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"end of civilization 3 years": Dealing with this dream!

"end of civilization 3 years": Dealing with this dream!

---to a forum, I posted this, a few days ago.

hi all.

"would ya know it", here ole Freestone, the guy who posted the
topic "dealing with Gloom and Doom predictions" has yet another dream vision about the end of Civilization!!

a simple dream, really.
I went out of body, astral travel, there was a Voice, somewheres, a man's voice. This voice justs says,

"Civilization will not end all at once, will take about three years and will not affect the whole world, at any given time".

something like that, I had to place the "quotes' in my own words.
but I remember the Meaning of it: that the Voice was telling me that only parts of the world will have problems, at any one given time, during the "ending", life will go on for the rest of the world's countries.
This "Process" will take maybe three years, and beginning soon. There was a Tone to his words that inferred that by the end of those three years, not much will be left, of our collective world civilization!

but just a Voice. Here I am only being a "messenger"!

I could *then* turn and become "gloom and doom" negative, people.

[how can a Bearer of Predictive Bad News not be Negative?!]

actually fairly easy!

I live in a senior Home of about 150 residents. many are very old, in their 90s. the ambulance comes about once per week, for someone, and while usually the person soon comes back, sometimes this person is never ever seen again!
everyone here just knows that sooner or later this ambulance will come for THEM!!
Some of the residents are a bit in denial of old age and death. they want to be "in control", to live just like they used to live, for some men, to be physically active, for some women, to have those good looks of their youth.
Some residents are turning to new activities that do not require good legs or sharp eyes and ears.
Others just sulk around muttering how Bored they are, but surrounded by the Internet and new books, but these bored people have trouble dealing with anything ahead of about 1965! They see the pre-1965 fading away, thus their world is now seen as "empty"!

in a profound sense, that Told Phrase, "civilization will come apart in sections and will take about three years to end it all", is a very very good symbol for my own oncoming DEATH.
or literally *as* a prediction from spirit!

I will die some day.
As will you [ all ].

Right this moment the mocking bird is sing a sweet song outside of my 4th floor window, the live oak tree is nice, the blue sky more so. Enjoy the moment, i say. I know that "Indian summer" is now here for Tallahassee. today is September 30th 2009. Indian summer could last until December, here, on and off. But Indian summer *will* end, either in killing frost or in a couple of weeks of rain and clouds, non-stop, at 55 degrees temp.
Just as our humanity's civilization is OK this moment and even IF this dream is a collective Vision, the beginning of the End is not quite yet, unless you live in American Somoa, and the surrounding islands!!

So it is Death, my death, your possible collective deaths, that this
predictions is Asking of me, maybe of you!

I know that I will live in heaven, I have been there many many times
I have talked with most of my relatives, there. They have shown to me how they are 'getting along"!

So I will listen to the bird sing, take my walks, read the earthchange news.

Gloom and Doom?
Am i gloomy over, when I lived in Upstate new York, near Ithaca, NY. :
Gloomy over the fact that *there* summer is often over by the end of August and that snow has fallen, and stayed on the ground, in early October, the summers are so so short, this year many people had no summer at all! Gloomy? I enjoyed my summers at my lakeside Cottage, in the 70s, until i was "frozen out" in October, but I knew that I would see another summer *next* year! But in the Rest of the late summer that I was still living in, I enjoyed that summer too, as it is the enjoyment, *NOW*, today, that makes me happy and that grows my soul in soul and Spirit.

---I am, now, 68 years of age. I am in fair health, I walk three or four days a week, a mile or more. But the day *will* come, eventually, when I will only be able to walk a few blocks with a Walker or cane. Then, a few years later, I might not be able to leave my room!
Thus, these "end time visions" could just be my subconsciousness Just Giving to me the News, that I am Getting ever ever the Older: many many men have died in their 40s and 50s and I am 68.
There *are* men, here, in my senior Home, who are 90, 92, 89 years old and they are in fair health too. But their minds are not very "sharp" anymore!

I cam across a Quote from the Florida State football coach, just today.
here it is.

"Don't go to your grave with a life unused" -Bobby Bowden-

So there are Two messages, for me, with these dreams!
1...Enjoy my life, now, before I cannot do so much, I have seen, in the US Air Force, men who would retire at age 40, and they looked forwards to a nice life after retirement, but that in the meantime the great stresses of their Air Force Job, gave to them so many medical problems that after they retired they began their second career: MEDICAL MANAGEMENT! And...unable to do their dreams! Al that these men can do now, at age 45, is to take care of their many health problems.

Whether I die of earthchanges along with you all, or die of that "heart attack", or car accident, and everyone else goes on living for up to 50 years more, these dreams give to me a True Message, "do it now"! Add positive life experiences to my soul, while I still can.
Someone wrote, "for every window that you open in this lifetime, there is a corresponding window that will open in your heavenly house, a window that will look upon a different area of heaven"......Rudolf Steiner"!
I put it this way, "Every positive life experience is a ticket punch in your soul's ticket and when you arrive in heaven, each Punch will admit you to a corresponding temple of Learning and experiences, like of a temple of Healing, Music, poetry"!

2...If I have only a few years left, then I should "lighten my load"! not "possessions" as such, but I should try to remove some of my "dirt spots" on my soul's Robe! There might be Some attitudes, ways of seeing life, "sins"; that will maybe not "automatically" fall off of my robe when I leave my body after that Final Out of Body Experience; these I could begin to "clean" while still living, now!
Easier here than there, after death, to do this.
Thus every person that I will now meet, who has "negative attitudes", depressions, anger, etc..etc...Will remind me that I should also look at my own possible Issues of like attitudes, and then try to make sure that none of these follow me into the afterlife!

So as my health could come apart in sections and pieces, over the next number of years, or that maybe civilization itself will end, in these 2012 times, in a time frame of 2 to 5 years, slowly here and there, all over the globe, until most of us, who are left, will live without electric, as the lights could then be off for 500 years!!

Thus my dreams and visions could be advising me of one or of the other possibility: maybe *both*!


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