Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the writing on the "wall"!

the writing on the "wall"!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the writing on the "wall"!

here is a sidewalk writing and it dates from about 1971.

st John's Episcopal church, right next to their Sunday school children's playground. Tallahassee, Florida, usa.

Its been on that sidewalk since the hippie days.

"fright"? Not "expected" perhaps, but I can see why the writer wrote that word: How often have I backed up against the wall and put hands over my ears as a huge truck roars by the sidewalk, then the car behind it, why the driver gives to me a "heckle" as he thinks that my "over-reactive" pose is something to laugh about!
little does he know that if one HOLDS the fright inward and shows a stiff upper lip and does not "accept" that something is threatening or scary, why the hormones just go right to the blood pressure and arteries! There is much much more Stress in repressing, denying, "fright" than in accepting fright and dealing with it!

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