Thursday, October 08, 2009

a dream about changing attitudes towards the homeless

I had a very strange and intriguing astral experience last night and I do not really know what to make of this one!

the homeless people rehabilitation center!!

---I, in other OBEs, have visited a place in the afterlife where homeless people have gathered, to live. many of them, apparently after death, continue to live the way they did in life on earth. at this spot, in several other dreams, the type of homeless people who congregated here were not so much of the "urban" type of person, these souls were the homeless who might have lived in the woods, lived in tents, did not like
cities. nor the 8 to 5 jobs either. so they just left white man's civilization.
I recall, now, about two or three obes to this wooded place next to a railroad line. [railroads in the astral planes?! the backsides of the earth perhaps, the ethereal?!]

last night though, this area was very different. apparently there is now a huge rehabilitation center there for the homeless. there were shelters, food halls, building after building and a lot more homeless people.
I joined in with these people, i wanted to see what is going on here.
I was then told that the counseling area was in another section and duly I went there.. a huge building, someones did a lot of work on this place. there were hundreds of people in my group. they split up into several waiting rooms, i went with one of them. I sat there in the crowded room for a long time, then some counselor told us few remaining "clients" to move to another room. I walked there, there to see a few more remaining people also waiting.

at this point, I chose to leave. I floated in into the air and floated out through the wall and over the grounds and then away for about a mile beyond the entrance to this place.
now *this* is where things get interesting!!

suddenly in the air a huge book appeared and it was open to the middle of it and i could read the two pages that were there.
there was a paragraph about another huge homeless rehabilitation center, that was located in [over] another part of the USA, maybe 400 miles from Tallahassee.
essentially, the people "behind" this center, the head managers of it, were found somehow "wanting" by Spirit in some way and that this place was removed.
*then I was told this this place that i was just in, ALSO is found to be wanting. I then saw like in "google earth" the view of this rehab center from hundreds of feet in the air and suddenly it was GONE!!
there now was only a rectangle of flat barren soil, a rectangle miles to a side and feature less, only brown soil! every trace gone, anyone who now came up onto it from the side would only see miles of flat flat brown earth, level to the foot, for those miles! not a trace of anything on it!

there was a feeling that came with this, as to why these seemingly very good places were not found to be "good"!
--that the overall philosophy, by the founders, spread by the counselors, where every "helper" had the same idea, was to take such a homeless person and over write their souls to be "normalized" as to what the surrounding culture values are! none of the "gifts" of each person was considered.
and no mention of religion or of Jesus either!

as i walked to my coffee shop, this AM, i wondered if at this point, all of these centers will be wiped?! as well as other "heaven advancement" centers that have the same philosophy.
I wondered what the alternative might be? for now it might seem that up there it would be far far better to just let these people be homeless and to inspire them to develop each person's talents to be more greater, even if it means that there is little contribution to the CURRANT collective way of life! [here on earth, as well as in any spirit level of heavens!]

as i read it, would be much like of some "English government's" PLAN TO TAKE THE BELOVED BRITISH ECCENTRIC and to normalize him to be just like everyone else!

and..I now suspect, that here in this earth, here in today's
Tallahassee where i live, i will have to make slight changes in how i feel to wards the many homeless people that i often see nearly daily.

for example. that "grouse", the grouse complaining 62 year old steel worker from up north! I sometimes see him at the coffee shop, he lives in the shelter. *now* i might just accept that he should just be "permitted" by me, to be grouse and to accept that grouseyness is quite OK, and that he might have a point: that he sees true things and that this is *his* contribution to life!

How about the lady who lives at the shelter who is the very "thing" of Depression?! depressed from day one, at birth, depressed every day for life. why, now I will remove any "traces" of "too too bad you cannot bring any sun into your life" feelings for her to "rehabilitate"!
"depression" is a statement, a life statement and is just as valid a life statement as other ways of life. maybe when she dies she will join with the "Lamenting Angels" who lament war and failure-deaths and such.
Thus if i talk with this lady, i will just be depressed with her, to validate back to her what she is. I am NOT going to emit any "judgment" vibes to her as to "is there not a better way of attitude that you can have"?! I will, from now on, just "celebrate" anyone's life attitude, no matter what it is!


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