Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the stink did not go away!


years ago I bought one of those hippie india bedspreads for my bed or wall. so pretty to look at. but the aniline dye stunk SO bad, in my small lakeside cottage room, that i washed it twice uptown in the laundrymat.
did no good. I hung it on the line for a week.
did no good.
then I had a Bright Idea, sink this thing on the shoreline about three feet out where the two foot waves, from the 60 mile long lake could do the deep surging action upon this spread. I keep it there for two weeks!

did no good!

I hung it again for two weeks.

did no good.

by now summer was over and i prepared to take it up the hill to pitich into the trash. on the trail up, i saw a large glacer rock and there i spread it for the winter to caress. by now it was october, in upstate new york, winter and the fall rains come early then snow falls, even down by the lake they get 40 to 90 inches a year.

next year, about middle of may, i came down the trail, forgotten all about this spread.
"funny" i told myself, "what was that awful STINK"?!!
off about 90 feet was that rock and by now the rock was poking through this rotting fabric.

did no good!

this Thing was just as Aniline stinky as the day i bought it!!

---and to think that some hippies that i knew lined their all four walls and their beds with these spreads!!


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