman civilization still here and one cannot see it as one is *in* it?!!

writing about the ancient Romans and a good new book about them.


So here I posted a link and some pics, of a site that specializes in Roman reenactments and especially the modding of the game, "TOTAL ROME".

So what *was* ancient Rome really like?

A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome: Daily Life, Mysteries, and Curiosities (Paperback)by Alberto Angela (Author), Gregory Conti (Translator)


This extraordinary voyage of exploration, guided by Alberto Angela with the charm of a born story- teller, lasts twenty- four hours, beginning at dawn on an ordinary day in the year 115 A.D., with Imperial Rome at the height of its power. The reader wakes in a rich patrician home and discovers frescoes, opulent furnishings and richly appointed boudoirs. Strolling though the splendors of the Roman Forum, one overhears both erudite opinions from learned orators and local ribaldry floating out from the public latrines. One meets the intense gazes of Roman matriarchs strolling the streets, looks on as a banquet is prepared, and is afforded a peek into the sexual habits and fetishes of Roman patricians and plebs. For all those who have ever dreamed of traveling back in time, Alberto Angela’s narrative style will come as a welcome change to dry historical tomes. Rich in atmosphere and historical information, A Day in Ancient Rome is a voyage into a world both distant to us in time and surprisingly near in its habits, mores, and passions.

---a reviewer
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ANCIENT ROME produces a remarkably illustrative overview of how Romans of that time lived. Angela succeeds in delivering a large quantity of information with an affable, inviting style. Now, in Angela's words, "And so concludes our day in the life of imperial Rome. An ordinary day, almost two thousand years ago." We've received a gift -- a chance to peek into some creepy crevices...and many magnificent spaces. Highly recommended. 4.5 stars.

I have a small couple of theories, though! one can really see the way ancient people lived, "objectively"! Even this master storyteller is seeing 100 AD Rome through the consciousness of the 21st century. Thus the Romans are somewhat seen *as* us, anything that is not part of our 21st century culture, will tend not to be noticed.

Even in India today.
Carl Jung once wrote that "no one can visit India and see it truly, he brings a bubble of the West with him and surrounds himself with it and sees the country through that Bubble"!
Thus even if one were to visit, say, Sathya Sai Baba, one might not agree that he can produce holy ash out of thin air and sprinkle it onto your hand. But in India, such holy ashes often appear on holy men's paintings and pictures that are on the walls of the devotee's homes!

2....that in a sense the Romans *are* us, in the "1.0" version, back 2000 years ago, his Point[s]
in the book write of this, that the Romans were the first modern people and that in a sense
Rome never ever "fell", that while the political system ended about 450 AD, the Civilization, the "common people in the market squares", went on and on and eventually the Colonies of Rome, like "France and Germany", etc...etc, became independent countries and eventually sent out
colonies of their own to settle the New World!

I read somewheres, that the percentage of civil laws, in South America and in most of the Roman Europe, that *are* Roman civil law, is 70%!! In the USA, the percentage of civil laws that are Roman, is "only" 60%!

Roma aeternum


Thursday, June 11, 2009
ancient Roman photo site with mostly Colony soldiers and townspeople.

Roman life

This image, and the image below it, are from

go also see"Roman Army Pictures and Art "
in the forum for the total war game, the mod Europa Babarorum

there are many more images of European Roman life, with soldiers and other images, from refugee camps to wars....
I felt this collection is one of the more realistic showings of life in that period of time, be aware that nearly 1000 years of time is included, plus each territory and kingdom and state had its own varients on eapons and armor, etc....
I am not interested in "war" but in the images of daily life at those times.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

032809 087

032809 087, originally uploaded by dougtone.

032809 087
First Baptist Church - Interlaken, NY

Uploaded by dougtone on 31 Mar 09, 7.40AM EDT.


I went to church there in the 1950s. I grew up in Interlaken. Lived there on and off till 1998.

Home of the twilight Zone!


that street to the right is "west Avenue", but Rod Serling called it, "Maple street" in the first twilight zone productions of "MONSTERS ON MAPLE STREET"!

to the immediate right is what used to be the soda bar and across the street from that used to be the gas station where the "walking the distance" episode is about, where the CEO comes home to see himself as back when he was 10 years old.
[I know where the merrygoround was!]

Rod serling is buired in the town cemetary!

He had a cottage on cayuga lake, in the 50s and 60s and he spent most of each summer there and he wrote much of his stories there in that cottage.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

playing a neverwinter2 mod. "you are there" in a medievel world!

Monday, June 01, 2009

I am sitting in the FSU library at the same exact spot that I sat in, 1960, when I did my freshman homework!