Friday, August 28, 2009

the naked bicyclist

The man well known around Tallahassee as "Speedo Man" may have taken it too far.

An avid bicyclist who regularly rides around town wearing only a thong, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct for exposing himself in three different instances, according to an arrest warrant provided by the Tallahassee Police Department.

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound guy was booked into the Leon County Jail at 6:45 p.m. Thursday.

Investigator wrote in the probable cause warrant that Officer B. first responded to the office at the Greenwood Mobile Home Park on St. Augustine Road, where he spoke with the office manager

hi all. I saw him the other day. On his bike. nearly naked.
Was he endowed with a good body? I feel not. I would not feel proud of it.

He has been seen riding all over town, at all times of day.
Apparently he was indeed often riding naked, no cover at all on anything.

When I read this, this morning, I wondered about why he does this? I tried to "get into his mind" a bit. Maybe he has deep convictions, like of someone that I know, part Indian, who strongly feels that no one should ever ever have to pay rent or money for a place to live, as "land cannot be owned by anyone"!
he chooses to live Homeless.

Someone told me today that in high school he was severely injured in the head.
maybe this ruined his brain.

which brings me to Huger Issues!

All of these homeless people with mental conditions. If civilization is like of a city bus, in order for it to work, everyone must be going the same way!
In many countries the supersane and the insane are exiled to "Siberia", or jailed, or killed.
Once we had those insane asylums, the Snake pits. Now we have the community.

probably in the best of worlds, each of these people might be "adopted" by a family and this shiz person would live with them for life. be their "child"! [might take most of their time!]
I admit that I would NOT make a good "father" to these people! I can feel their pain, and they all know, especially the "sane" homeless, that They Are Not Welcome Amongst us!
get a job?!
why the local job "agency": "they" tell me that you must take the bus for ten miles to the place and then sign in everyday and then take training Courses. there is not one moment free to LOOK for a job!
[I think they call this "the Process"! they do not really want you to leave them, as their
very existence depends upon having Clients!]

so, who might be the village healer or Very Good Hunter or Scout, in tribal days, say, is just one of the homeless people, today.

they ask you for a cigg. or pull the damp butts out of the can. but to *them*, cigarettes are the very fountain of life, and being "straight" from booze, is the sick place to be as Reality *IS* what it is supposed to be, after a few drinks!

I have had a few homeless men tell ME how to live my life! to give to me advice as to how to live.

but the REAL homeless people often are hidden away, even hidden away in fine homes and good careers, these Homeless are homeless as they do not recognize that they have a soul and the Spirit!

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