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KNOWING, the movie: second viewing.

Well here I went and saw this Incredible movie, KNOWING, for the second time.
Again I saw Cage [John] and his son, go through these experiences.

I will write about some of the hidden meanings that I have found, in this movie. "hidden" as maybe some of the writers and producers sneaks them in, OR...that Spirit Itself did this, inferring that this movie is a Joke upon the makers, that this movie contains Real Inspired Information!!

I want to see this movie again as there is now a better chance for me to see things that I missed before.

--to the people who saw the new world to be the Sun!
.....Not only was the "wheat" rippling like the surface of the sun, as stated above, I noted that as the camera passed by the ruined earth, the flow of the camera went towards the sun!
But the sun's surface is ionized gas and very hot!! This is stated explicitly in the movie as the college kid, in John's class, stated that the surface is ten million degrees hot!
AHA! I see that the Intent, now, is to show that this "new World" is *not* a physical world as we know it, in a word or two..."Heaven"!
So then ,this New World is then the "NEW HEAVEN" that is promised in the book of Revelations!
Of Course!
Then there is the "issue" of how several times in the movie there is that strong reaffirmation between John and his son about the Pact of
"together forever". In the face of the movie, John can never come to that world. But No! the hidden message, then, is that John *will* arrive there in that new world as the Pact is stated so.
Which brings me to what I had forgotten about, in my very first viewing, that the letters "EE" refer to the phrase that was found under the bed, "EVERYONE ELSE"! I do not feel that this message "really" is to infer that everyone on earth will be killed.
I feel that "everyone else" is that thief upon the cross that did not accept Jesus's offer to become saved and to be remembered in heaven! This thief is thus "everyone else", and now Everyone else will come, in "moments" to live forever in that New World, of the grass and of the tree.

where are the Angels?
I noted that as the aliens revealed their real selves, at first I thought that the gossamer light bands around them were just that. As they were getting ready to get on board the elevator with the boy, I noted that these bands rotated *with* each alien and i saw clearly that these bands were WINGS!!
[these aliens are angels]

I really wanted to see the numbers on the sheet that John's boy wrote. But in the second viewing, this sheet seemed obviously not to be of Meaning, the numbers were only shown for a second and that there was no real "start point" to them. then John ripped the sheet away, just as the teacher did for the girl! the boy scratched
15523, on the desktop, while this number was there for only a few seconds, I could see it. Meaning: that this number is important!!

reverse numerology, each number is a letter, a= 1, b=2, c=3, etc.
But J is 10 and 10=1! Thus each number could infer different letters.

here Goes.....

155 23 [two sets]

10 5 19 21 19 3 8 18 9 19 20
1 5 1 3 1 3 8 9 9 1 2
155 23



this is what the boy placed on his desk.

thus the "EE", backwards, is INDEED "33"!!

there you all are.
we ALL are going to this new world, very soon!!
this is the "hidden message" that I see, in this movie!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

movie, KNOWING, part two

hi all....

[quote]By Jeff on March 24, 2009 8:47 PM
Hi Roger,

I waited until I saw “Knowing” to both read and comment on this thread. Now that I have seen it, I have to say, I don’t understand the hatred this film has garnered from critics.

I loved it.

Again, I second this. One of the best movies that I have seen in quite a while.

I have a Guess as to why the critics did not like it. the same reason why many college professors, in my FSU 1960 days, at Tallahassee, seem to "overreact" to anything of Religion.

[I define a "redneck" as someone who has defined what "reality" is, and then not only cannot accept any one else's views, he gets really defensive and emotional when you bring to his attention that there could be more to reality than what this redneck thinks!]

Thus, just whisper the word "Esp" or "psychic" in a faculty lounge, at a major university and see and hear the rednecks EXPLODE!

I see it as basically, why the critics do not like it, as,

"there is Someone Up There who tries to me me *what to do*!

This Time of the 20th/21st century, to me, seems to be a Time of
"throwing out many many bathwaters that are dirty and needs to be pitched", but alas, there are babies that are tossed out too!

of *course* many sci-fi and fantasy movies are "inconsistent" in plot and executions: the overall fantasy plot must take first place and the shoe might not fit what "reality" is of! But then again, our so-called "reality", what we each and all define as "real", might be just as inconsistent to an "outside" observer!

----to the person who dreamed of the Stone!
To dream of this movie is incredible, must mean that this movie touched you deeply. I once had a dream where I saw a whole "list" of yellow stones. A "list" like of a name list, on a sheet of paper. In fact after each stone was a person's name and they were most of the close friends that I had, at the time. I interpreted this
dream as that each stone represented that person's soul.
[maybe each slightly different stone could infer the quality of the person that goes with the stone]
Is that huge stone the Christ?
[I am the Corner stone and ye all, in the temple, are the stones that make up the Church. {the Christ body of believers and saved souls}or{I am the Vine, ye all are the Branches thereof}

Too, as Sagan, and others have written of, there are supposed to be
something like 10 million planets in the Galaxy with civilizations and there are a thousand, or more, with a "super-civilization".
[Imagine a civilization that is 1,000,000 years more advanced than us, and without any "dark ages"! They would indeed be seen by us as "Gods"!]
Each of these planets would have their corresponding afterlife heavens too. The entities from these heavens could visit our heavens and maybe appear to us on earth.
We really know very little.

I intend to go see this movie again, soon.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the movie "KNOWING" and prophecy

I saw this movie last week. One of the most Scary movies that I ever saw!
the Comment that I will now post will be directed to the Psychics and the Christians both, to those people who believe that Spirit[or the Manipulators from higher dimensions!]can Inspire and influence artists so that Messages can appear in their works of art.
Say!the Joke might be on you all, the movie writers, producers, directors, etc, etc! If there is such a thing as "End Times" or "the Second Coming", Important information might be Embedded *IN* the movie!!KNOWING might then be Prophetic, *really*!
I will put it another way: that the movie's number sheet might be "Real" in that this series of numbers might REALLY have codes for the end times or the second coming, and codes that might be easy to see, the information is now appearing in more and more places to "soften us all up" to prepare us all for the Event!!
Not to imagine, perhaps, that the sun will go Nova, perhaps the "end time" date is only the beginning of years of geological woe, like the eruption of Yellowstone, years of woe that ruins our civilization over time.or....somehow the second coming is for real, in some ??? way.
for me, this is the most scary part of the whole Knowing movie experience!
for instance:
[quote]Childish strokes take on air of prophecyBy LUCY MORGAN© St. Petersburg Times,published October 13, 2001

It would seem that the collective minds of the world's intelligence community never imagined that armed terrorists would fly airplanes into the World Trade Center.
Despite all the money and energy we have poured into the CIA and other agencies, the United States was caught napping on the morning of Sept. 11.
Perhaps the CIA should have looked in Quincy, a small town in the Florida Panhandle about 30 miles east of Tallahassee.
There on a wall-sized, brightly colored mural painted about six years ago, a group of school children imagined the unthinkable.
The twin towers stand out, with windows lighted up and faces peering from them. Some of the windows seem to be filled with fire, and people are shown jumping from the building. The Empire State Building appears in the background, and a large jet airplane flies directly at the upper floors of the trade center.
The children who painted the mural were part of a summer reading program at the Gadsden County Library. Art teacher David Leporati helped with the project, which was painted from the minds of middle school students based on the books they had been reading, including King Kong. Although King Kong climbed the Empire State Building in the famous 1933 movie, he visited the World Trade Center in a remake of the movie and appears in the children's mural standing beneath the speeding airplane.

These days it gets eerie looks from those who notice the similarity between the mural and actual events. The mural sits outside a building that houses the Gadsden County Sheriff's Department and the library.
like that![the library, above, was not the only place that 9/11 appeared, years before the event!]
like that. Hidden messages in a movie and the makers of the movie might be disturbed to know, perhaps, the rest of you all readers might not agree with what I write but the occultists and psychics amongst you all might well go try to "read between the lines"!
If something "huge" is up line, in our future, I feel, myself, that its shadow will cast itself backwards in time and then this shadow might appear here and there, the Seers will sense the warning and then get ready!
freestone Wilson.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the View from my new Apartment!

the View from my new Apartment!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the View from my new Apartment!
yes, my new apartment at where I live, the Georgia belle apartments for independant living.
[westminister foundation Home]

I moved here when I was 62, the entrance age.
2003. Been here nearly six years, the normal time for a waiting list for the one-bedroom apts to come open.

So here I stand, the living room view is of a live oak tree in the back yard. There is a garden below.
I can see the city downtown skyscrapers behind the tree, to the right.

still unpacking, a bit.


Uploaded by freestone on 18 Mar 09, 6.02PM EDT.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

setting moon over Tallahassee

setting moon over Tallahassee, originally uploaded by freestone.

setting moon over Tallahassee
Looking out of my 4th floor new Apartment, I see to the west the moon setting.
the live oak trees are shedding their leaves, thus the scene looks a bit "urban" and "industrial"!

I hope to see some wonderful sunsets from this window, over the months and years: you will too!

Uploaded by freestone on 11 Mar 09, 9.12AM EDT.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Church, Interlaken, NY

Church, Interlaken, NY, originally uploaded by Sandy Su.

the Interlaken dutch reformed church.

the church that I went to when i was a child and went to in the 90s when I lived there in my hometown of 600 people.

some Predictions are not for anyone to see

some Predictions are not for anyone to see!!
Today at 17:53:53 hi all.

I had a small disturbing event happen yesterday, at the library computer! I was typing in another new thread start on the Yellowstone Volcano and then I added yet again several of my dreamvisions that I had about the next few years.
In my typing, the "finger peck" method, I lost track of the time and the five minutes were up on my hour and then the computer rebooted, losing my letter half way through. but what was


ominous, was that person who yelled to her friend, *just* as my letter faded from view, the computer reboots,

my goodness!!
these syncronisms cannot be ignored!

I have sometimes been chided and even a bit Flamed, on this forum, for posting a quote of someone's prediction that was made on this very forum!
I am NOW beginning to think that a number of visions and dreams, of mine, and maybe of a few other people: not to be ever ever shared to anyone as their vision is for their eyes only!


I am not sure, probably differs with each person. maybe the vision was only symbolic of something happening in that person's own future and should not be used to maybe scare others. but I feel that a deeper reason could be that there


spiritual "secrets" out there, secrets that are Revealed only to those in the "need to know". sounds a bit "elitist" perhaps, but just suppose *you* were to receive one of those visions?! feel "blessed, eh?!
maybe there is a string, rope, or even a steel cable attached to this "Gift"! that maybe the Knowing will give to you an Iron Anvil of a Knowing, a knowledge that would be like of a carrying an iron anvil on your back up the whole height of Mt. Everest!

some secrets, i suppose, carry an immense burden of karma, just to Know it! and that this karma might just for for life and for the life Eternal in heaven, too!!