Friday, September 11, 2009

sometimes I am glad to have mutiple chemical sensitivities!

Sometimes I am glad to have MCS!!Posted by freestone Wilson on September 11, 2009 at 8:33am in MCS


Hi all.

Sometimes I am actually glad that I have MCS!!

An example that happened just the other day. Here in my senior Home for Independent Living, they have two church services on Sunday. I like the minister, though he is a bit "Fundamentalist" for my tastes. And I do not really like to sit, as I have ADD too!
But I sense an "expectation' from everyone, including the minister, that I "must" come!
well I tried, last Sunday evening. I came in late, just to hear the middle of his sermon.
He was preaching that essentially gay people are on the sin path and that there is NO exception to this, the Bible is explicit in this, he says.
About then, the massive perfume overkill was "really" getting to me. I stood up, in front of everyone, coughing and hacking up flem, in front of everyone, and I left!

Church is a toxic substance for me in MORE ways than one!!

a very good Excuse never ever to go.

I later told this minister about the year that i lived in my Interlaken, NY, hometown, in the 90s.
I could stand to attend the Reformed church in the summer with all of the windows open, but today was now fall and cool, so the closed window time begins.
my wonderful Aunt is the choir director and organist, and by the time I began to react to the fumes, she was about to perform a solo organ piece. As she played this ethereal, quiet, solo, I began to cough in earnest. And louder and louder. I was sitting up near the front of the church, the only way out was for me to run, coughing like mad at full full volume, past my aunt, who was still playing, and then past everyone in the church and out the door near the pulpit and then slamming it shut and then running down the stairs, my size 12 boots were giving "drum action" to her solo, all 40 steps at 90 decibels and out the basement door slamming it hard!

I know the terrible secret, people, of why church people perfume themselves so much.
Of course they would be aware of body odors, sitting so close to each other, which brings up what one MUST not do in church as "bad smell" = "impure" and one must approach the Lord in worship with a pure heart and body!
to Purify oneself before the lord: spray it on *real* good!!

So now I have a good excuse for not attending ever the church, here, in my senior home.

why down the street, the st John's Episcopal church, why there they swing CENSORS up and down the isles before service begins: smudge pots of incense, i would last .004 seconds before I ran out!!

yes, some people wear so so much perfume that if perfume were a SOUND, as they walk into a cafe, the windows would shatter out wards, like as if a bomb were to have gone off!!

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