Thursday, September 03, 2009

the Pie. why the generation gap!

the other day, it was Bingo night, here at my senior residence. there is a lady who gets day old pies from the store, their giveaways, and then she cuts the pies up and serves them during the break time at half game over.
she, months ago, appreciated that I come in at halftime and serve the cut pies that she has made up, in the kitchen, before the games begin.
So the other night i came in and she had several pies cut and one of them was a RARE pie seldom seen, Cream of Mango pie. she had cut it into only four huge huge sections, serving four people. I knew that this pie was so so rare that why not cut the sections yet again to give 8 sections so that more people could appreciate the pie. I did so, in seconds after serving all 8 sections were gone.
now she is angry at me for doing this doubling of the sections, as she thinks that the several left over unchosen regular pie slices will go to waste! she then in a huff tells us that she will quit serving all the halftime snacks altogether!
I think now that i will not come anymore to serve either, as I would have to do ALL the work, from now on.
Oh this is such a simple thing, but it illuminates, to me, the utter utter differences between the generations, the "great depression WW II people" and the Babyboomers of this generation.
They, the great depression people, have it where to SAVE something, is far far more important than using it as if something were saved, it might be there for tomorrow, if no more new items come in. Better to have it rot, if not used. they all might say, too, "you can never have too much insurance"!
the babyboomers might say that things should be shared, to be used. live for today and "if you do not buy it now, today, it will not be there tomorrow, as in a week the store might bring in the new next replacement"! This generation would enjoy sharing a good rare pie, either with each other, or hogging it for themselves, and not to save it for a tomorrow that might not come.

as in the LIBRARIANS Great Divide over "books" and helping the customers: "Protect the books" or "serve the people"!

I felt, with that pie, that I wanted to make the most people that i could, happy. she felt that one should not waste anything.

In a sense I should have asked her if i could have divided up that pie my way, but she was not around, then. But if i did that, i would have to also ask her from now on in every little tiny act, what she would want of me to do! If I were to do it MY way, there is that difference and she probably will not agree.
there is no "synthesis" here: I will not back down, as there is more to this than meets the eye. Probably that mango pie might be the last break snack that they ever eat, unless they find someone else to do it for them all, at Bingo night!


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  1. wow this is so true, Ive noticed this with elderly people I have dealt with too.