Monday, October 26, 2009

why is it that so many psychic predictions are "overblown"?!

I posted this to a prophecy, predictions, forum.

Many seers predictions seem to be where the event in the future, seen, is, even if seen eventually to be true, the event that happens is often far less "serious" than the seer saw!
[like: "I was shown a tidal wave that ruins the coast of Japan, by next year", by some Japanese seer. Many many people get all worried and some more away from the coast. Low and behold the next year brings a tidal wave to all of west japan's coast, but the wave is two foot tall, at low tide, and brings only small damage. There are a few moored boats ruined and a few coastal buildings damaged, and one sea-side pub is destroyed. The paper reads that the 10 people in this bar were in panic as the wave crashed through the front wall, some of these people went "berserk", this paper stated, and three were killed.]

Hardly a catastrophic event for all of Japan!

Subject: Re: why *are* there so many disasters seen to come, my theory!

hi all.

there is yet *another*factor here at work, when a message comes that a "terrible event will occur"!

if a spirit being were to see and feel a future event "through someone's eyes", this Being will also feel this event through the heart and the emotions too, of that person.

I have an image.
shows this well.

----my grandfather had a lakeside cottage on the banks of Cayuga lake. In the later summer, he would close the cottage up for the winter.
Now it is December and there is snow on the ground. the cottage is quiet, the only thing stirring is one mouse, one mouse that is walking along the top of a shelf looking for food. There is a pot on this shelf and the top of the pot is level with the top of the shelf: this mouse investigates the opening of the pot and then falls into this pot!
Bad news for this mouse! the pot has a narrow top and this pot is about 18 inches deep, the mouse cannot possibly jump out of it. To boot, the pot is made of glass so the mouse can see the outside but cannot get there.
so this mouse runs around and around in a panic. runs..runs..jumps..runs..jummps!

....suppose a spirit being were to Probe the heart center of this mouse, now. there would be a LOT of emotion there indeed. that mouse is in a danger supreme and it is in panic mode.
Then this spirit being backs up and passes through the walls of this cottage and then floats out over the lake, about 50 feet off of the water and then floats over to the other side of the lake, which is over two miles away. From *that* vantage point, looking back to the cottage, 2.5 miles away, what now, people, can it feel about this mouse?!
the lake is calm. the sky is blue, a warm Indian summer day. Hard to imagine that a mouse is dying, far far away!

"Tempest in a teapot"!

to a fly or beetle, if it were just on the other side of the glass, on the outside, if it could Feel the mouse's agony, agony felt from two inches away, why that bug might be nearly overwhelmed by the intensity of the emotions and of the frantic actions of this mouse!

the mouse will die of exhaustion and dehydration, sloooowly!

when grandfather opens the cottage in the spring, he always found a dead, dried, mouse, in that pot!

--suppose a seer, here on earth, were to tap into a person in the act of being buried by a landslide, somewheres in the Rocky mountains. this slide only is about 50 feet wide but this guy's tent is right in the path of it. the slide comes just as this camper is getting ready to fall asleep.
He struggles mightily, as the mud covers him ten feet deep. he chokes and he strangles, a ton of mud and rock oppress him. Now imagine..imagine his emotional state if you were two feet from him?
Then..imagine being on a mountain top 100 miles away, you could dimly see, with your binoculars, the rock slide. You would feel nothing.

Thus some seers and the guides, and other spirit beings, might well give the seer the impression that this man's struggles unto death, is a huge HUGE collective event! the emotions *are* intense, the panic is there: there is no indication, *in* the Seeing, that this death is just "local"!
Be easy then to ascribe his death to some huge asteroid hit, or tidal wave crushings!!

thus I suppoise that many foreseen events arew thusly "overblown" in scope and intensity!


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