Monday, September 28, 2009

do you find yourself Drawn TO the offending smell?!

hi all.

do you find yourself Drawn TO the offending smell?!

my MCS sister told me over and over, as I lived with her for years, about if she were to enter a
new supermarket, she would ALWAYS walk down the isle that has the clothes detergents, the *most* irritating substance, to her, in the store!
Over and over: she got mad at this.

I was reminded today of this when I tried to "carefully" walk by some roofing company's
hot tar stove, across the street. But! Directly across this street was a lady that I knew; we talked for over 15 minutes as I breathed in this tar stink full time, as *IF* all of this coincidence was Planned! As if I were, SHOULD just walk by this tar stove one foot away, lean over it, inhale deeply this smoke, then do this for an hour,




I once read, [cannot find it on google, though] that researchers found out that people will
"response to the stimulus "! what this means is that when a stimulus happens to someone, he turns TO it. The brain craves stimulus, and any stimulus is better than no stimulus, so that one unconsciously will embrace this thing!!

I wonder how many of you all, who read this, find this to be so?! do you find that it is as if these fumes and smells seek you out? as if maybe life is going to force the odor down your throat! as if someone will spray the bugs with a can of spray and aim it AT your nose, without even a clue as to why they do that?!

my interpretation of those psychological words about "stimulus, and yes, i see this all of the time with me, that I will "embrace" anything that i do not like, whether smells, food, weather, etc!

the stimulus engages the brain so that the brain becomes more aware of this, say, smell, then
like of a bit of rock tipping into a star's black hole, or a bicycle going into a road rut and taking that route instead of the intended direction, I would "turn" and walk to wards this smell. all unconsciously, maybe. I would stuff the offending substance up my nose, if "i could"!!

----to be alert and aware always of your self and the surroundings, as my saying is..."those who do not transcend the Archetypes, BECOME them!" Be more "alert" than of the middle lower brain. Then you can Choose to avoid the stimulus that will "snare" you to drag you into this.

I once saw this in action, verbally!!

I attended Florida state university, in the 60s, here in Tallahassee, Florida, the heart of the deep south. I listened to a group of Northern professors talk about how they hated the south.
One man said, "I hate the south SO much that I realize that I never ever can leave the south"!!


he has Responded to the stimulus, now he NEEDS the stimulus as it defines him! He could actually "force" a southern person, in his presence, to say some redneck thing, just to anger him! he needs this anger. thus he will never leave to move back north.


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