Saturday, August 08, 2009

second life avatar

second life avatar, originally uploaded by freestone.

second life avatar
my second life avatar, ten minutes into this thing.
least it does not look like that kid next door.

why did I choose *this* one?

I am 6' 3" with shoes and weigh about 130 and have a small long head and utterly white hair, with what there is left of my hair: a natural for me to choose a character that is utterly opposite from my self!

looks "disturbingly" like a certain living India Guru!
Whatever...I always wanted to see how I would "look" as an opposite, and still "be" a man!

I am no good whatsoever in giving darshan, the India way of preaching from the pulpit, if I were Forced to stand in front of a Church congregation I will only tell you to, "develop your own individuality and to love films and computer stuff, with the Internet, and to have a free will self!

I will probably get lost in this world, larger than Alaska and now is "mod based", open source, from planetarium shows to mock ups of what heaven will look like, second life!

Now off, sooner or later, to explore a world larger than Alaska!


Uploaded by freestone on 8 Aug 09, 9.14PM EDT.

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