Monday, October 05, 2009

some prophecies are Real, others are not; which is which?

hi all.

I had a little talk with someone, yesterday, about "prophecies" and "predictions". This person pointed out that most predictions miss their mark, and some of them, utterly so.

I wished, then, that I could have told him about a few prophecies that were Very Real, but then again all of my talk would have gone over his head.

example of a Real FATED prophecy.

my own Mother.
I would come up to visit her at the family farm, from my lakeside cottage, often, in the early 70s. To say "hello", to check my mail, to eat supper or just to have afternoon coffee with her. She had often a favorite hobby. As I was drinking my coffee, she would then open the kitchen cupboard door and there on the backside of this door would be taped clippings from those Tabloids that were often for sale next to grocery store checkout stations.
All of these clippings, people, were psychic's predictions, like of, "ten psychics predict for the year 1973"
Mother would then tear into them, laughing loudly and
telling me just how stupid these were and that now a year later all of them were "incredibly" false!
I did not know that she had Received a prophecy herself! I do not know if in a dream of vision, or if she saw it herself or that a spirit gave it to her, but i suspect that "she saw it in first person, herself, like of a 3-D movie"!
I did not find out about her vision until like 12 years after her death, when my father was in Intensive care, 72 years old.

her dream?
she saw that in ten years that as she is to be driving, one evening, at dusk, a red sports car would come over the hill in her lane and kill her, but that her husband would live until he was 72 years old!

----she was trying to put down this prophecy by trying
to convince herself, by telling others, that "all psychics are full of cr..!" if she could convince herself, maybe she could then not be concerned about hers.

there are a lot of predictors that see only dimly, even the "best ones" at times.
Some receive messages from spirits, both evolved and lesser evolved, but often these spirits, while meaning well, are in error. There is the time problem too, one Guide wrote, "if a guide says *this* will happen in 5 years, what will happen is that the Event foreseen will happen in SIX years, as Time differences between the speed of time, here on earth and in heaven, are of different rates of passing"!

Ten years later, she was driving at dusk and a red sports car came over the hill at 120 mph, in her lane.
my father was now 72, as predicted, but he died one year later, at 73.

She must have gotten hers from a *very* good Source!!

I, myself, have on several occasions, have had dreams where certain scenes were shown to me and low and behold, years later the same *exact* scenes would appear, in my life, some of these events were 10 or 11
years later!

--like of a certain building seen, ten years later my aunt rented it for me, i never ever saw it until i got out of the hospital: I gave to her some money and
asked her to find me a place to live and she did. When i moved into it, there it was, the same image from my dream.

I am talking here, about *REALLY FATED* events; my descriptions, here, do not do this justice at all, why in one of my dreams there were about 12 images and one by one, over 8 to 12 years, each scene "came true"!

Over the years, I have either "had", or were "given by spirits", visions and predictions for the future.
one was that the "end times" was to have begun in 1996. later I dreamed that this was to be delayed.
both "right", then "wrong" as Someone on high had a Hand in this delayment.

Now, as of summer of 2008, I have been getting over and over that Some Thing will happen around late 2010 to early 2012.
my death?
"end times"?
or both!

I am not alone, many many people are dreaming and visioning that "something will happen" around 2010.
Even the Movie "KNOWING" has "2010" encoded in the numbers!!
but I sense that whatever will happen, it will be something that there is no basis for understanding about! something SO strange that no one has a model for it, thus as this Shadow, of this event, is casted backwards in time, the unconsciousness of sensitives and psychics are stimulated.
thus every such person will dream of some great disaster, depending upon what images are stored in their minds. Some will dream of Comet hitting the earth, others will dream of tidal waves. others will be "political" and dream of alien invasions or government takeovers!
Yet more people will just feel more "uneasy" than of what the economic climate might generate in them, a free floating anxiety, perhaps; waiting for the shoe to drop.

my own dreams tell me that within the 3 years from late 2008, civilization will end as we know it, might end completely!
["end"...meaning that the beginning of the end will begin, the time to "end" civilization might take ten years, or more, for much of us, life will continue as normal until this Process is over!]

but are my own visions to be on the same level of "fate" as my mother's?! Do they come from that "impeachable source"?
I will not say, here.


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