Friday, May 29, 2009

Closer look at the old stump

Closer look at the old stump, originally uploaded by readerwalker.

from a friend's flickr, the mystery shot.

Closer look at the old stump
Part of what's left of the May Oak, an historic live oak in downtown Tallahassee.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009
DS lite, screen is bigger with mag glass!
DS Lite using a magnifying glass to make screen bigger!

nintendo DS lite with magnifying glass

nintendo DS lite with magnifying glass
I bought a Nintendo DS Lite system to play some of those old school
RPGs, there are some good ones for this system, plus the ace attorneys series.

But I found that the screen was so so so small, and I am used to the large computer monitors!

So here is what I did, I bought a magnifying glass and mounted it on a box, as I will not move and hand-hold this system!
Makes the image much much larger!

look at the example on

[the image is grainy as the DS does not seem to translate well to images, much like a tv does not! the image that I see is not grainy at all!]
Now the individual sections of armor, on the soldiers and guards, in my currant game of Final Fantasy IV, can be clearly seen.

Then I add the headset, now the music sounds so much better too!

So now I have a screen about six inches across, instead of a screen that might be of only several inches!

Uploaded by freestone on 28 May 09, 9.47AM EDT.

Nintemdo DS lite, Magnified!

Nintemdo DS lite, Magnified!, originally uploaded by freestone.

Nintemdo DS lite, Magnified!
This is how my Nintendo DS lite looks when I see it under the magnifying glass! I do not see the "grainyness" that is apparent in the photo as the camera does not sync well with the DS, much like television gets creamed with camera picture takings.

Now with my setup, with the headset for music, see

I can see much better the screen. The final fantasy IV has it now where I can see very clearly the individual armor decorations, on the soldiers, for instance.

Uploaded by freestone on 28 May 09, 9.47AM EDT.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

door decoration

door decoration, originally uploaded by freestone.

door decoration

[copied from my photo site.]
hi all.

This is a door decoration on the door of room 406. I live at Georgia belle apartments for independent living, here in Tallahassee, and this door was just down the hall from where I live.
This facility is a nice place to live, there are about 150 people living here and one resident told me, several years ago, "once a lady moved in who was sullen and depressed and never laughed or smiled, after about three months she was laughing and smiling: she had discovered a wonderful social life and things to do, here.
There are Gospel sings, dishes to pass meals, a library, a store, lots of activities.
[there are now vacancies!]

Every single door seems to have some personal decoration on it and often they reflect the person who lives in the apartment. There are a few undecorated doors, though; these also are Indicative, indicative of "something"! Mostly the rooms are lived in by men. Men with little imagination or interest in life. Too too bad, of the five to ten pills many residents take daily, often one of these pills is an anti-depressant!
But then again, there is also that "dark' side of aging: many people cannot eat the foods they once loved, or that they cannot hear or see too well. There are many here who butt into a conversation between two people, but again, they are NOT butting in as the two people are not talking, are they!
"Aging" is often the "paint peeling off of the sculpture head, where the naked marble rock is revealed underneath! there is less of what the parents gave: only your life is revealed! If you were a bitter young man, once, then you may well be a bitter old man, by the time you are 70!
There is a lady here who at 85 years old, plays Japanese rpgs on her super Nintendo SNES system! she loves them!

a city in microcosm.


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Monday, May 18, 2009

why I feel that most prophecies for the future are now Void!

prophecy is Void

hi all....

[no spellcheck for a reason!]
[posted on another forum, my post, here.]

There might not be any prophecised future, after all!!

As I was sitting at the libary computer, I wanted to post, here, my thinkings about the future, from my own experiences. I looked at the blank "subject" line to feel out what title I was going to place there, for my small opus of a topic and low and behold the guy sitting next to me saw me focusing and thus he thought that he had an "in" to ask me to get him his printed sheet of paper as I sit between him and the printer!

"Hand me the piece of paper",
was his asking, and thus it will be my title for this post!

as if....
"everyone" wants someone to say this and I will be the One, I guess!

There were personal realizations, over the weekend, seeings about experiences that I have had over my past 20+ years. one of these was where my mother came to me from heaven to tell me just three numbers.

and others.

Also, I was Prepared by spirit to accept my death, in about 1998, then I was Extended for a while, then I was Told again in vision dreams that about 2003 or 2004 was to be my death.

I learned also from my dreams that the end times was to have STARTED in 1996.
and over-written by spirit.

Now I have been Told that I might live another 7 years, at least.

Now someone might wonder why I do not post this in the dream section or even somewheres else?!
There is a Reason why I post this here: a PRPHECY comes from this, and here is my Prophecy!

---as I have had the constant intuition that the end times and my death are to be One and the same, if the end times are delayed, then my death is delayed.

[I have a smuch stated this before, on these forums, but I will give this another "twist" here, now.]

my prediction is....that many or most of the "bad things" that have been foreseen, here, on these forums, and by seers currant and even Ancient, are now Over-written!

but not Quite, and here is my main prediction: that all of the bad stuff will appear all right but in "shadow form"!!

like: Somone told me that he had read, from a very good prophet, that WW III was to have begun around 1982. but that in the few years, this war was overwritten. however....on some nameless 1982 day, the Dew Line radar people saw, on their radars, a huge mass of Objects coming up over the horizon from the north! they had a moment of grave worry: soviet missiles!!
turned out to be a huge flock of geese!
this image on the radar was the SHADOW of the missiles that was SUPPOSED to have come!!

......the seers saw "grave economic meltdown", in our 2008/09 future, a number of years ago. The shadow of this grave event was only a small depression!
the Winter of Cold that many saw, for the 2009 winter? only "colder than normal"!

Thus each and every "grave" event, forseen, for the next 7, or so, years, will only see the watered down version or some symbolic version.
the Astroid of 2010 that I was shown, by the ascended saints themselves?! why maybe only a rock of 500 feet grazes the south Pacific Ocean and only a tidal wave of 40 feet hit the Anarctic coast, and 5 feet everywheres else: a 500 foot rock instead of a 200 mile wide rock!!

So I predict life will go on, with the Drama. maybe yellowstone will blow, maybe the washington state volcanoes will go, but only a small eruption and perhaps La or san fran will see a richter 5 or 6 quake!

I see the biggest danger, ahead, is that *if* spirit delays and delays the end times, more and more souls will be coming here, that NEED
"WAR" as their karmic life-plan and the pressure for these souls to work out their karma in war, becomes ever the greater though time and thus perhaps spirit will "allow" many many terrorist
small wars all over the globe, during the next 7 years, as a BIG war always infers the Nuclear option and thus through the free will of mankind, the danger of a run-a--way nuclear war ala "WW III" could wipe out ALL parties including you and I and the rest of civilization!!

why delay?

spiirt once told me in a dream, "so that more souls can get onto the boat", that there is that delay. the boat across the river Jorden, of course, into salvational Land!

maybe the next richter 3 earthquake, for instance, in the Ohio river valley, might be an echo of the richter 8 that was Planned!

a good example of this type of "echo" is in one of the movie version of the "CHRISTMAS CAROL"! Scrooge was shown xmas future and he was shown the hall of the crochet's house low and behold he was shown the crutch of the cripple boy, over the fireplace mantel. the Ghost of xmas future told scrooge that Tim had died and died due to the poor wages of his father, there in scrooge's store: not enough money for care, so he dies, the crutches are there in Memory of Tim.

scrooge repents.

give crokhet a good wage and helps the family out. the next christmas scrooge is happily invited to xmas dinner with the chrochets.
As scrooge was sitting down for dinner, he noted that Tim's crutch was in the EXACT PLACE AS FORESEEN, over the mantle.
"mr chrochet had already told scrooge that Tim had enjoyed his year at the special school for crippled children, and that they had given to him a much better crutch, thus he did not need his old one anymore and thus thet placed this old crutch over the matel in Memory!

that Prediction was only CORRECT, not "TRUE"!!
the crutch *could* have been in the same exact place with Tim dead!
but over-written.

that is how i see the next few years.




----ah, now i come back, I was able to get another hour of library computer time. I see that i miss-spelled even some of the title words, to my post, let alone much of the words, let alone mangle a bit the grammer!

I have that hour. I check my e-mail, then look at something i wanted to look at, by then I have 30 minutes left. As I am getting real real good into my post, i see that I have about three minutes of time left!

always like that!!

"who dont you,. freestone, get an internet connection?!
$1000 a year to post on a dialup!!

"$1000 a year" you ask, an I reply..."easy"!

easy: I have no phone and do not want one, as i see that old lady next to me in the twice a week dinners she is on her phone once to three times in the middle of her meal and always alway she is telling that telemarketer "no"!
[the poorest of the poor work Calling, you almost NEED to listen to them anf Buy, just to support them!!]
---the cell plan is $50 a month before all of the gotchas find you, plus the cost of the phone too and the activation fee and the connection fee and the long distance feeS. then a good relible internet provider is about $50 a month.

$50 + $70 = $ 120 a month or that is.....

$1200 $$$ a year, sports fans and i can well well find better use for this $$$, with my fixed income!

I will continue to post here, but i will and *will8 mangle the language and mis-spell right and left, as the Clock ticks, why about half my post NEVER get posted as the computer quietly reboots at the end of my hour and i had not posted yet!!


Saturday, May 02, 2009

mr death.


I live at a senior Home, about 140 people live there. During the last month, about 9 or 10 residents have died, either in their rooms or in a hospital, a bit unusual to have so many die in so short of a time.

The ambulance and fire trucks have come a lot, lately!

Everyone here just Knows that someday the ambulance will come for them! We all who live there are on the front lines of "mr death"!

all of us are!
If flu, volcanoes, war, riots, don't get ya, Death will, sooner or later....
[I have been sick a lot this last year, one classic flu, on stomach flu, one bronchitis, many colds, my copd, I guess. I will not even *try* to avoid the swine flu, as it is "now or later, it will get me"!]
Old Age.
Death will get me sooner or later....

Thus as years ago, I had a terrible dream of the end of the world, a vision so bleak that when I asked the Guide, my spirit guide, about the "survivors", he replies to me,
"survivors? suuuuuuVivors?!!" [in sarcastic loud Tones, as if "survivors" is a dumb question as this here end times will make that idea of survivors to be utterly non relevant!!]

anyway, I took a walk out into the countryside to meditate upon that dream. The sun was out and the day was warm and the springtime leaves were coming out: a perfect spring day.
Then I had a revelation, an intuitive message from spirit.
said basically, "here you see, freestone, the lovely leaves coming out, but you know that in months the upstate new york winter will freeze everything Dead! but you are supposed to enjoy them *while* they are out and to enjoy summer. Then frost and the fall will remove them and the 60+ inches of snow per year will cover everything.

a good metaphor for life. Death will come for me and you and then that final exam question comes that will Count For All: that object up there on your road of life, now coming closer with time; turns out that this thing is a tombstone.
Now the Question that will count for all, is...Is this tombstone a door or a dead end?!"

I, myself, know it to be a doorway into heaven and I astral travel a lot to see and to experience places in heaven even before I die.

all of this "end of the world" stuff just reminds me that I will die of "something" soon, i am now 68 years old and whether by heart attack or volcano, the result is exactly the same!

my death!

So I will try to enjoy life while i live it, try to live a bit *like* i am in heaven now, so that I will be "a bit up to speed" when I arrive there.
and you [all] will also come there. even if you feel that you are not worthy. [Jesus and the thief on the cross who did not accept Him: all the people who are not "saved"]

"everyone else"

--as written on the underside of the bed, in the trailer, in the movie KNOWING!

all of us will arrive there to see that tree of life!

so make use of the nice times, grow your soul before it is too too late.

*my* guiding dreams tell me that about late 2009 or 2010 will be the basic "end of civilization", at least as we all know it. I have had my deceased father come to tell me, "2010 will be *VERY* Cold"!
[volcanic/nuclear winter?!

less than 2 years left.

do not let the fear mongers ruin what is left of the Picnic!!

as the shamans say...."the only way to be able to Live, is to accept death and your personal death and then you can embrace life, knowing that you will die some day soon!