Wednesday, September 09, 2009

rising above the prediction and prophecy forum negativity!

yes, rising above the prediction and prophecy Negativity!

I was at the public library the other day, i needed to print something out, and I looked at the latest predictions and prophecies on several of my favorite forums.
I left that library a bit depressed and a bit irked. As I usually do to some extant, I cannot help it as I have a very vivid Imagination.

Oh, there are the very best forums, very good people there. I choose my forums carefully. There are quite a few predictions made, on these forums, from a psychic and an economic point of view.

As I walked away from the Library, I recall a favorite magazine from the 50s childhood. READERS DIGEST. Over the years they have had very helpful articles about personal security, health issues to be aware of, economic suggestions for hard times, etc,etc: very helpful articles but these articles tended to make me MORE scared and Afraid, afraid of life, as now I know 46 ways that my home could be invaded, 32 ways the garage can scam my car repair, 78 ways that i can get heart attacks if only I eat right and there are 99 suggestions for *that*, on how to eat, every so often the issue that tells me to eat only margarine, is over ridden by a later issue that tells me that real butter is better for me!

I live at a senior Home for Independent living. Here there is a man
who is a "candy grabber", no one puts out candy on the desk anymore as when he finds the bowel, he takes ALL the candy! He also has One Answer for everything. "right and wrong" are one pixel apart in "absoluteness"!!
Fixated, opinionated, and he tells us all, "I laugh at cholesterol and diabetes, all my tests come back normal.
Only Thing is....he is NINETY YEARS OLD! He has seen many a younger senior Go Down at age 62 or 65, people who think right and eat right!!
[in my 1998 hometown, Interlaken, NY, I saw a man who walked four miles a day and no fat on his body, die suddenly at age 67, of his 4th heart attack, the man across the street weighed about 240 and worked as a plumber all of his life, never reading about what to eat, he probably ate *everything* bad for him: he shovels snow and mows his lawn, at age 86.]

there was one post, yesterday, where this beloved [there on the forums]
and respected by all, predictor, wrote that essentially our Depression that we all are slightly coming out of is going to, next year, dive down SO much that the money will be worth nothing and that everyone will be unemployed and that only the fat will survive unless one becomes, really, a "survivalist"!

I look at all of these gloom and doom posts, shuddering slightly.

I, over the years, have been blessed with over a hundred dreams where guides and angels take me to experience places in the afterlife worlds.
For me, life after death is a "Know", not a "believe"!

I apply my knowledge to these gloomers.
Each and every one of us will die of Death some day, some sooner, some later. To quite a point: I would suggest to live "quality over Quantity"!
so what if Yellowstone erupts and kills me! so what if all economic activity zeros out so that all cities erupt in riots and I live on a cardboard sheet somewheres in the woods!
I understand *THIS*: that I am here to hoe my garden of life and then at the end of the Day, I will turn all of my tools back into the construction shack, and then leave, never to come back until my next incarnation!
"loaners". everything is a loaner, what counts for all is *how* I use the Tool.

end times?
Probably if there is an end times, only those who are spirit-given to be Survivors, should prepare in advance for this: you each probably Know who you are!
the rest of us? we each have our soul growth things to do. if we were to "obsess" on end times and thus be Afraid, our lessons will stop, as we go into "survivalist contractions"! stop those piano lessons! read Mother Earth magazine, not "Atlantic"!
[we came here to live our soul given lives, not to "survive" as most of us have been through that, over and over and over, during our past lives, as in "Africa today"!]
there. some of my ramblings about my reading of disturbing news. of *course* i will continue to read these forum posts, I am interested in the
future! But i must not let the Fear carry me away!


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