Thursday, April 30, 2009

the winterland

a new dream writeup at my visions blog

Here I astral traveled to watch an old lady begin to have dreams of a place called "winterland", years before she died and when she died she went to live there!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new dream post

I have a new post at

where I wrire up my deam of last week about earth having three heavens, from three separate races, each of the previous races once lived on earth *looooong* before recored history, and are now gone from the planet.

Infers that our Time here is about done with!

Monday, April 27, 2009

so many people are dying!

yes, where I live, in the senior home, Georgia belle, there have been so many people dying, over the last few weeks! the week before Easter saw six people die, while some people were recent ex-residents, several died in their rooms. The death toll might be as high as ten, or more, since the end of march!
My church choir director aunt, in my small hometown, in upstate ny, wrote to tell me that her "playing for funeral" jobs, have taken up much of her time, since the end of march. The local paper obitiaries spread over to sometimes three pages.


my theory is that deep deep in the collective uncounsciousness is the Date that jesus died on his cross and that this date, from my own readings and intuitions, is about March 27th. Thus people deeply Know and that if they are near the death date, of their lives, they *would* want to die after his death as maybe they can ASCEND with him into a good heaven and to be with Jesus, resurrected with Jesus, the life eternal.
[a mystery there, how can people know this Real Date; I think that there is much much more to the "subcounscious" than what psychologists know!]

Now, a week or so after Easter, the dying has stopped.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jesus in America!

The Prophet was known to come across a Puant city in the now known area of Oklahoma. It was the Prophet's custom to always take their established temples and change them. He would chose the twelve to teach them the priesthood and then lectured the people. This was again done here as usual. But here, the people wanted to hear about his childhood.

He told them he was born across the ocean where all men had beards. Even in the legends, he told them of his virgin birth and about the bright star that shone over his city of his birth. The heavens opened up and winged beings sang chants of exquisite beauty.

"When the University of Oklahoma was digging the Spiro Mound, they found mush pottery showing winged beings singing, and also the hand with the cross through the palm. To them, He was known as Chee-Zoos, the Dawn God, and they whisper of Him about the campfires when no white man can listen. To quote the book, "The love they bear Him is beyond measurement, for well they know He watches over them, and that when their journey here is over, He will meet them in the Land of Shadows, for such was His sacred promise.

"They smoke the Sacred Peace Pipe in His memory, and blow the smoke to the four directions, knowing that to each man comes his retribution, no matter how flows the river of history. Thus in great pride walks the Red Man, even though now dire poverty stalks him and starvation or hunger sits at his table. In the mask like calm of his expression there smiles a secret satisfaction, a something which to puzzled white men is entirely beyond understanding."

article about the indians legends of how Jesus was amounsgt them, in about 40AD, the cherokee, the sencas, etc.

seen on a bridge overpass, in Rochester, ny 1970

Freestone Wilson

the true sufferings of the homeless people



I sense, now, the True Sufferings of the homeless people!
I live downtown in Tallahassee, Florida. I see lots and lots of homeless people, many wander the streets and live in the local shelter.
I feel the pain that they all seem to have, but I had not put together what some of this Pain might be. Obviously, I see men who look cold and wet, a lady sitting depressed, a man who is drunk, or someone who is "angry and sulking".
I also see people helping the homeless, the local churches, the Shelter, individual people.
The Old Man who sometimes comes into the coffee shop, to me, is a case in point, someone who "points" to the true Suffering of the homeless. He is about 65 years old, he came down here from Detroit in the fall. He looks like that character from "Little Abner" who had a raincloud over his head no matter where he walked, even indoors!
So here I saw the True Suffering: it is *not* any of the above problems, that is the True Sufferings! The True sufferings has to do with a lack of Inner Soul! This wound, in the soul, generates all of the conditions that are of the "homeless".
TRUE homelessness, the lack of a spirit[ual] inner life! Thus any help that someone gives, is a
pain pill for the headache, yes the pill removes the headache but the underlying condition Remains the same. This Soul is not something that anyone can give to him: only the Christ
can do that.
Thus this person lacks the ability to recognize goodness and wonderiousness, for example, when he sees or experiences it, thus the Pain of always being "out of it" is with him, every day!
This is a need that no one cane give to him, no counselor, no social worker can work this Miracle
of aid.
"give a man a fish today and tomorrow he needs another fish: teach a man TO fish, then he can fish for himself",
points to this problem of no soul or spirit, in his heart of life.
I had tried to "help" this older man, to get him to apply for HUD housing, but he says that he will look into it, but he never does! He tells me that he is too too tired, perhaps, too tired to walk the four blocks to the office. Or maybe he has a prison record!
there is a tarot card, a minor deck-card, that has a beggar standing outside of a warm church, on a cold winter's day, he does not look at the church. The Symbol of this card is of how someone
who has no Spirit in his heart, cannot see what is in that church!
Thus he is the True Homeless person, and it matters not if he has a huge McMansion and a good
Corporate job! Or even a tenured college professor of Humanities!
*These* homeless are far far more common than of the street people, and they are sometimes in far far greater Pain, as "things" and "control/power" do not fill the empty hole in their souls!
Thus, the Suffer the true sufferings of the homeless: the Agony of a meaningless life!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

the swingseat

the swingseat, originally uploaded by freestone.

the swingseat
Out behind the senior Apartments, Georgia Belle, where I live, is a garden, and at the rear of this garden is this swingseat.
It is used, you can see the worn ground under the seat.
The wood looks old and wan, a bit rotted, but this climate is "subtropical", which means a temperate winter and a rainy tropical summer; wood does not last, here.
"retirement". Often much more "busy than one might think!
There is "Medical Management", the "Second career", where one has to go to doctors for exams, followups, tests, evaluations,post-exams, etc, and if you have three to ten Conditions, why half your time could be taken up!
[I read that for people 60 years and over, the average prescription pill use is 5 to 6 prescription pills a day! No wonder there is a CVS/Walgreens being built on nearly every corner: the baby Boomers are coming of Age!!]

But there are man seniors who enjoy just sitting outdoors, spring can go on for four months, here in Tallahassee. The birds sing, the flowers smell nice, Life is Good, even at 90+ years old, as there are people that old, here; and in fairly good health too. Why I know of a 84 year old grandmother, who plays RPGs on her Super Nintendo, her grand daughter gave it to her!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

summations on a forum about end times

hi all...

someone, of a forum, asked me about something.

"So if you go down a list of possibilities, Freestone, what does this particular thing feel most like to you."?

the end times, the possibilities!

my answer.


tough one to answer there!

I *can* re post my visions which I have done here, over and over, but they soon get buried in the threads.

may 2007, I had an astral travel experience where I went to a farmhouse and I *Told* all of the 30+ people there, people who lived there and/or also came out of body, I told then, in "unfreestone-like"
severe preacher Tones, reading them all the riot act, "the end of civilization comes in three years [2010] , get ready *now*! finish up your incarnational life plans, do your stuff *NOW*!!"!
not like me at all to talk like this and how could I know such a thing?
my higher true Self may know!

then when B., here on the forums, wrote of how"2009 will be the year of the quake, 2010 Will Be the year of the volcano, 2011 will be the year of the Cold", I soon had a dream myself, where I went into the heavens to meet my deceased, as of 1999, my friend who was an Indian Shaman in a previous life. I met Sam. he looked about 30 years old now, and I could only see him when i looked out of the corners of my eyes. then, oh then, I Told him, "December 12th begins the year of the earthquake, the next year is the year of the volcano, and the year after will be the year of the Cold"!
but golly, people, xxxxx, who am i to tell a master-shaman something?!! anyway, i did.

then months later my deceased father came to tell me something, he told me, that "2010 will be very *VERY* COLD"!

my own feelings, here, is either it refers to my own death-to-be, in 2010, or a time of global cold, and *not* a cold winter either, a spring, summer, fall, of Cold, a year of cold, probably volcanic or solar winter!
when alive, my father was a seerer! but dimly. he wrote stories for the local paper where he wrote about how the weather would get colder and colder and by 1981, crops were in danger of not growing and by 1982/83, the cold rules.
he died in 1987, after several years of strokes and heart attacks, a slow downward spiral of health beginning in about 1981.
[he foresaw his own "winter"! but 1983 had one of the coldest winters in years and years, that winter saw orange trees , all of them, north of Tampa, become dead sticks!]
so his warning is poignant of a prior life-experience.

on and on.....

the movie KNOWING has the beginning set of numbers, 9/11/2996 to add up to "2", and the last "EE" is "55" which is "10"
2010, anyone?!

on and on......

they say, i have read, that the protecting angels always leave a city just before it is destroyed! as if they do not want to be a prt of it, nothing they can do, or else they go to get the places ready for the incoming souls. thus I see our economic depression a bit like this, the USA protecting angels departing and it all comes undone!

thus a good sign that the art class has done much, in learnings, is a depleted storeroom, where all of the paints, paper, crayons are exhausted. thus our ravished earth is so, we used and abused her, to do our last gasp "accelerated learnings, so that everyone who needed to grow a bit more, would do so, in the 1960 to now time span.
"course in review", all of history re-examined.

I have had a good life and i would not have changed any of it if i had to do it over again! On to the future, not the past.

my friend SAM, i think, as he told me about the Choice:, the choice that he had to make in heaven! two paths are open to him, focus on the future or the past. for Sam, he was 80% American Indian and while alive, he chose that, over being a white man: he did not like what most white people do, cities, computers, movies, etc....
aha. a race is the walls of the classroom, the kids go through the classroom every year different kids, but that the walls remain the same. thus in the black race, say, someone might have been a china man in a previous life and a white man before that: there are no races
to "bond to", expect the human race. thus all of our "toys" too, are just teaching aids for to have us each grow our souls.


Sunday, April 05, 2009

movie: KNOWING, yet more writings about it

hi all again..Well, I am contemplating seeing this movie for the 3rd time, soon.

[my comments, here, are probably "not acceptible" by many, as I am approaching this movie from Another vantage point, than of a "movie critic" or of a "normal" person!
My background is of a bit more "radicalness" than of a Saved Christian! My background is of the Spiritualist Church and psychicness and mystical dreams. Dreams where Guides and Angels
give to me spiritual truths, truths about humanity , the earth, and heaven. I have seen Jesus in my dreams and have been Shown and Told, that we all might have only a few years left before
civilization ends!!

I have seen the movie, I can well "critique" this movie as well as anyone else who can type 5 wpm, [not very well!]! Natuarally, I will
"tell it as I see it", a bit different "slant" than of most vewiers.]

There are a few scenes that I want to see again, to see if there are hidden meanings there.

I have come around to wonder if this movie is a "delivery system"
for a Spirit-given Messege!
Thus, if so, the plot can be "full of holes" as one critic had it, as the plot has to twist around the Given Messege.

Take that JESUS CHRIST", that I saw in the numbers that the son wrote!
There are three possibilities here.

1....that the movie people were directly inspired by Spirit and the writers, producers, were "asleep" to what they did.

2....that someone Knew very well what he/she was doing, they wanted to "play a joke" on us, by hiding Jesus's name in the numbers.

3....that while the person knew what he was doing, *as* a joke on us all, Spirit actually INSPIRED him to do this, that he had the "urge" to do it, but that the urge came from Spirit.

Just look at the "ascension" movement!

and from the Ra Material,


Questioner: Can you comment on the coming planetary changes in our physical reality?

.....ourselves with the conditions which bring about harvest.

Questioner: I think that it would be appropriate to discover how the Law of One acts in this transfer of beings to our planet and the action of harvest?

Questioner: Is this inconvenience imminent within a few years?

Ra: I am Ra. This inconvenience, or disharmonious vibratory complex, has begun several of your years in your past. It shall continue unabated for a period of approximately thirty of your years.

Questioner: After this period of thirty years I am assuming that this will be a fourth-density planet. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is so.

Questioner: Is it possible to estimate what percent of the present population will inhabit the fourth-density planet?

Ra: I am Ra. The harvesting is not yet, thus, estimation is meaningless.

Questioner: The way that I understand the process of evolution is that our planetary population has a certain amount of time to progress. This is generally divided into three 25,000-year cycles. At the end of 75,000 years the planet progresses itself. What caused this situation to come about with the preciseness of the years in each cycle?

This intelligent energy offers a type of clock. The cycles move as precisely as a clock strikes your hour. Thus, the gateway from intelligent energy to intelligent infinity opens regardless of circumstance on the striking of the hour.

Questioner: When graduation occurs at the end of a cycle, and entities are moved from one planet to another, by what means do they go to a new planet?

Ra: I am Ra. In the scheme of the Creator, the first step of the mind/body/spirit/totality/beingness is to place its mind/body/spirit complex distortion in the proper place of love/light. This is done to ensure proper healing of the complex and eventual attunement with the totality/beingness complex. This takes a very variable length of your time/space. After this is accomplished the experience of the cycle is dissolved and filtered until only the distillation of distortions in its pure form remains. At this time, the harvested mind/body/spirit/totality/beingness evaluates the density needs of its beingness and chooses the more appropriate new environment for either a repetition of the cycle or a moving forward into the next cycle. This is the manner of the harvesting, guarded and watched over by many.

Questioner: When the entity is moved from one planet to the next, is he moved in thought or by a vehicle?

Ra: I am Ra. The mind/body/spirit/totality/beingness is one with the Creator. There is no time/space distortion. Therefore, it is a matter of thinking the proper locus in the infinite array of time/spaces.

Questioner: What is the density level of our planet Earth at this time?

Ra: I am Ra. The sphere upon which you dwell is third density in its beingness of mind/body/spirit complexes. It is now in a space/time continuum, fourth density. This is causing a somewhat difficult harvest.

Questioner: How does a third-density planet become a fourth density planet?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full question.

The fourth density is, as we have said, as regularized in its approach as the striking of a clock upon the hour. The space/time of your solar system has enabled this planetary sphere to spiral into space/time of a different vibrational configuration. This causes the planetary sphere to be able to be molded by these new distortions. However, the thought-forms of your people during this transition period are such that the mind/body/spirit complexes of both individual and societies are scattered throughout the spectrum instead of becoming able to grasp the needle, shall we say, and point the compass in one direction.

from this somewhat wordy description of an "ascension process, they are saying that It Is Time, now, that the whole human race is "ripe" to collectively move to a higher NON-MATERIAL plane of life, where the laws of Spirit, alone, operate.
[the "new Heaven, new earth" of the book of revelations!]

"ye shall be as children", the Book says
children = our souls.

thus I feel that the movie is just one of the Preparations for to get us all ready for this event, not very far off in time.

One of the Themes of this movie, one not seemingly seen as Important, is the Core events between John and his son, where John and the son Bond over the idea of "us two together, you and I, for eternity, forever"! But at the end of the movie, only the son can go. Sort of "negates" the Bond, then.
does not. the real Messege, I feel, of Knowing, is that this bond *IS* forever and that John will appear, along with his father, in that New heaven, right behind the son, when the fire wall burns them both.



there are 9 Racial avatars that have Come.

turtle, fish, boar, man-lion, dwarf, rama one, rama two, Krisna, Jesus.
The first four had only Appeared to humanity while all of humanity was still in the higher demensional pre-incarnational realms, four of these planes. the Dwarf was the first to appear here on earth.
dwarf to jesus, there are FIVE to appear.
Jesus, then, was the 5th avatar.
"55" might mean that.
[EE = 55, the 5th letter of the alpthebet, in that last series of numbers on Juenda's sheet of numbers.]

I would put this even *more* strongly!!
---that as Jesus on the cross told the one thief, who accepted him, that
he was saved and would live in heaven, the Other Thief rejected Him.
this other thief represents, to me, all of the rest of humanity who rejects Jesus and spirit. Thus if Jesus were to Come Again, at the end of the age, he would come for to save the rest of us who deny him, Jesus would thus come for

freestone wilson