Saturday, October 31, 2009

a slightly new way of looking at autism!


I think I have a slightly new slant upon why autistic adults act the way they do!

[this might apply less to left brain, verbal, aspergers; more than to the right brained high level, thinking in images, autistic people!]

I once read about how brain scans, in kids 7 years old, show profound differences in brain wirings, between Normal children and autistic children. the normals showed two areas light up, when
a stimulus goes from one part of the brain to another part of the brain. In autistic kids, though, as many as 7 or 8 areas light up and it was shown that the stimulus does not go normally from one area to the second, in autistic brains, this stimulus has to make detours throughout the brain!

think of a string of Christmas tree lights. some kinds have it where if one bulb is burned out, the whole string is dark, where in other types of strings, if one light burns out, the others stay lit up.

Normal brain: childhood goes into adulthood and the child thinkings sink down into the subconscious mind, never to be used much again. the person becomes "adult" and lets the ways of the child, go away.
Think: the dark bulbs of childhood are dark, no electric, but the rest of the string's lights are lit.

autistic brain: as every part of the brain is now used, in a random, associative, manner, NO neural area can "rest".
the whole string of lights need every single bulb to work or else the whole string is dark.

what i sense is that for these autistics, childhood never ever ends, no matter if the man is 50 years old! "childhood" and its thinkings and behavior patters are "right now, today", what was done and thought at, say, age 6, is as vital and Present, today as it was back at 7 years old!

Not only do many autistics look young for their age...
[I have seen 15 year old "kids" turn out to be 42 years old!]
....but that the PATTERNS of childhood are just as real and vital as they were then today!

1...the need for Mother. needing what childhood was like, IS like: a firm feeling of being mothered and fathered, having a nice shell around oneself of Knowing security, like a 5 year old needs.

2...playing with toys in a way that is more "primitive" than the toy might warrant. Like twirling a toy soldier around like a top instead of role-playing it. of Course! the fellow is just playing the way a 3 year old would play with it as the three year old way of playing came first and is NEVER forgotten, even at 40 years old! Thus, the toy is spun around, as that is just as satisfying.

I could go on and on, but in essence, i now see that for many autistic people, there is that great mixture of "4 year oldness" and 12 year oldness, and 18 year oldness, all together in the same mind, the same heart, the same person, when he is even 60 years old!

never outgrow the need for Mother.
always, if intelligent aspers, asking questions and poor social stroking's as....does a kid 6 years old have a social awareness?!

these are some of my thoughts.

freestone Wilson

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  1. Hi I have Autism. This sounds like me. I have so many associations when I look at something that I confuse myself sometimes. Because for example just because a leaf reminds me of an egg because of the way it looks I may think its an egg for a second.