Thursday, August 06, 2009

some of my twitter posts

here are a few of my recent twitter posts, several all posted at one time, posted about the hacker problem with twitter, on Thursday.

freestonewsomeday i fear the ONE WORLD GOV. will be needed, as someone has to be in charge, a centralized gov. from web

freestonewthat is the trouble: one needs to be able to "police" some far away 3rd world hacker, he is safe in his far off tiny country. from web

freestonewtwitter DID help the Iran demonstrators, eh?! Cause for Righteous revenge, maybe?! too bad the "swat stick" is not long enough to reach Iran from web

freestonewtry again: the older the place, the more "NOs" that are in the Lease! Twitter gets Popular, more firewalls and sign up Terms are needed! from web

freestonewfunny! the twit i sent was not the twit that I read!! from web

freestonewthe longer tenants rent a place with a lease, the longer the gets gets: more "NOs" Same with twitter and its growth, more firewalls, terms

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