Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from freestone

hello everyone.

Here I wish to everyone a merry Christmas and a good new year to come.

[typing at 5 WPM, *got to write everyone at once*!]

Here I sit, in my Room at the senior home. There are many many things to be thankful for, and as I walked earlier through the downtown parks to tell the homeless people, there, about the free dinner at a church, I saw yet Again how there are so so many things to be thankful for, things that we all take for granted.

---here I sit in a warm room. the mostly cloudy day is not snowy, not bitter cold. I do not feel angry, or depressed. How can I say this....that there could be 3,931 things wrong, bad things that might have happened and did not. I , for instance, did NOT choose the one leaf of lettuce that had bacteria on it, this little piece of lettuce was right next to the several that i picked up with tongs. One little difference and I would feel sick to my stomach all day long! Thus I take my stomach for granted and not think of it, today. Perhaps indeed an angel "compulsed", urged, my hand to move
slightly over to another leaf of lettuce, and I would never ever Know that I was aiming at Bacteria with my tongs! Never know that there was an angel or Spiritual Soul, urging me. Thus taking this for granted.
Too, I thank the Lord for the given wisdom to choose wisely. Like I might go myself to this church dinner, only to find that out of the 200 people, most are sick with colds, flues, stuff from all over the country, stuff that i might have no immunity for! And my COPD would not be happy with this!! Wisdom to accept that I should not go there today, *just* for the sakes of Christmas.
I recall the childhood nice Christmases. I grew up on a farm in upstate new York, a white Xmas was almost a certainty. [like that Christmas in 1995 where I walked five miles to my aunts facing the North Wind, at 20 above Zero! Lots of love at my aunts, there were 20 grandkids with parents and dogs, all in one room!]

the year 2012 comes fast! Even if nothing happens to the earth, this year will be a good time to make a new life or a new outlook on life. And...if end times earthchanges come, why look at the Northern summer for inspiration! This is where the weather is so nice, in July, but one always knows that winter will soon kill everything, thus enjoy the times of summer while it is here, summer is there for you to enjoy and to do your soul's life lessons and Missions. Same with a maybe 2011 end times, *This* age will end, as all ages do. So enjoy today while you still can.

So have a good year to come,


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  1. I also had a NDE. I wonder if we are truly different in our psychic ability or if the others just don't take the time to recognize theirs.