Friday, August 21, 2009

second life avatar

second life avatar, originally uploaded by freestone.

second life avatar
I now have entered trying out SECOND LIFE and there I am, near the shelter area.

my new Avatar. me.
In my first life, I am 6' 2' and weigh about 135 lbs, and am tall and scrawny. A perfect "opposite" to me; In spite of the fact that this character looks like a currant living Indian Guru, who likes to wear an orange robe!!

I plan to explore worlds. All kinds of worlds and realms. I might not change too much my avatar, I read that prims and added attachments can slow down the fps!
Many of these worlds I can never ever visit, in my 1st life, I look forwards to experiencing these.

Second Life, this place might be a role model for what the afterlife is like! Will be like, as I hope that all of us will go there some day: the ultimate created worlds. In fact, I read that higher heavenly beings create the entry level heavens for us, each of us then adds the personal areas.


Uploaded by freestone on 8 Aug 09, 9.14PM EDT.

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