Friday, October 16, 2009

we each see the Gathering Storm in our own way!

hi all....

Here ole Freestone sits, another look at the predictive forums, on two sites, earthboppin and; another trawl through about 20 people's dreams of some disaster or another that will come soon.

There is a first gut reaction, looking at these dreams, from my childhood's "conservative upbringings" from the atmosphere of being raised near Cornell university. They would say....

"these dreams are just the personal fears of their unknown futures, as seen through the lenses of economic woes and wars and the problem of growing up.
The eruption of water and quakes and fires = the eruption of emotions and feelings, into the upper mind, from below the threshold of awareness"!
[psychological only, the Meanings]

but Upstate new York is also the home of the freeville spiritualist camp, and I have attended often, when i lived there!!
and...I have had many Dreams of my own, dreams that might Blanch a psychologist's face!

Behold that radio antenna along the interstate highway, you just pass by it and the studio just then signs on the that day, "Hello everyone, it is 7 AM, rise and shine and listen to 50,000 watts of WXGG"!
The radio waves also go out behind you, back down the interstate that you just came from.

there *might* indeed be something Huge, ahead of us in Time. the Signal is coming back wards from that event, in time. Think of a kind of "antenna" broadcast light in all directions, like of a light house tower. As this light goes back in time, it cast shadows upon each and every object in its path that can "hold" the shadow.
Since this Event probably is the destruction of civilization, each of us has by harmonics, personal
"dangers of our own personal end" fears, like loss of a job, death, loss of family, etc.
*THESE* are the "objects" that the shadow is casting upon!!

Why can not each of us dream this Event of Events TRULY?! See it as it is?!

Well, my own guess is that this event is SO beyond anything that any of us can imagine, that there are no references in our store of past images, to contain it!!
Thus each of us, in our own ways, dredges up from our subconscious mind, images of destructions, destructions that are in a kind of "Rapport' with what is to come.

1...suppose on Jan 1 of 2012 500 ships from the galactic Union appear in our skies then land and out of them come humanoids from 300 races , from 300 planets, each 10,000 to 90,000 years more advanced than us. Be like the first Europeans landing in a south sea Island! Within years, our earth culture will then be GONE!!
2...a 300 mile diameter planetoid strikes the earth.
3...Time Opens, and all of earth's critters, from all of history, appear, from mammoths to dinosaurs!
4..Time opens and all cultures appear, Roman legions marching along the Roads in England and Aztec cities appear: everyone here at once!
5...the dimensions roll over so that all of us, within 3.06 seconds, Translate to a parallel world that *looks* just like the place each of us was in, but using spirit laws instead of natures physical laws!!

In other words, something *SO* enormous that no one here alive can imagine it as it *is*!
thus any psychic who Dreams, is Shown; can only see or be Told what is coming, by the images that he already knows!

each of us, then, will dream a different dream, see a different vision!


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