Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"street prophet" image, sharpened, you can read it

hi all.
[If you go to my Flickr page,


you can see the huge size where each word is readable.]

End times.
Maybe just the breakdown of civilization.

Someone made up about 20 of these, summers ago, and placed them within ten blocks of the Bus station, here in Tallahassee.

a dream?
a vivid imagination: he just wants his hour of fame?!

But I see this as a real possibility if the Breakdown happens!

I see that some new agers, prophecy peoples, politics peoples, many who dislike the western American way of life; they just would like to see this happen, what this rant is showing to us. like to see everything come apart, as these survivors live in their Year-of-food shelters. Like to see "God punish the capitalistic way of life and its sin excesses.

*if* this comes:
Better learn How to Kill, with no remorse! a thousand people might want to storm that bunker, that shelter! you got some: they do not, and they want! strongest man wins! the Sherrif is no longer around, nor the State police either! In fact they might be amoungst the people storming your bunker!!
better strangle old feeble grandmother, so to put her out of her misery!
better, if you are a woman, better find a strong man to follow and accept if he abuses you.
or maybe *you* will gladly accept being one of the Thugs who will steal and kill: for your hungrey self or for your family! That "intellectual" across the street is now no good for anything anyways and you are hungry: "books" will not mean anything anymore and "reading" will come last, for the rest of your great great grand children's lifetime, if you have any children!

be very careful what you wish for, dislikers of the Western way!!
You could end up making these kind of choices if you get your Wish!


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