Friday, November 13, 2009

everyones emotions project ahead of them in time and space

I had a small event this morning at my coffee shop, one of those small things that i could talk about for hours and build a whole life-philosophy

I was sitting there at the table and watching the news on their TV and then looked away and thought about the news article about the Alzheimer's caregiver who snapped and killed his senile father. for years and years.
the court gave to him 15 years of parole.

I had then a fantasy of some elder tasking a baseball bat and smashing everything in the children's house, when they were away shopping, he, Alzheimer's, living with his "kids" and they care for him. when they come back, everything is smashed and he is still angry.

all of a sudden a homeless man came into the cafe. he has been here in Tallahassee for years, living at the shelter since at least 1998! 11 years at the shelter.
from NY city. intelligent. but very
schizophrenic. talks very little to anyone. glowers and is into his own space. rumor has it that he was working on his PhD when the schizophrenia began. this will be his life till he dies.

the Point, so so subtle. few might notice this.

I began this "Imagination" about the senile father smashing everything, about 30 to 50 seconds before he came into view, outside of the windows!

--- I can now see, that someone projects his aura and mental/emotional states, ahead of him in time and space! especially to anyplace that is intended to go to, like of a daily cafe.
corollary: that some of the greetings that greet one, when one comes into a room, building, cafe, even a whole new city, driving into it, is not "objective"! one gets, to a lessor or greater amount, the people reflecting back to you their reaction to what "wave" that you sent out ahead of you, in time or space!

i can sense even the more, now, why the some spiritual dogmas have it where the last few minutes on ones "deathbed" are very very important as these vibes go with you to heaven.

on and on...the heaven will greet me in the manner that i project ahead of myself!

such a large Seeing from such a small event. few would notice, few would make the connection. inspires me ever the more to make sure that i work on
not causing unnecessary anger and other negative emotions to wave out ahead of me!

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